Therese Zumi here; So who says it’s time to play? Archangel Michael does. He suggests that we should all focus upon fast forwarding and imagining that we have now reached a place where we have what we want and desire and start acting like we would if our dreams were now a fact. We absolutely need to have more fun in our lives and play like children again. This does not in any way need to remove us from being sincere in our missions or life responsibilities but for balance we sure do need to start having some fun now. We can bring the new reality to us quicker by imagining ourselves in it NOW. We are way too serious! I know that this advice from Michael is exactly what I need to hear right now and I’m sure it will lighten up your life too.  I sincerely hope that you will take the time to listen to this unusual ‘Heavenly Blessings’ episode on In Light Radio.

Source; http://inlightuniversal.com/heavenly-blessings-archangel-michael-its-time-to-play/

After The Event / Compression Breakthrough we will NOT be working with our ‘noses to the grind’ or involved in any kind of drudgery. We will all be happily involved with projects that we find enjoyable – there will be no other reason for doing anything. We will have ample time for play and enjoyment as that will be a new given! Let’s bring that new time into focus NOW. Listen to Michael as he teaches us how to bring more joy into our lives immediately.

There is usually a transcript available within about a week of the show on Golden Age of Gaia.

Re-Post PFC 28th June 2016 at 1905 PM CET

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  1. Such a refreshing approach, I’m playing all the time, since I live in the UK 😉


    When all is said and done, these two neighbors do high five and say “Hayeto”.

  2. This is such a Joyful Message, Thank You Archangel Michael and everyone involved in bringing the message to our Consciousness.


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