7 thoughts on “417 Hz – 9 Hours of music to wipe out all the negative energy.”

  1. I am playing this now and will you know how I feel tomorrow or later. I believe subliminal work, I have gained a lot of benefits and it works like magic but understand the science of the mind. Thank you guys but do want to know how to separate the good masters from the others.

  2. I listened to it for several hours yesterday. Today was very enjoyable. It seemed to have silenced my negative thoughts, which I have been paying attention to lately trying to change my thought pattern consciously. I am going to use it for a while longer to see if the effect continues. If it does I will by the MP3 file for my library. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I’m playing it now and hopefully the music will get me through a dreadful on-line class I am taking for my 3-D profession… 🙂

  4. Talk about censored! I tried to read an earlier article about “the hypersexualization of children,” and got the OOPs message — that an error had been made and it couldn’t be found. Same for the comments, of course.

  5. This song is very similar to this one, both of them are from the same channel… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWS2pIXvLdQ!! It really helps me!! And yeah, same opinion as John John, not only find a hours long video but also, sometimes our comments are censored without reason…

  6. May we wonder that we begin to find on PFC website 417 Hz music, but hours long, not only those of 6 min coming from Cobra? 🙂 When I wrote a comment in this way, it was censored. But no matter, it is good we have it now.
    Thanks for it.

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