People take part in a rally on April 29, 2015 at Union Square in New York, held in solidarity with demonstrators in Baltimore, Maryland demanding justice for an African-American man who died of severe spinal injuries sustained in police custody.    AFP PHOTO/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez        (Photo credit should read EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ/AFP/Getty Images)
People take part in a rally on April 29, 2015 at Union Square in New York, held in solidarity with demonstrators in Baltimore, Maryland demanding justice for an African-American man who died of severe spinal injuries sustained in police custody. AFP PHOTO/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez (Photo credit should read EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ/AFP/Getty Images)

By Mike Adams, the founding editor of

This isn’t a long article. It’s a short piece put together after three days of contemplation on the insanity and violence that has now exploded across America. The situation is so severe that I haven’t been able to think about much else.

I’m convinced that the events in Dallas were designed to stoke a race war across America, setting the stage for martial law, nationwide gun confiscations and globalist control of the nation. As this Associated Press article explains, it now appears that militant black terrorists are being “directed by militant groups” that control the race war narrative.

That narrative is poison to us all. The purpose of executing five police officers in Dallas is not specifically to kill white people, but to invoke white rage and hatred toward blacks and the Black Lives Matter movement — an emotional tinder box ready to be manipulated by the globalist-controlled media to steer America into a state of open, bloody, civil war.

Civil war does not help anyone except for the globalists. They feed off violence and chaos because it creates the justification for totalitarian government control over society. Obama has already begun this process by demanding that the Dallas Police Department now surrender to federal control. Thisfederalization of local police is a crucial step in the executive takeover of the country by anti-American operatives who have already taken over the White House. Their ultimate goal is to DESTROY America as we know it today; OCCUPY the territory of America; CRIMINALIZE all those who oppose the dictatorial regime in power and DEMAND absolute obedience to globalist rule (which nullifies the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights).

The point of televising acts of extreme violence is to pollute your mind with hatred and vengeance

If we respond to violence with more violence, then the globalist manipulators win. That is their goal: To plant hatred and rage in our minds and hope we act on it to tear each other part in bloody street battles. The more we give in to that hatred and rage, the more the corrupt establishment wins (and even grows its power).

That’s why it is crucial that we must not escalate this violence. If blacks are shooting whites, and then whites respond by executing blacks, we all spiral into open insurrection and deadly chaos. There are no winners in a bloody civil war… only countless victims.

This does not mean we should not seek to arrest and prosecute those who violate the law and participate in such violent acts. Active promoters of violence on the radical left must be brought to justice to halt their continued attempts to spill blood on our streets. Just as important, we as a nation must sharply enhance our respect for law enforcement officers who are the last line of defense between our families and total lawlessness in society.

We must also show far greater respect for local cops

Among cops, a running joke is that “police brutality” is any time a cop wins a fight with a criminal thug who’s trying to kill him. We must remember that police officers deal with the most brutal, violent and mentally ill elements of our society. They work under near impossible conditions and get almost zero recognition for jobs well done. They deserve our thanks, not our condemnation. The Black Lives Mattermovement is wrong to condemn all cops for the actions of the few, just as Obama is wrong to condemn all gun owners for the actions of those very few who use them to commit violence.

Any person who thinks cops are bad should imagine trying to survive just 72 hours if all the cops went on a nationwide strike. A whole lot of citizens wouldn’t survive those 72 hours, and they’d be begging for the men and women in blue to return to their jobs and make the streets safer once again. (I’m actually wondering if cops might organize a nationwide 72-hour strike to demonstrate this very point… every major city would collapse into total chaos within hours.)

Black Lives Matter is a globalist-controlled, anti-American HATE group whose purpose is to invoke and instigate racial hatred across America

In refusing to participate in the escalation of violence, it’s also crucial to understand where that violence is coming from. BLM is funded by George Soros and other globalists. Its purpose is to instigate widespread racial hatred while disrupting society from coast to coast. The end game of this agenda is to cause America to collapse into a civil war from which globalists can assert totalitarian control via martial law to “reestablish order.”

The way this will be accomplished is by carrying out race-based executions that are highly visible and extremely bloody, evoking rage and vengeance by those who share the same race or skin color as the victims. Yet this race war will ultimately be waged against people of all colors. Some attacks will target whites. Others will target blacks. Still others may target Latinos. What they all have in common is that they are deliberately planned and carried out to stir up hatred, rage and bloodshed. They are part of an actual conspiracy plot to pit the races of America against each other in the hope that society will collapse into such chaos that nationwide martial law is demanded. (And voila! Suddenly the November elections could be put on hold, too!)

We the People must not allow ourselves to be caught up in this emotional trap. We must recognize these actions for what they are: contrived false flag operations that are carried out for an insidious cultural engineering purpose: to get Americans screaming for martial law and nationwide gun confiscations. That is the end goal of all this, and the globalists don’t care how many innocent people have to die to achieve their goal.

For you and me, our responsibility in all this is to call for peace, calm and solidarity among people of all colors and cultures to denounce the globalists, denounce the criminal occupiers of the White House and denounce those who would try to destroy our constitutional liberties in the name of “security.”

If we stand firm in our awareness of how this is all contrived and manipulated to evoke a public outcry — problem, reaction, solution — then we have a real chance to resist the march toward tyranny that has now been planned for America.


1) Do NOT participate in acts of hatred or violence against anyone.

2) REALIZE that nobody wins if our society descends into lawlessness and chaos.

3) Condemn all those who incite violence against the police, and recognize the important role that local cops play in keeping our communities safe from violent elements.

4) TEACH others how the race wars are all designed to control the masses via emotional manipulation.

YOU ARE BEING PLAYED. It is easy to go along with it and ride the wave of anger against those who commit mass murder on our streets. It takes far more mental discipline, however, to see the bigger picture and realize this is really a war being waged by the globalists against ALL people of America, regardless of their race or color.

The globalists win if they can convince whites that blacks are their enemy (and vice-versa). They lose if we wake up and realize it’s actually the globalists who are our common enemy.

About the Author

Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on and a globally recognized scientific researcher in clean foods. He serves as the founding editor of and the lab science director of an internationally accredited (ISO 17025) analytical laboratory known as CWC Labs. There, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for achieving extremely high accuracy in the analysis of toxic elements in unknown water samples using ICP-MS instrumentation. Adams is also highly proficient in running liquid chromatography, ion chromatography and mass spectrometry time-of-flight analytical instrumentation.

This article was originally published on under the title “Globalists are pitting blacks against whites in America to incite a bloody race war… here’s how we can all win together by refusing to be manipulated into hatred and rage”.

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  1. Thanks

  2. I think we are giving the globalists too much credit for believing that they can win with this stupid move of theirs. MOST Americans are law-abiding, loving people who have friends within other races and see “people” beneath skin color and will NEVER give in to the rage that the fomenters of hate are hoping for on a mass scale in order to carry out a race war in America. It will NEVER happen. We get what we focus upon and energize with emotion. Remember that. Where is YOUR focus? Choose wisely. 🙂

  3. I never leave comments, I just read! As a woman of colour, I Agree with the the elites using us a reason to start something, but I have also seen many people of colour encouraging everyone to stay calm as its obvious they want a reaction, but after 500+ years of being attacked for our skin I find it difficult to understand a race war is beginning when many feel it already started and we are simply trying to stop it. The Dallas shooting of police was blatantly a false flag. Tbh BLM haven’t killed anyone but the police have, and they are being called a terrorist group but the police are not?!?!?! I have been following this site for a while, this article makes me question it now.

  4. Yes, what a difficult spagate we’re in, isn’t it? I do respect and like Mike Adams approach, for many years I’ve followed Natural News. I’ve spoken to several policemen in my country of birth, Holland, telling me that they felt crushed under all the regulations and restrictions, wishing they could do their job ruled by common sense. There’s much criticism about the police-system of Holland, many are on the brink of a burn out and more and more civil unrest isn’t handled properly, due to citizen’s aggression towards the police, no matter the level of education and lifestyle. People are fed up with….

    Citizens are made more powerful nowadays, judging a policeman for having touched their child with one finger. It’s one of those phenomena where you can see how our world has gone mad, upside down, topsy turvy.

    Here’s an example of my experience with police. When I walked through London, last year April 2015, in the crowded center, I encountered 2 policemen carrying guns clearly visible. These may have been stunning devices and no real guns, I’ve pondered later.

    The sight of it made my body instinctively go into fear and shock, I almost cried out “No, please put that away, it’s only causing more violence”. I felt sick to my stomach and I had to stand still and take a couple of deep breaths… in the smog.. uugggggghhh.

    I managed to calm myself, but never hope to get used to such a sight ever. It’s the essence of the trouble we find ourselves in. Giving away our responsibility and autonomy as human beings has come to a point that we’re not even safe in our own neighbourhood, living in cities. I’ve left city-life.

  5. I agree with the points made by the author, but I am confused by his inability to place any responsibility on the police, methods of training, militarization, for the problems we are now seeing. This is a great example of a positive critique with a bias that is not supporting the stated objectives of the author.

    • You are correct.
      Candidates for law enforcement in recent times are specifically chosen for their low I.Q.’s and their complete apathy against the people. Power trippers.
      I had two relatives in law enforcement, one was chief of police over state troopers, the other a county patrolman and both have said that the attitude of law enforcement officers has become militant against the people, portraying the public as enemies of the law and state. The cops view everyone as a potential felony and a no hesitation target. Shoot first, ask questions later so it will frighten the people into fearing the cops and obeying their every command without question.
      And the reality of this so called law over us is actually unlawful on land.
      Police officers, the courts, judges, lawyers, prosecutors, are all serving the B.A.R. (The British Accreditation Registry of London,England) in one capacity or another.
      They serve Marine/Admiralty laws that are only enforceable on open water, not on land.

      The law of the land is this, “Do no intentional harm to others, their property or to the environment”

      And the “Federal Reserve” is not Federal at all and is not a part of our Government. They are a private organization run by the Rothschild banking industry of London, England. They are printing our currency unlawfully. Only Congress and the Treasury department are Constitutionally authorized to print and issue our U.S. currency.


    • Hi

      Since Richard Nixon was in office and formed the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, our local law enforcement officers have been trained for the express purpose of martial law or “National Emergencies”. Annual exercises to prepare the police for the declaration of a national emergency has been going on for the last 40 to 50 years.

      A complete overhaul of the local police will be required as soon as the Event occurs. As the prior writer has stated, the police are selected on the basis of being willing to do as they are told, with no regard for the public. Most of them should be banned from any form of law enforcement or security work due to their sociopathic tendencies.

      If anyone knows anyone with access to there training materials used by the feds who do the training it would be good to expose it and show the people what the real problems with police are and where they are coming from.


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