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The following conference notes are an interpretation of the person who wrote these notes. Many details are omitted and some original meaning is lost. They are NOT exact words from Cobra and Isis.

Notes taken by Antares during the conference, translation Pippa, edited by Nova Biscotti and Cobra

Original Post (in German):

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Cobra on Saturday, April 16th

The SSP´s – the secret space programs

We have already heard several whistleblowers speaking about the SSP. Cobra showed pictures and photos from those ships.

Fedex SSP 450x253

The basis for the SSP’s had already been established in the 19th century. At that time Germany was the country with the best technical knowledge. The scientific and industrial field was flourishing. The Plejadians decided to contact awakened people and to inspire them in building space ships. So there were attempts in building those ships but technically it was not possible yet. The Plejadians contacted (channeling) media to broadcast information about the building of ships.

In the beginning of the 20th century the attempt was successful with Maria Orsic from Zagreb. She received the information from the Plejadians and Aldebarans who are part of the plejadian group. Maria Orsic gave then the information to professor Schuhman in Munich. A prototype was built in 1923 in Augsburg with this information. This technical group was infiltrated by forces of a different opinion, which is known from history. At the beginning of the Nazi period technique developed swiftly and all those, who misused the latest developments, had access to enormous financial sources, fabrics and peons.

In 1942 already a moon base of the Nazis existed. There they met beings who fought with them – the Draconians. The Nazis had been defeated, only few remained on the moon. When the WW2 was over in 1945, there were two factions. The more secret Kammler faction that had built underground bases on the planet escaped to Argentina, wherefrom the Nazi’s moved to Antarctica. The second group was taken over by the repeatedly quoted “Operation Paperclip” into the USA. The best-known representative was Wernher von Braun who was head of NASA for a long period of time. NASA was established as a front organization to manage the SSP’s secretly. By the time NASA started 1961 with space flights, big ships already flew around secretly.

The Kammler fraction had already been on Moon in the years 1944/1945 via Antarctica. After the WW2 they expanded in the whole solar system. They met the Draconians and made a pact about the first SSP and have been ruling the whole solar system and beyond since then. This co-operation lasted for a long time. The statements Corey Goode made in this issue are real. This involves the so-called “Dark Fleet” up there. This is no science fiction, but actual knowledge.

From the other faction thousands of the German Nazi’s had been brought to the USA – scientists, technicians, people from the economic field. The official space programs were controlled by NASA under the leadership of Wernher von Braun. According to Cobra there were different tendencies among the NASA employees, of which one created a positive space program. The controllers, however, tried to suppress everything. The official moon landing with Neil Armstrong was pushed through by the positive NASA-members. Therefore the official moon landing was a visible success and an effort of the light forces on the surface of the earth. But Wernher von Braun and his subordinates carried out several acts of sabotage that caused incidents and disaster.

Another big success of the positive people within this area was the sending of Voyager 1 & 2 into the solar system. In the meantime these probes have made recordings of all planets in the solar system, except from Pluto. In January 1986, objects that were obviously “artificial”, had been photographed on moons of Uranus and these photos had been published in the mass media. Again, it was not what the saboteurs wanted and that led to the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger two days later which took the attention of the masses away repeatedly. The photos and their importance fell into oblivion.

Even when much is spoken badly about NASA, there are really good people who publish a lot.

Positive forces within the US military

In the early 1950s was already a positive group in the US Navy. The controlling forces suppressed the antigravity drive with all their power although it was the main drive for most of the unknown flying objects on earth. This positive group recognized that something went wrong and established a task force by which they secretly built their own ships. They had connections to people in the companies like Douglas, Boeing, etc. that usually built planes.


From there they branched off components so that in the beginning in planes and space ships were the same seats, for example. With these similar components they built space ships and brought them into the earth orbit. They were the founders of the Solar Warden SSP. Solar Warden grew and was expanded as a protection against negative aliens. It then was an official program and became too big and international.

The Dracos infiltrated companies like Lockheed and Boeing with their own people to change the focus on the top level of the program. Then they needed a lot of staff, in other words soldiers, who have been told to be there for the safety of the earth. With this the Dracos indeed created the possibility to invade.

The group became stronger and their sources of capital were solely the Black Budgets.

The first source was all the gold the Nazi’s robbed in Asia during WW2. Building of the underground bases and the construction of the space ships were financed with thousands and thousands of tons of gold. As they became even more powerful they created their own (secret space) programs, as reported correctly by Corey. In this corporate conglomerate program several business ventures had been established as part of Solar Warden, to mine resources on the asteroids, found Mars bases and to use large-scale slave labor.

In this context Cobra showed pictures, photos as well as artistic presentations, which are close to reality. He showed a NASA photo with a Solar Warden ship and a photo that captured a Solar Warden ship during the start on the moon. Officially, the ships have to fly camouflaged but on this picture… the pilot was probably a bit lazy and pressed the button (for cloaking) too late. Cobra showed another photo that showed a fleet deliberately flying uncloaked in order to be filmed (which was also confirmed by Corey) – in the Kepler crater where a base of Solar Warden is located/was located.

Breakaway $223T

Now about the second source: Collectively we all pay taxes, but how much is that together? The USA alone collects enough tax revenue to buy ten million houses per year. Do they build them? No! Where did all the money go? It went into the SSP’s, to build underground bases. Cobra showed an image of the Pine Gap base in Australia with several subterranean levels.

The elevator moves down several miles which of course was expensive to build. After the Resistant Movement has been clearing this base it had been shut down. Cobra showed pictures … What is mined on the asteroids? Diamonds. Many of the asteroids are full of huge diamonds, as large as the conference room and there is gold to just collect.

Cobra showed another photo taken by NASA which showed the asteroid mining, a building and the mine shaft.

Since March the light forces have been cleaning the outer solar system where the Dark Fleet used to reside. The Chimera barrier is a huge fleet of space ships with strangelet bombs. This fleet prevents the energies coming from the galactic center to enter the solar system. The light forces are now removing it. Cobra showed a picture:

Kuiper Belt Bases

The light forces are clearing everything layer by layer because it had been built in layers over the last 25,000 years. The light forces now deconstruct this huge fleet; the ones from the Kuiper belt have already been removed! All these ships were disguised (and therefore invisible for physical instruments).

Questions addressed to Cobra:

  • To what extent is Russia involved in the secret space program? – Russia has its own space program (designated by Corey as UNO-like) that is connected in positive co-operation with many countries and even with the Ashtar command. The dark forces tried to overtake it in 1954, but the Pleiadians negotiated the permission to build a base on Bora Bora that is part of the galactic program.
  • How much slave labor is still there on the bases? – Almost everything has been adjusted.
  • How old is Ashtar in earth years? – Ashtar is an ascended being that ascended 25.000 years ago. He has no age in earth years.
  • What happens with the Chimera ships during the clearing? – The light forces enter the ship, the beings on it are sent to the central sun. Then the ship will be deconstructed.
  • What is your opinion on the European space flight (program)? – They are not infiltrated. They are not very successful but have good intentions.

The light forces in the solar system

We just talked about the SSP ships. How do these ships disguise/uncover?

All ships have got a thin tachyon membrane on their surface. This ensures that all particles that come from the ship and come up against the ship make it virtually invisible – namely to the eye, all forms of technology and the radar. Even the energy signature of the ship cannot be detected, e.g. by techniques of Remote Viewing; hence the ship is there and yet not there.

Kuiper Belt #2

Cobra explained that in the inner ring up to the earth-moon and around the fleet of the Ashtar command is stationed. Its purpose is the liberation of the earth. As already explained, the Ashtar command has contacted the human population as early as 1953/1954. A ship landed in the Edward-Air-Force-Base in California and a meeting took place with President Eisenhower, the Jesuits and other high-level persons.

The delegation of the Ashtar command offered advanced techniques and spiritual progress for mankind –provided that, however, all nuclear weapons will be destroyed. Consequently the military freaked out and cancelled the meeting. Officially Eisenhower had a dental appointment that day. The delegation of the Ashtar command left the base they expressed that others would come who were not “that friendly and positive“. These were the Dracos who have been infiltrated the whole political system – “Therefore all the politicians look funny today.” Today great-granddaughter Laura Eisenhower plays an important role in the disclosure process.

At the last conference Cobra pointed out that just in these past days in March 2015 Putin was missing for a while [according to the press]. Cobra explained that Putin have had a meeting with the Pleiadians on one of their bases in Siberia. Within the co-operation with the Pleiadians the Russian military receives progressive (defensive) technologies that, among others, were used in the Syria war. The Pleiadians advise for interventions and also for strategic questions.

So therefore behind the “Good Strategist“ Putin, as he is also called, there is the Pleiadian Mastermind.

Putin once had a deep spiritual experience with the Pleiadians. Because Soros was thrown out of Russia he tried to take vengeance. As an approach to knock off Putin the “Panama Papers“ were published. The Russian media is allowed to openly speak about the role of the Rothschild’s and about Soros. And the Panama Papers backfired on them.

Furthermore Cobra talked about the Ashtar Command which in the 1950’s tried to get in contact with developed beings on the planet. Unfortunately this wowed the contacted persons like a “Messiah complex“ – in the sense of “Jesus will save the planet“.

The reality, however, is that only WE as a whole will save the planet. Not just you or me, but we all together. After these attempts the Ashtar command had to change its strategy – namely so much so that nobody could act the part of a guru, or an individual could make himself out to be something special. Therefore they used channeling and in the timeframe between about 1980 and 1996 a lot of channelings with well-justified contents took place. But… when the New Age movement has become popular “everybody channelled Ashtar”.

As a reaction to this and especially after their invasion in the year 1996, the Archons had developed the “Voice of God“ technology. It is an electromagnetically impulse that directly aims at synapses in the brain and is being aimed at certain people. (For a good explanation of this technology, see the link below:)

As a consequence a significant distortion and a lot of disinformation arose within the channeling community which led to the familiar and visible effects. Then the Ashtar command had to change its strategy again. Cobra said that he could not talk about the current strategy but it would amaze 99.9% of the population, it will be a huge surprise.

The Ashtar command still hides within the inner ring – with ships in the size of 500 kilometers and more.

The second fleet is stationed in the orbit of Jupiter. The intention of the Jupiter command is to balance the energy of the solar system, to allow the energy of love and grace to infuse everything. The bases of the Jupiter command are on the Jupiter moons, on Callisto, Europa and Ganymede but not on Io that is volcanic… On Ganymede there also is this huge center wherefrom the dark forces are sent into the Central Sun. Also the Jupiter command has an enormous string of vessels with sizes between 1,000 and 2,000 kilometers.


Ships of the Galactic Confederation, who originate from various races of the galaxy and the galactic center, are stationed in the third ring. These very advanced races from near the galactic central sun have huge mother ships of the size about 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers.

They are not mother ships in the proper meaning of the word, but biospheres, artificial ships of light which are also portals that transform the light from the galactic central sun. The beings of the central race are those who Corey is talking about as sphere beings.


Cobra showed a picture with Ashtar and considered it as the best illustration he could find.


He shows a picture of Ganymede and emphasizes the Galileo area (the darker oval-shaped region in the top of the picture) where the strongest light portal in the solar system is located. This points at the Sirius system and the other is pointed at the galactic central sun. This Ganymede region is the only place in the solar system which had never been conquered by the dark forces – it has always maintained the light.

Cobra mentioned Mt. Shasta where the Ashtar command has a very powerful presence.

MtShasta Cloudships-300x225

He showed a cloud ship (picture above). Water of a physical cloud encases the ship whereas the ship is not exposed. It allows the cloud to wrap around. In some of these clouds specific structures of ships can be located, a kind of domes.

The Ascended Masters are actually beings that went through incarnations on earth and achieved ascendency. They assisted with the planetary evolution. We all know them or know about them – Buddha, St. Germaine, etc.

Surely it is a good thing to connect with them but thereby an uncommon phenomenon occurs. They all ascended before 1996. Afterwards the situation on earth has changed drastically and now they need OUR EXPERIENCES to learn how it is here.

Only then they are actually able to guide us – if they can (through our experiences) take the other situation into account that is new for them.

Different opportunities are known out of history; that the Ascended Beings have interfered successfully in pivotal moments of history. So they have manifested during the time of the Templars to be their guide, St. Germaine was present while forming the USA whereas the foundation charter is one of the most enlightening documents on the planet.

Ascended Masters-300x287

The energies of the Ascended Beings are so powerful that they have to dim them down or dilute them if they get in contact with us. Nobody in this room would survive their direct attendance.

Cobra and Isis had a meeting with Ashtar at Mt. Shasta while he was about 5 kilometers away and his presence was still very strong, hardly bearable. Their temples are on the etheric level, for example in the Himalayas at altitudes of 5,000 meters and above.

Dou Mu-200x267

Then Cobra showed a well known picture which now he described as a photo that he got from the Dragon forces. In December 2014 the goddess Dou Mu came on earth with a physical body (IS:IS portal activation) and lives now on the surface of the planet to support the balancing of goddess powers.


The Pleiadians are our Sister race. If we would meet them on the street, we can hardly recognize any difference from our approach. They help us as much as they can. They supported certain people, such as Tesla. Their ships are generally rather small, up to 10 kilometers. (Cobra showed a photo.) One of their main bases is located on the moon and its purpose is to send positive energies to the earth. Cobra displayed a photo of the Apollo mission of NASA and the same photo of last month, where the base is visible.

Cobra showed another photo which he took during his flight above the stratosphere, at about a height of 14 kilometers, with a ship of the Pleiadians (at greater distance). The Pleiadians have bases on Bora Bora on earth (like mentioned above) and in the Himalayas – in the border region between India and China at the Konkala mountain pass. Years ago there were numerous pilgrims in this area which took photos again and again. The Chinese military closed off this region because it got too popular. The Indian media published outrightly monthly reports at that time.

The Sirians bring energy of joy to planet earth. Before the quarantine the Sirians incarnated as whales and dolphins on earth to stabilize the light grid in the oceans. They are really very intelligent and use telepathic contact.

Cobra showed a picture of a Sirian mother ship which is greater than 500 kilometers… a standard size as he said. Then he showed that such a ship has the same energy structure (as a torus), yet it is not made from steel, iron or bricks. Instead it is an energy field that creates matter – in the same shape as light beings have got one.

Spherical Torus-300x249

The dying of the whales is being provoked by the dark forces; they use scalar technology to interfere their tracking and to kill them in this way. Cobra showed a picture of Sirians.

The humanoid form is the most common in our galaxy and is applicable to about 70% of the races. About 20% are reptilians; the rest of 10% is spread on all further races.

Cobra showed a picture of a reconnaissance ship of the Andromedans. He had seen just such a ship in a hangar of the RM. Later he found this picture on the internet with the same caption. Somebody who was aware of this must have been published this!

He showed another picture of a “Hokkaido ship“ of the Andromedans of a SSP of the Japanese.

Planet X

Cobra once again talked about planet X. The orbit can be seen as red in the picture and is located on another level than the rest of the planets in the solar system. Planet X is hard to find for this very reason because it is been sought mostly in the level of the ecliptic, the “level“ where the other planets have their orbit.

A young Brazilian scientist had done a scientific thesis in Japan about planet X. This was suppressed by the mass media, as well as other available pictures. On Hawaii there is a huge telescope and on Maui is being situated an immense US command center via which the Chimera monitors the telescopes. In this huge computer center every picture is being controlled and censored what to publish. This concerns also pictures of planet X, SSP ships, and so on. The dark forces want to twist the disclosure in their favor. So there had been published completely wrong data as “Planet 9“ about planet X.

Moon Base

A base of the light forces is located here in the Mersenius moon crater. In a report from September 15, Cobra mentioned that it now can be found on Google moon. A Mexican once found it when he discovered this tower. Scientists now provide strange explanations for the shadow of this tower.

The Resistance Movement (RM) is a civilization that lives like the Agartha in their own world below the surface of the earth. The population above the earth is not aware of this.

A. Kirchner, a Jesuit, was one of the first people writing about the underground realms. In his book he published a map (of the 16th century?) which shows an astonishing accuracy. What he wrote is more comprehensive than science know nowadays. For example, there is a sea which is located in Switzerland deep down under the Alps and supports whole Europe with drinking water.

Example of Underground-290x300

Cobra showed a picture of the areas in the underground. He said that they have got even seas, buildings and crystals in their environment. Then he showed another picture of a typical RM command center near the surface. An elevator as a gateway leads about 30 meters down. It serves as a lock (like in a surgery) whereafter they scan for nanites, microbes and so on which are removed to not introduce germs.

He showed two further pictures of underground cities in (the vicinity of) Asia.

Unfortunately it is not possible to show all the images seen in the conference, because they are not available to us. Thus some images are only similar to those. They are illustrative.


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  1. Cobra mentioned Full disclosure as coming to be on July 8 2016 i wonder if this is still the case, and does this day hold some special purpose as a good day for this? I don’t remember him ever making a point on a date before. I hope it is the case, I think everyone is feeling the need for change. I am getting ready to retire next year. I’m worried about the financial reset wiping out my near future retirement, my pension, my 401K I worked and saved me entire lifeI’d hate to see this wiped out, Any advice like retire this year and take my money out of banks or just hold on.

  2. Robert, go inside your self and try to find your inner silence. Meditate or do something similar. Your inner silence will show you the answers you need. Trust yourself, and the proces…??

  3. Hello Robert
    are you connected with like minded people? It can be really hard even in these circles to meet the right connections….don’t feel isolated, we are all over the world feeling like you, but these energies are powerful and having quite an effect on our health, things are moving forward even though it seems like chaos, the light is winning …….. there are many things you can do to help bring peace to your own energy system, qigong, jin shin jyutsu, hand mudras, just do research and ask your higher self to help you..:)

  4. This is the most comprehensive post I have ever seen on this subject and it is thrilling to read. However WE NEED MORE of this to WAKE THE MASSES UP.

    Wonderful post Cobra, keep it up mate.

  5. Robert I stay off the news, if it comes by me in facebook or my email headlines.. I scroll by.. I have learned to tune out. I do not enter into debates over politics and or other issues going on in the world.. I allow everyone to be who they are at the place they are .. MOST easily done in social media where you can pick and choose what you see.. Not as easy in person but it has changed since I left mainstream work to change what my calling is.. I know this is not possible for everyone to do.. but those of us meant to hold the light must.. I would call out to your guides, and ascended masters .. They are with us and steering us everyday .. It was not until after I left the mainstream world that the noise was the easiest.. I rented a house with lush trees all around my house.. I walk my dogs in this 3x a day.. Nature and the quiet from the rat race adding in all of the above is changing my world.. It has taken time.. I have lived here a year, have only been working on my own since Jan.. It is just now that I feel empowered enough to see the world like someone that is watching a movie.. It is not real… I have onlyk gotten here by staying quiet and going within .. It is the place where you can be the best in touch with your higher self…. I live in Florida and I see my friends hurting over tragedy .. It is not an easy thing, even worse to realize I have friends that are not sympathetic to that.. Well I can choose who to view.. I am not going to watch the parts of the movie I do not like… This too aids me to be able to visualize positive things.. I am keenly aware of the power we posses to create.. I see the world the way I want it to be.. I try the best I can , and when I am not as good at all of this.. I get up switch the channel and keep going.. We have a job to do … I know for a fact we crossed over the line from defeat to failure .. It is no longer a case of will this happen.. It is going to happen.. Soo if you knew for a sure thing.. with 10 thousand percent certainty that all of the changes are going to take place.. if you knew could you get up and pace yourself to finish the Race? Then take a deep breath , because I am certain .. Our future looks wonderful and we all came her to bring it into being… hold on each day for one day .. you are not alone .. we are the team. and the team is not only comprised of humans.. THere are many species involved and they are all working here and off planet.. Be at Peace Brother.. LadyLight

    • do people ever come back to see if anyone has replied to their postings here? Please does anyone know a really gifted healer who is great at being able to tune in and find the physical mental emotional causes of illness?? via Skype ? really needing some assistance……..thank you and apologies for off topic. please reply via this forum

  6. For the past two weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about this whole ascension process. It has left me mentally drained and physically exhausted. How can ascension occur with all the distractions going on in the world?. Right here in the USA, Inc. this country is a mess and the mentality of the sheeple is sickening. I need more than finding a quiet place and trying to turn off the mental noise to connect with my soul, higher self, whatever you want to call it. Tell me how can I stop this frustration daily? Every day I feel like a prisoner with two big chains attached to each leg with a huge cast iron ball attached to the end of the chains as I struggle with hopelessness and wish for positive change with this whole thing called humanity!

    • has some good ideas also, Cobra has ideas on his site. We need to stay centered in who we are and there are many techniques that can help.

    • It’s helpful that you talk about yourself and how you perceive the present time, Robert Kimble. I now can see what it is that shows in your facial expression better. Sorry for being a bit harsh in my former comment on it. I don’t think it was allowed by the moderators to be posted, so you may not even have seen it.

      Apart from theories, philosophies, helpful techniques of meditation and healing, I suggest to ask yourself the question “How do I want my life to be?” and make a mock up of it in writing or drawing.
      But before you start, I suggest to give yourself a chance to step out of the box with definitions and judgments that you hold onto.

      Ponder the idea that this is your view on reality, coloured by your beliefsystem and that apart from that view of yours, there’s numerous other ways of looking at it, depending on one’s choice for what one’s highest desire in life is. That starting point is the highest freedom, for you’re not dependent on what others are or do. When I wait for the world out there to be alright, I’m bound for depression.

      The fact that the world you describe is as it is right now, doesn’t imply that it will be that way. Many people in the present world have allowed others to determine and rule their lives. Regarding jobs, food, medical service, taxation of all sorts, propaganda of fear for terrorism. It’s all based on enslavement of the human mind. Now, those that made it all up are found in enslavement of their own concoctions.

      You can channel your positive intention through barbed wire, by being appalled by what’s on tv. You loose your energy, for no roots and shoots can grow on that ground. A genuine inner choice is where you start and where the creation of your life may follow.

      The world out there changes according the amount of love you allow yourself to receive and send out, which will determine your inner world and your being at peace with it. All this takes determiniation and disciplin, also compassion for being human with flaws and imperfections. Once you place one foot in front of the other, on that path of freedom, with affinity in your heart for yourself, the outside world will start to mirror it. Providing the inspiration to build up a good condition.

      This is the talk of a warrior, I am such a person. It hasn’t always been that way, you see?

    • Robert Kimble- Many struggle with this very thing and this is what one lady has proposed. Worth a look. Quote: “Diane Stephenson‎ to Cobra Etheric Liberation
      Yesterday at 8:36am ·
      So many are shouting, “wake up to reality, you are slaves, wake up!” So you wake up and look around and realize you have no power to do anything about what’s going on. You’re not a political leader that can order change or a high level military general with a force you can direct. You can’t stop the fracking, GMO production, ground all airplanes spraying chemtrails, or stop any of the multiple wars going on. Then the beratement comes, “the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Apparently, there are no good men with power that can stop any of these things either.
      The matrix movies are referenced a lot as a way of showing us what we are caught in. I would like to draw everyone’s attention to the end of the movie. Kenu Reeves simply opens the door and walks out! Once out his reality changes and the makers of the matrix no longer can manipulate him. When they try to shoot him he moves in slow motion, because the dimension he is living in is outside of time, it’s a different dimension than the ones living in the matrix exist in and the natural laws governing that dimension are also different.
      I asked myself, “how do I move out of this dimension without dying?” And the answer came very simply, “stop choosing.” This 3d “matrix” dimension is based on polarity, opposition in all things so as long as you are attracted to chose one side against another you will remain in 3d. This dimension presents us will all kinds of opposing choices; my team verses your team, my flag verses your flag, my race verses your race, my religion verses your religion, my school verses your school, you get the idea. This dimension is sustained by participating in polarity.
      Like anything you get good at in your life you have to practice. If you want out of the matrix find something you oppose and practice accepting it. Accepting it does not mean you like it or approve of it, it simply means you refuse to sustain it through opposition, you allow it to be.
      I’m sure there are other ways out of 3d but this one is working for me so I thought I would share it. I see things that in the past would have sucked me into the chaos and anger but instead I remain the observer, outside of the chaos. I’m still practicing but it’s a good thing… Diane. End quote.

      Hope this helps.


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