50 million homes in the US had smart meters installed by the year 2014. Since then there have been many reported cases of health concerns surrounding these new devices.

While the utility companies claim they are totally safe the truth of the matter is that there haven’t been any studies conducted by these companies to determine that for sure.

What is a Smart Meter?

“Since the inception of electricity deregulation and market-driven pricing throughout the world, utilities have been looking for a means to match consumption with generation.

“Traditional electrical and gas meters only measure total consumption, and so provide no information of when the energy was consumed at each metered site.

“Smart meters provide a way of measuring this site-specific information, allowing utility companies to introduce different prices for consumption based on the time of day and the season.”[2]

In other words, it’s a way for electric companies to more accurately track our energy consumption in order to work on efficiency.

So with utility companies claiming that the smart meter is perfectly safe why wouldn’t people be signing up for this new money saving program? 43% of people in the US have done just that.

What they forgot to take into account is that the two-way electric transmission going between your smart meter and the electric company can actually mess with your health.

These health issues range from insomnia, stress, and headaches, all the way to seizures, hearing disturbances, and sinus infections.

Check out some of the reported issues in this report from Australia below:

See PDF Link Below for More Data [1]

Experts Say that Smart Meters Aren’t Safe

While utility companies continue to insist that the RF signals being sent from their Smart Meters are safer than cell phones or microwaves, experts such as retired U.S. Gov scientist Dr. Ronald Powell, Ph.D. who earned his Applied Physics degree Harvard disagree.

“The RF/Microwave radiation from Wireless Smart Meters is particularly threatening to health because that radiation is so persistent and so powerful. [Com Ed and other] power companies like to fool the public by saying, ‘Look these Smart Meters just transmit 6 times a day.’

“Well, that is just misleading. That may be how many times they transmit your data, but they are a relay station for all the other Smart Meters in the neighborhood. And they all interact with each other and send each other timing signals and all kinds of stuff…”

“Furthermore, the power level of each pulse is about 1,000 milliwatts, placing Wireless Smart Meters among the most powerful RF radiators likely to be present in a residential environment.”- Dr. Powell

So when the news started to circulate about the harm of microwaves and then the tumor causing cell phone risks those were actually not the biggest problem in the home.

While you can put your cell phone down or stop using a microwave many of the cities using Smart Meters don’t present many options to their residents.

Why doesn’t the Government regulate RF waves?

The FCC or Federal Communications Commission is the organization within the government which is in charge of setting the rules when it comes to Maximum Permitted Exposure (MPE) for different types of radiation such as EF waves.

According to Dr. Powell, the rules and regulations are completely based on outdated thinking from the 1980s. When you think about the difference in technology between then and now, this is a huge concern.

When you think about the difference in technology and biomedical understanding since the 1980′s this is a huge concern.

In the 1980′s the idea of being sensitive the electromagnetic waves was laughable and the idea that you could have legitimate health concerns was more likely to have you sent to a psychologist than a medical doctor.

With advances in technology and medicine, we are starting to understand that these issues cannot be ignored if we want to keep people healthy both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Dr. Powell Suggests Allowing Residents of Opt Out

While the best solution would be to immediately remove these meters until safer technology can be developed, Dr. Powell suggested to the state of Maryland to allow it’s residents to opt out of the program so that people could choose whether or not they wanted to put themselves and their family at risk for this type of exposure.

I don’t know about you but I don’t think that having one of these ‘Smart’ Meters in my home is worth the risk. Check out this video below where Dr. Carpenter goes over his concerns.

Looks like we need to opt out of using the smart meters in our home and ask our local cities some real questions about this information. Maybe even send them this PDF of information from Ed Halteman, Ph.D.


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  1. Marian

    I am positive that we can turn this around. I have already started educating people. Couple of weeks ago I have held a presentation at sheltered housing where I live in west London and now 30+ residents have no consent notice on their electric meters. I have also started a web site ( but as I am not an expert have run in some problems with putting it together. There currently just two pages on it but it is a start. However, as they say “never ever give up”. We must spread the knowledge to all and their brother and make sure that roll-out fails.

    Few interesting videos:

    Prof. Martin Pall – How WiFi & other EMFs Cause Biological Harm –

    “The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation” — Dr Devra Davis – multiply effects by up to 800x for “smarts”

    Barrie Trower (microwave weapons expert) – The Dangers of Microwave Technology –

    All the best

  2. Georgia Guide stones – “smart” meters – infertility and unprecedented epidemic of all sorts of illness.
    Remember this and in few years time you will not think me crazy.

    • You’re not crazy now or in a few years time, Len Miskulin. Please try to envision a positive outcome of all this change happening in the world, for yourself and other living beings. It’s truly the only way to go, for we create our own reality. Nothing is done to us unless we say so. And that’s what we all have done for too long a time. Hence, the messy consciousness many of us are in, at present.

  3. Oh that’s quite a bummer, yes I’ve heard those stories on that Forum also, customers finding a sudden rise of the monthly energy bill, shortly after the smart meter installment. Hmmmm…..
    I expect you “moved” by your own choice, Edward 😉

    Yesterday I added a second comment about the (hidden) function of smart meters, measuring the whereabouts of the residents in or outside their home. With residents programming their smart meters, they inform certain interested parties of their indoor or outdoor activities, their choice of room and activities in those rooms, at home.

    The energy saving policy is sold succesfully, in playing on each resident’s conscience. The side effect is kept silent of course. That’s how the public is fooled with climate change fairy tales, the plucking of their conscience’s strings in an emotionally appealing melody, without the owner being aware of it, due to having lost the tune of their own conscience’s truth. Isn’t it bizarre?

    And also, I expect certain measures being taken, when residents disobey the rules or neglect paying the bills. Or simply can’t pay them. The smart meters will be programmed from a distance, in order to withold the service of warmth and electricity. Bingo!

    Similar to the measures of banks, witholding money from the population, when its in uproar against the government/system. By shutting down cashmachines, after completing the creation of an invisible monetary system, doing away with banknotes. Same thing, it’s a scenario planned years ago. As much as the lie is different on every level, the peeling of our eyes continues, while moving through the layers of those same lies. At least, that’s what I find at present. Moving fast forward!

  4. A few years ago I’ve thrown in critical reports on the use of smart meters and electrosmog damaging our health at home. The initial reaction was ridicule and evidence of ignorance, on the open customer- forum of my energyprovider in Holland Eneco BV. Of course I expected this to happen.

    Fortunately, the moderators were awake and warned to forum-members in this discussion to be respectful and to take the questions serious. Since than, the jokes grew lesser and the interest grew larger. Now, many others are questioning smart meters and the risk of electrosmog.

    Today I wrote a reply to a question “Will there be any radiation coming from a smart meter”
    and the answer was “None, whatsoever”. Bear in mind that this forum is under control of the energy provider and that there’s still much to be learned and experienced as health hazards maybe.

    Most of the active members in that forum insist on trust in the energy-providers in general and the regulations specifically, regarding safety and safety measures.

    “They must be safe, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed in the home of so many people” one of them wrote today. With grim satisfaction I’ve posted some links, present in this article and the video link too, on that forum. Now they can sweat on it as much as they like.

    • The meters are more diabolical than what the article explains, the ‘Powers That Be’ can used the new smart meters as a financial weapon to raise you electric bill as much as they like just by punching some strokes on a keyboard somewhere. It happened to me few years ago when my old meeter was replaced by a new smart meter in my previous home. The month after the meter was replaced my electric bill went up from $250 monthly average to $1,800.00.00 Dlls. keep in mind that only 2 people were living in my home. I asked the city for help and they sent 3 specialist who came to see what the issue was and after they failed I hired 3 private professional electricians to find out if indeed there was a leak of power somewhere but found none. Since the Departments of water and power are monopolies in the U.S there was nothing I could do but to pay the monthly fees or have my power cut off, but after 2 years of paying $1,800.00 Dlls extra on top of my mortgage I was forced to moved…

  5. This sounds kind of scary…I have six smart meters less than 5 feet from my bedroom and 10 feet from where I sleep. I have been experiencing many of the symptoms on the list but what can I do about it?


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