July 3, 2016 by Steve Beckow

St. Germaine, July 1, 2016, Saturday Conference Call, Council of Love

Greetings, I am St. Germaine, Keeper of the I AM, Keeper of the Violet Flame, and yes, dearest Joe, keeper of the tequila although I do not recall ever having that substance during the time I walked the planet. But many times, my beloved friends, we have sat and we have shared a cup of wine, mead, tea, bread, soup, it mattered not, for the joy came in simply sitting together, walking together, laughing together, sharing our common understanding and our common goal which, in fact, has never changed.

And, yes, I am honored to come to you during this time of independence of this entire continent of North America because that has been my call, the Freedom Call that I have beckoned to many to come and join me in. Yes, it is a time of great transformation and we are puzzled by those who say, “Nothing is happening. Nothing is changing.” We would suggest that you open your eyes and look around for never have there been more signals, more clarity, greater signs in terms of what is transpiring upon this beloved planet, this beloved Earth.

People are awakening…that is how we put it in the simplest of terms. And hundreds of years ago people of this United States have awakened and they have said, “We wish to run our own ship.” Now, that is not to suggest that tyranny ended or that selfishness and control and abuse of power came to a conclusion, because it did not. It was my dream and yours that it would come to an end.

And I and you, my beloveds, regardless of what country, nation, or continent you live upon, you have never relinquished that dream…that tyranny would be quashed, that greed and lust and abuse of power would be eliminated, and that all would walk in the sunlight and the moonlight of freedom.

Freedom is a birthright. Freedom is not something that needed to be earned, certainly not fought for and politically lobbied for, and yet that is exactly what is transpiring upon this planet…so, unfortunately, freedom has become something that many, not only strive, but fight for and I do not mean necessarily in the way of waging war because that is futility at it’s clearest.

How do you gain freedom by imprisoning and murdering others and then within a different context say, “Oh, it is alright”? It has never been alright and it never will be alright, not by any individual, group, nation, or collective.

So, when I say to thee that freedom is something, unfortunately, that many are fighting for, I mean with the truth of your integrity, your patience and impatience, your stamina, because you are standing up – yes, one by one, but millions by millions – and you are saying, “I choose to be free. I am liberty, equality, and justice, and I stand for many when I declare this.”

And it is in this declaration, my beloved friends and allies, that you are bringing forth the new realm of the honoring and respect of every person’s right. No, not to impede another, not to abuse another, but yes, to stand in their light, with their opinions even when they are different than yours, and to proceed in the honoring and the latitude, the fluidity.

You have learned many lessons from war, both on and off planet, and one of the things that you have learned…and there are many…is that it does not result, truly, in victory. There is great celebration at the cessation of war, and rightfully so, but the price in terms of loss of life, the tragedy for families on all sides, the devastation of villages, of cities, of countryside, the destruction of animals and livestock, of crops, of water…none of that is acceptable. So, victory is often very hollow.

But this day I speak to you of a different form of victory. I speak of the victory of love. I speak of the victory of individual and collective freedom. And it begins, my beloveds, with us sitting down over a cup of wine and a loaf of bread (2) and declaring our determination [ that] none shall rule above us and we shall lead and follow and join heart-to-heart together as one circle, one planet, all Gaians, in peace, in civility, in kindness and consideration, in laughter and play, in work and diligence, and in freedom.

Go with my love and go, do not forget your Violet Flame torch. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


  • A BOOK of Verses underneath the Bough,
    A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread—and Thou
    Beside me singing in the Wilderness—
    O, Wilderness were Paradise enow!
    (Omar Khayyam, “From Omar Khayyam” at


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  1. Dear colleen I am always so happy to find people like you and Marian, People with a higher consciousness , which is concerned to know and study what is our mission in life and help our brothers to up wake of the illusory life is taking right now here on earth and has been created by the sinister force that is leading humanity to slavery. I am an I AM student since 17 years of the of The Saint Germain Foundation and our main study house is in Chicago IL . There studies houses many cities around the world. All Saint Germain,s Instruction step to help us to wake up and so we could help other brothers , is in the books of Saint Germain Series which you can buy its online directly on the website of Saint Germain Fundacion Thank you dear sisters to be in the Light of God that never fail. God bless you

  2. Greetings St. Germaine! sThank you for your wise words of freedom this day. I trust that one “day” we will walk and laugh together, break bread and share our unity with others.

    Dear Marian,

    I just wanted to thank you for so eloquently stating why those of us who choose are doing this work. My Mission is to spread love, peace and happiness to as many beings as I can. I am enjoying this tremendously, however, I am being challenged right now. I’ve recently moved to a major “metropolis” where humans wear blinders. It is my desire to succeed in this mission and show them that love does still exist on Gaia!

    Another interesting bit of news (for me) I watched a you tube video last night where biochemists are doing experiments on how plants communicate with each other. They are proving, scientifically, how mother trees feed and nurture their children proving they have family groups and are able to feel. They are also able to defend themselves through toxins and gases to prevent over-foraging, how some plants need to sleep, how some seem to instantly appear dead when threatened. It was fascinating.

    I am dedicated to my mission while my third eye continues to open (I have visions.) I am able to move the veil upon rising and am practicing this during other times of the day. I am looking forward to more news from St. Germaine and your beautiful words of encouragement!

    As always, in love and light,

  3. Amen to that! The breaking of bread, sharing with family and guests, offering a treat to visitors, I like that sort of togetherness.

    I can see many of us in the near future, going through pain and grief, initially, followed by relief and joy, while realizing what it is to live in truth and with resolution begin to build a life in wellness, based on freedom of expression, gradually but inevitably this will dawn on humanity, one at a time. To me, it seems to be a process like a dawning, slowly the forms begin to show up. New ways of looking at life and a sensing of who we truly are. There’s much unexplored territory, as I perceive it.

    In all human trials, stumbling and falls, I see more of us bringing our heaven on earth. Who knows what new worlds we may find to create a safe haven? In other words, I see many more of us creating a life according to our true nature, living a truthful life in joy and grace. I don’t suggest any religious influence in this, as a must, for as I see it, many religious institutes intend to prevent our creation of heaven on earth, by telling us that we need to deserve heaven, by living under certain conditions and even towards the end of our life, to die in fear for judgment.

    That’s a horrendous misinterpretation of what heaven means and a denial of human creative power as well. To me, divinity is the consciousness that is present in our Universe. The source of creation, entirely separate from any God-image that is created by religious manmade institutes. Besides, often the rules in those institutes have become mind programs and instruments for control. I am a minister’s daughter and I’ve witnessed such practices in a very strict church institute, with members who showed hot heads and cold hearts. My words aren’t meant to judge any person or the personal attempts in well meaning people who know how to balance love and wisdom, in the presence of “their God”.

    The bridge between each of our individual Heaven and Earth is a passage way that will solve a great many mysteries, awakening our memories of who we really are, while on the move. Some are on the move without having a choice. To some, the moving towards and through change may feel like going through the eye of a needle, to some it may feel as if walking in a maze, or following “the narrow road”. To some it may be a carefree experience in trust and joy, Some will take part in trail blazing and to some it will be a perilous journey.

    Remember that you and I do have a choice and that to use that freedom of choice, we need to be ready to receive truth as a friend. I believe we all will get THERE, whatever the destiny we choose for ourselves or for the collective, wherever we direct the compass of our hearts and choose living in truth. I wish for you that your path will keep you safe and the journey brightened by the company of friends, preferably wanderers that are not lost. At times maybe supporting those who’ve lost their way, asking for support or in need of good company.

    All wanderers, walking in the company of truth, will find their way home. Blessings on your journey!

    • Is that what makes you happy, Rober Kimble? You must know that you’re alone with your happiness, if that’s the case. I remember you expressed your frustration for not seeing a change you expect to happen. You won’t be able to see that change, unless you start to change from within first.
      I’m talking to a closed door now, I suppose.


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