The following conference notes are an interpretation of the person who wrote these notes. Many details are omitted and some original meaning is lost. They are NOT exact words from Cobra and Isis.

Transcript by Antares from Transinformation, Translation by Kleines Sandkorn, edited by Nova and Cobra

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Isis on Saturday, 16th April

Isis led us through the following subjects. I have tried to write down as many of her words and formulations as I could to bring the energy of the experience as much as possible to you. Indeed, I hope that this wonderful energy that we all have experienced shall reach you. The energy work during the conferences keeps a major role for the whole process of our transformation. Meditation and mantras in such a big group radiate a deep powerful energy. I did not mention all of them in my text. Antares


Isis Astara:

If I open the door for the light, I AM the Chalice of Light; with my body, soul and spirit. Our physical body limits us to the realm of space and time. The truth is we are multidimensional beings of Divine Light. The more consciousness we have, the more light is flowing through our bodies, so we grow and grow until we ARE the Temple of Light.

To recognize our bodies as Temples of Light first we let go of attributes that limit us in doing so.  While we learn to let go of such, we begin to see our bodies with new eyes. Many terms we used in duality served as a tool to orientate ourselves, as for example “masculine“ and “feminine“. To experience us in our bodies we realized ourselves as feminine/masculine.

Our bodies were created for our soul to enter into the physical world. We are Divine Sparks of Light and this light fills every of our cells. With our expanded view we now can recalibrate our attitude towards our bodies.

The chalice symbolizes the Divine Feminine, our body here on Earth being a portal between dimensions. We have been created as women/men and we now can both be a chalice of the Divine Feminine through our feminine qualities.

The birth of life occurs through this chalice.


New life as we know it begins in the womb as a spiral. The feminine body indeed is able to channel through itself life from another dimension to come here into the physical. Within the sacred geometry we see this process as the Vesica [image above]. This, for very good reasons, is considered and indicated as the miracle of life. It is an indispensable important task for women to learn to give themselves acknowledgement for this, as they are a channel to give life. For men it is essential too, equally, to dive into what that really means; to understand, appreciate and to truly support women.

Especially now in the time of the Return of the Goddess it is crucial to bring the Divine Feminine energy into appropriate cosmic flow also in the masculine body. It must be there allowance for the feminine consciousness – inside of the feminine and masculine bodies. The energy wants to go through it, we both are the “mothers“ that gave birth to the New Golden Age by channeling the Divine Feminine energy.

Let us just start by honoring and respecting the Divine Feminine energy in everyone of us. As soon as this happens, the Divine Feminine AND the Divine Masculine begin to move and old outdated patterns of both are being healed. Strong Divine Masculine Energy needs strong Divine Feminine Energy and the other way around. We learn to know how and why we need each other to come into balance.

The Divine Masculine energies such as strength, courage, power, giving protection, action, etc. help the man to find himself and also the woman. This is due to the fact that when a man is in his Divine Masculine strength, he then is capable of supporting the woman in bringing her Divine Feminine energy to flourish. We can transfer this new understanding also into our own personal processes – to the hidden aspects of both of these energies inside of us. The Divine Feminine energy is strongly connected with the physical body, within the senses and the emotions. When we are in balance, we allow ourselves to speak the truth, to be consciously awake, instead of being in the old pattern of fighting through our lives, to go into victimhood and to see everything as very difficult.

May the participation at the Ascension Conference do its part, to help us understand how to exit the role of victimhood. In many of our relationships – with ourselves as well as with others – we were stuck in various conditions: experiencing depression, lack of strength and feeling stagnancy in personal progress. All of this is encoded into our being up to the present time. Now it is time to exit that old role. The new energies, especially of the last few months, do not allow any of those games any longer. The energies are lifting us out of the drama.

To be the Chalice for the Divine Feminine and for the Divine Masculine means to be a master of our energy field. Thus we get to know the game. For leaving the state of victimhood in relationships it is essential to master the “NOW” moment. The past is unimportant, the future has not yet come. So the only thing we can do is to master the present moment, no matter what the situation. There is no more reason for drama, no need to be aggressive or dominant!!!

Why is this? After the end of the Maya-calendar the linear time has come to an end. Since the shift to the alignment with the Galactic Heart we perceive time differently, like spiral energy. It is getting important for us to understand we must stop seeing our bodies as feminine or masculine only. As chalice of love, that we are, we give self-respect to our own beings and we change our perspective onto our bodies away from the materialistic view into the Divine view. We are all parts of the same energy field, the same matrix.


All our cells contain the Divine Spark, as all nature does. In the outer world more than ever before everything each of us radiates manifests into reality.

Now is the time for women to decide to truly respect the DIVINE MASCULINE energy, for men to decide to fully inhabit the Sacred Masculine and also to truly respect the DIVINE FEMININE in women. It really is a decision. Men do no longer need to be afraid of women, of their power – through which they are in position to birth life. The feminine body already is a Divine Chalice being able to birth life. Bringing life from another dimension down here is a huge act, sometimes this elemental force can appear a bit threatening. Until now, on the one side men were afraid of that energy and they reacted with control and dominance and on the other side, for women it is of the utmost importance to immediately stop to castrate men, to keep them weak by criticizing them to do or not do this or that. Men react to criticism by providing little support, which leads to more criticism.

Chakra Picture-300x450

The chakras in our bodies have colors of the rainbow. The white light is a rainbow. Both bodies are sacred and they are portals for Light. I AM SACRED=THE LIGHT IS SACRED. It is the same.

As soon as we leave state of judgment and stop ignoring Divine Truth we identify creation as the true essence. Isis notifies that we already know everything she is telling us.

The new energies require us to leave the battle and the system in order to reconnect with our true nature.


As I know I have the power of choice I am able to bring back my power to create my life. Our lives are based upon our decisions. The law of choice needs our deeds more than words, more our activities and to actively USE the law of Free Will. If we want to be masters of the ascension process we have to become masters of Free Will. Our free will of course has been dramatically suppressed in the past, so we escaped either into victimhood or dominance. Previously we did not feel ourselves as creators, we just said “yes“ to things that brought us “somewhere“. Now is the time of learning to say “NO!”. Thus we are capable to leave every situation. Say NO if you do not feel okay, do not endure something or accept something that does not feel helpful for your true nature to rise.

So, the question is, what is the “right“ choice? As we are a Chalice of Light with our I AM PRESENCE we are masters of our energy field, firmly anchored with our heart within ourselves.

We must learn to connect with our “inner director“ – our inner leader. By our Free Will and our Inner Director we step into light, love and abundance, our intuition guiding us. If we truly

understand the law of Free Will, we have the chance to become true masters.

For instance if we do not know what to do, we have to learn to be very honest with ourselves and deciding from that place, setting borders. Please do all exercises saying truthfully “YES” and “NO”.


We can read many many books about I AM presence. During the ascension process earlier or later we will go together with our mother Gaia through the process of experiencing I AM. Ascended masters have introduced knowledge about I AM THAT I AM. We are all light of creator and confirm the fact being a Divine Spark by saying “I am that I am”.

Numerous pieces of knowledge about the I AM presence have been given by the ascended master St. Germaine who appeared to a wonderful man at Mount Shasta. Godfrey Ray King has written books about it and was enlightened later on.   

We are conscious sovereign beings of light. Our rights are enshrined within our chakras (see transcript from 2015 link: http://recreatingbalance1.blogspot.de/2015/04/notes-from-cobra-and-isis-conference-in_23.html – please read fully).

Free Will is strongly connected with our ascension process. By strengthening our free will we draw closer to ascension. Free will is anchored within our solar plexus. As we are each a chalice of light and connected with our inner director and as we choose with our free will, then we are co-creators. This decision is being made with absolute honesty to ourselves. Freedom requires obedience, not to dogmas but to our inner guidance! Then we are free. When we listen to our heart-connected inner guidance we have no more fears of our decisions. We will manifest peace. For those decisions we dive into awareness in choosing paths, focus and actions.

By the decision, focus and visualization – connected with I AM we create miracles. Every chakra has its element and by the mantra its own sound. The sound of I AM is “SO HAM”. SO HAM originates from Sanskrit and the meaning is I AM. (Together we chanted that mantra and Isis said it is useful to repeat the mantras 3, 9, 27 …. times or more.)

[Picture: Mandala]

St. Germaine through a book teaches us that first we must give attention and awareness to our own I AM presence and connect ourselves with our own I AM THAT I AM before we connect with the ascended masters. This describes a way of approaching ascension. There are many groups exercising “I AM” together and this is not something mechanical, but indeed something very energetic. Do your I AM presence invocations with feeling. If you wish to begin an invocation for help, start with “Beloved Mighty Power of I AM”, choose a command through the inner director to remove negative energy and end with “So Be It”.

The most important message we may take with us from the Ascension Conference, is this: Conscious application of our Free Will. The light respects free will and does not allow interference. As we realize that we have been manipulated and cut off from ourselves, we can enter into zone of free will again by re-connecting with our own power. By our free will decision to consciously invoke forces of light we receive support from them, as soon as we ask for it. When we are connected with our free will and invite them, they are allowed to help us. Please think about it what we can do as a group to bring forth the liberation of the planet. Already during the conference we brought down the new energy and information and spread it with our powerful united field.

At various occasions we meditated during the conference and at this point we chanted an Atlantean mantra.  It strengthens our I AM presence. Isis invited us to feel the mantra deeply and connect with our free choice and free will.

Unfortunately it is not possible to show all the images seen in the conference, because they are not available to us. Thus some images are only similar to those. They are illustrative.

Source: http://eventreference.org/2016/06/12/ascension-conference-notes-pt-3-glarus-switzerland-april-16-17-2016/

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  1. Thank you so much, it’s a breath of fresh air, taken in with a feeling that I can relate to most of what’s presented here. It happens more and more that when I meet a person in the street, the self-image of that person conveys itself to me and in a strange way, something in that person expects me to acknowledge that image, which isn’t a positive one.

    Instead of confirming and strengthening that image, I observe and witness, without DOING anything with it. I’m not going in an “I love you” mode either, but my eyes show clearly to that person that I don’t enter that judgmental game play, which seems to be an addictive behavior almost. Affirming that negative label I mean. I can see something happening in that person’s eyes, at times they’re averting quickly.

    There’s nothing to be said and nothing to be done. It’s a moment where the world stops, for that person and me. There’s a bit of a confusion and awkwardness showing, in that person’s body-language. And each of us go our own way, afterwards. At times, someone else meets me in that way and I feel instantly awake. In a good way. It’s maybe some form of telepathic connection.


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