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  1. For your information, for those who love to gain understanding of what Initiation means, here’s a lecture given by Rudolph Steiner, at the start of the 20th century. See if you can find value in it.

  2. The Council of Seven Lights by George W. von Tassel

    “O mortals, though My Laws have been as doormats beneath your feet; though through centuries you have turned not to face the Light–I judge not, neither do I hold regrets, for all are given right to choose. Mortals in this density of three, having not chosen Me, now stand beneath the whip, but are rather facing rebound of the actions man has created. My Laws are fixed. None can change the Law of all Infinity. One fulfills the Law, or faces judgment by the Law, written in the Light of each of MY created beings. Having turned My Laws about, now you are faced with your man creations in opposition to My Law. So I gather up the scattered fruit, knowing that the bulk of My harvest has been lost to repetition upon repetition of errors, written in the history of mortals on this portion of Me. I must brush off this contamination from My cloak, that I may hang it in My closet clean. Those who have failed for centuries to recognize My person within their Being, are forced by their actions to repetition once again. My heart, manifested by you, is sore. But I shall recover to bring about the destiny as many times as necessary, that My pattern shall be complete for each one of My parts. So it is, again and again I cleanse My house. My love shall never fail. Everlasting Light is man’s by choice alone, and the choice I gave to him. I am the voice that manifests in every word you say. I am the sound in darkness to your ear, that leads the way. You stumble on the path to Me. You fail to see the Light within, that grows with every victory over self. To be a part of Me, project the actions of Me being you. Extend My Love instilled within. Do unto others as I do to you. For I can only Be, through you”.

    For the complete reading go here:

  3. Here’s a woman who is well informed about Earth energies and how to heal disturbing energy lines, affecting people’s lives and homes or business.

  4. I love the 2nd picture very much, great humour! Now, being serious, what’s the measurement or proof of being well-informed? Here’s John Buchanan, the writer of the book “Fixing America” and his report on the Bush-Nazi relationship. John Buchanan has been an activist all of his life and was flattered several times (or persuaded by evil motives) for being asked to run for US presidency.

    How well-informed do you need to be to do that, these days? It seems that the present candidates for presidency need to close their eyes to most of the facts, or simply aren’t informed properly, to aquire that role. It must be an incomprehensible world, US politics and life in the White House, don’t you think?

    The courage to jump into action based on those facts, wisely held within of course, is a rare phenomenon, once someone is chosen as US president. What’s in it for him? I wonder. It almost requires a hidden agenda and support in some form, to make it worthwhile to be president of the US.

    Voila, whatever the motive and drive, this is the corrupt position any US president will find himself in. (Hillary is out of the race by now). These antics on the global stage are proof of things in our world turned upside down, or “photoshopped”. Hence, the public arena with Donald Trump’s efforts to become president, turning into a sit-com or Bollywood movie. Nothing is real, even if it is. Got it?


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