Benjamin Fulford

The end of Khazarian mafia tyranny on the planet earth is getting very close indeed. The Rothschilds and other top Khazarian Mafiosi families like the Borgia, the Medici, the Del Banco (Warburg) the Rockefellers (including the Clintons) the Bushes (Pecce) have been given until July 10th to reach a peace agreement with the people of the planet. After that a bounty of $100 million each, payable in gold, will be handed over to anybody who can arrest, and if they resist arrest, kill, members of these genocidal families.

We are hearing there is vicious infighting and arguing going on within the “family,” about what to do about this situation. As this newsletter was about to go online, we were contacted by one faction of the Rothschilds and a meeting with a White Dragon Society representative is now being arranged for this week. The meeting will discuss how to create a financial system that is good for both humanity and nature. It will also discuss creating a new meritocratic, democratic and transparent system for planning the future of our species and this planet.

To remind these families of what is at stake here is a message sent to them by a senior Pentagon official:

“I have been told from multiple sources that there is a multitude of people, (men and women) who are waiting for the RKM (Rothchilds/Bauers) to not cooperate, these people are eager to end the lives of the RKM criminals at every level. You may want to let the representative know, that this is for real and they cannot run or hide, their time is up. It is time to fold or they will all die, including their families, to the furthest distant cousins; effectively ending the evil bloodlines who have bedeviled mankind for so long. Again good luck with the negotiations. If they renege there will be consequences, major ones. That being said, have a great day.”

In the past week, the Chinese government has also contacted the leaders of other Asian countries as well as the heads of the G20 group of nations to inform them that they expect a deal to be reached between the White Dragon Society and the Rothschild family group. The Chinese are too polite to make threats but this is a statement issued by the Chinese Freemasons:

“We will cooperate with any religion, any society, any faction, any political party or any country that agrees with the principles of co-existence and co-prosperity and world peace. However, we will cut off relations with anyone who fails to agree on the goal of world peace.”

Yet another group, claiming to represent a coalition of 172 sovereign nations, also threw in its support last week for a new, inclusive financial system.

Pentagon sources are saying that German Chancellor Angela Merkel (a member of the Saxe Gotha Rothschild family) already reached a deal with the Chinese when she visited China on June 13th. According to that deal Merkel promised to…


The rest of this article will be published on weds 7th 2016.

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  1. I find here a place to post a video, ‘Secret Space Military’, with Michael Salla:

  2. Okay if China allegedly has made a statement 6 WE will cooperate with any religion, society , faction(………..) that agrees with the principles of co-existence and co prosperity… etc
    What is China doing in Tibet .. I would like to believe this Fantastic article but it seems to have glaring inaccuracy …please explain ….

    • Although the way to achieve it isn’t elegant, Tibetan Buddhism was stuck in its childhood, safe and secured in its mountainous cradle. It had to grow up, it hesitated. Due to its reluctance it was thrown out of the cradle and forced to move, into other parts of planet Earth and into adulthood. To learn to relate to other belief systems and ways of life. In due time. I suppose change happens now and than in unsentimental and unromantic ways. Perhaps as a “shockwave towards awakening”, when other ways are tried to no avail. I don’t condone the brutal destruction of Tibetan Buddhist works of art at all and the attitude of China towards their fellow human beings in Tibet, monk or no monk.

  3. This is the same threat given to the cabal a month ago and then again a month before that. When will action start happening instead of threats. Haven’t they done enough to mankind. Imprison them already!

  4. I still say that as long as money is in place, we are slaves to a system. Remove the money, implement new technologies that improve our planet & our lives. I don’t want us to get out of old enslaved system into a new enslaved system that’s for sure.

    • I don’t agree with money being the slave-master from the start. It’s us, human beings that are key, allowing money to enslave us. Money is just an instrument to express receiving and giving, people attach all kinds of issues and values to it. If that changes, which is a change within the design and intention of a global financial reset, no problem arises from it, as I perceive it.

      How would it be if we exchanged things, without the use of money, would that put an end to greed?
      I presume people would be able to identify with objects, which can easily turn out in greed. Like gollem with its ring in Tolkien’s The Lord of The Ring.

      A young African man buying his first motorbike from hard earned money, puts it in the bedroom to work on it, make it shine, identify with it, short strings attached. I don’t see it happen that greed will end, but at least stuffing money in old socks is out of the picture, in that sort of exchange, such trade.

      I’m very interested in how the plan works out in giving people back money that is taken from them for a long long time, so that every global citizen receives a sum of money, ending all poverty. What a day for celebration that would be!

  5. Finally transformation is happyning on a large scale, slowly and gradually. I’m waking up in joy and a deep feeling of calm each day now, living in trust that nothing can stand between me and my bringing my heaven on my earth.

    This tubby reminds me of the law of nature, that when darkness is present, the same amount of light is hidden behind our horizon of perception, allowing the ability for change always, in that dynamic of dual forces.

    That goes for the dark within our inner world too, mirrored by our light, hidden on the other side of the veil. Once we gain access to both sides, we’re re-united with both, losing our life in duality consciousness. The yin and yang symbol is a clear example of how these forces relate to each other.
    Benjamin sounds pretty much yin in his yang 😉


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