NROLRumors have been circulating across the blogospehere lately that the Event / Reset / RV / Restoration of the Republic has begun or is already happening. Those rumors are NOT based on reality and the situation is still business as usual:

Some people even claimed that I have said on the recent Ascension Conference that the Event has already begun. I have NEVER said that. Notes from that Ascension Conference that were published recently on several blogs are just about 70-80 % reliable, much intel is missing and none of the amazing energies from the conference are present, so it is much better for anyone interested to visit an Ascension Conference themselves, the first one coming in the beginning of June:

When the Event / Reset / RV begins, it will be very evident to everyone and it will be reported in the mass media.

Before the Event can happen, the Solar System plasma anomaly must be healed, the Solar system plasma entity (Yaldabaoth) must be disintegrated and plasma toplet bombs removed.



Yet it is important to be prepared as the Event will begin suddenly without any warning and here is how you can help when it happens:

Victory of the Light!

Posted by Cobra at 2:53 PM on May 8th 2016


PFC editor note: These fliers with accompanying video are now available on this link here on PFC in the following languages:

Arabic : Chinese : Croatian : English : French : German : Greek : Hungarian : Italian : Japanese : Portuguese : Russian : Slovenian : Spanish : Swedish : For more information and eventual missing translations please go to the link that Cobra provided here above in this update:

Re-Post PFC on May 9th 2016 at 0750  AM CET

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  1. Too many EGOS still in all of this. We have to try and live and use our power of intention, and know that at some point in time, hopefully this year, the cabal will be taken down, for now way too many differing opinions, and not saying Cobra is not correct however we lose power when we give any source the power of truth somehow we must check in with ourselves and see what info feels correct…..

  2. It seems that Dave Schmidt has gone off track.
    He is speaking about only ‘the Anunnaki’ in the last time.

    He has forgotten about RV/GCR, packages of prosperity funds, shift and change, the foton belt, so on.
    But despite his good intention and friendly speech, we are sad to find that he is off track since a while.

    He does not believe in an upcoming sudden event, in Ascension as we now understand it, but rather in a meaningless ‘shift and change’ during a time of 20 years, which, as he describes it, looks like an improved 3rd dimensional world, with 3rd abundance, but nothing more.

    Hopely he will regain his proper way and come efficiently working together with the Light community, as he supposedly is a part of.

  3. why is Fulford reporting regime change in U.S? That it was transitioning to a trump presidency? UM that’s odd what is going on?

  4. Nevermind am able to go to the portal again now.. perhaps was too much traffic there today and maybe the masses are awakening… well one could hope lol.

  5. There is on this Cobra’s latest post a message from Nova concerning the Ascension Conference:

    “New Age Biscuit, May 9, 2016 at 8:22 AM –

    I have been asked by representatives of the Transinformation group ( to post the following update regarding an ‘official’ conference transcript in English:
    In a comment on Stillness In The Storm (Justin DeSchamps’ site) in the post from May 5 regarding the conference notes, Rolf Adsum posted the following text (in quotes below):

    “Please note that many of the above statements misrepresent Cobras information or are imprecise or even false. A comprehensive report of the conference, which will be approved by Cobra is in process and will be published as soon as possible.”
    The official transcript is still being finalized, and will be published as soon as all parties – including Cobra – have had time to conduct a review of the text for both grammar & accuracy of information presented. Patience is appreciated.”

    and there is also a juice from Orange Juice:
    “Orange juice, May 9, 2016 at 1:49 PM – I am asking for a “friendly” extraterrestrial female with blue boobanis and athletic ass! NOW!”.

  6. Look it! For Ben’s followers.

    Therese, say something! The readers need your insight.

    Kind regards.

  7. By now have given up caring when any “Event” comes. Will not hope for it any longer. Forget about it. Live close and get to know Mother Earth dear Gaia with open heart clear head and enjoy life now.

  8. Let’s just hope that those are not broken promises and false hope… LET’S HOPE… Anyway, is this page and the information that is inside of it trustable…

    I left this comment with this song that in certain moments help me to keep my calm…

  9. I agree John John. Calmness & faith are required during these times. We know more than most but we cannot know it all. There are operations going on and it’s in good hands. We must trust our higher selves and be in silence as much as possible. The answers are in the silence. We’ll be fine. We can count on each other and the amazing guidance we already have, seen and unseen.

  10. hope so since so many years…….. and be tired of promesses and waiting……i am waiting since the 1970′ so long enough for now! but in any case thanks for all the work done and hope the best will be for all earth beings without any liers!!!!!!
    M K

  11. What comes out here may be so.
    Strangelets are no longer in discussion.
    We are in a time in which no intel or update concerning the planetary situation may be given to the public.
    We have to be prepared all the time from now on.
    Cobra does not agree to give more intel from his conferences for any reasons.
    Each one has to understand the situation.
    However it does not result clearly if the rumors in discussion are only disinfo or even parts of pre-Event preperations, thus “the situation is still business as usual”.
    Cobra still claims there will be a sudden event which will surprise the world instead a long phase event with many peaks including arrests, GCR, RV, so on.


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