doctor-cuffed-web-702x336The Federation of State Medical Boards is actually an entirely private trade group that seems to exist to thwart competition. State-based Action Alerts! 

For many months, we’ve been following the FDA’s war on natural medicine. The agency has been eliminating natural ingredients from the list of substances from which pharmacies can make customized medicines, such as curcumin, boswellia, and aloe vera.

We’ve also noted that the new regulations are making it difficult for doctors to get medicines likecompounded vitamin B12, which is driving up the price for once-affordable IV vitamin B12 shots. Ironically, Hillary Clinton reports that she gets these shots, but then again, she does not have to worry about the cost. Bioidentical hormones, such as Estriol, are also threatened.

Unfortunately, the FDA is not the only danger to customized natural medicines.

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) recently considered adopting a position statementencouraging physicians to avoid engaging in “office use” (compounding medications in bulk in anticipation of patient need) and to avoid making sterile medications in their offices. Instead, physicians would be encouraged to get sterile medications from 503B “outsourcing” facilities.

These positions strike us as patently absurd, driven by Big Pharma, and part of the effort to eliminate customized, natural medicines from the market.

The compounding of sterile drugs must of course be carefully done to avoid contamination, but as long as a doctor has the proper training and equipment—which any skilled and responsible doctor would—any risk would be substantially mitigated. This position against in-office sterile compounding could also interfere with in-office IV nutritional therapy, where a doctor makes an intravenous nutrient bag based on the needs of an individual patient. Many physicians and patients may not be able to afford the alternatives, such as using a hospital pharmacy. This is likely the FSMB’s intent—to make the practice of personalized and integrative medicine more and more difficult.

It is also telling that the position statement explicitly encourages doctors to get their sterile medications from outsourcing pharmacies. We recently reported that the FDA has been trying to wipe traditional compounding pharmacies off the map by forcing them to register instead as outsourcing facilities, since what can be compounded at outsourcing facilities is completely at the FDA’s whim and can be very narrowly defined. This will likely eliminate many traditional compounding pharmacies, and leave only the largest ones open for business—by then owned by Big Pharma.

The FSMB is also following the FDA’s lead in its hostility toward office use. In violation of clear Congressional intent, the FDA has already severely restricted a doctor’s ability to keep medications on hand for the immediate treatment of a problem a patient may have. Congress, in response,specifically directed the FDA to set forth how office use can continue. Both the FSMB and the FDA are defying the will of Congress, as well as the will of the American public.

It is unclear whether this position statement was formally adopted by the FSMB, given the FSMB’s penchant for operating behind completely closed doors. But at the very least it signals the organization’s intentions. This is, after all, nothing out of the ordinary for the FSMB, which as historically been no friend of natural medicine.

The organization has demonstrated its antipathy toward natural health since the mid-1990s, when it discussed altering the definition of health fraud to include alternative medical care! It would appear that FSMB considers innovative approaches to healthcare to be nothing more than exercises in “quackery” (read: threats to conventional doctors’ or drug companies’ income), so it makes sense that it wants to see the practice of compounding severely restricted.

Operating in the dark as it does, it is hard to say who is running this private organization (yes, despite its misleading name, it is just a private organization) or setting its agenda. But we suspect, based on the available evidence, that it is funded and controlled by some combination of the American Medical Association and the pharmaceutical industry. If so, it is one of the chief forces behind the kind of corrupt crony medicine we see today.

We’ve reported to you before about the FSMB’s push to enact its Interstate Medical Licensing Compact in as many states as possible (for more background, read our previous coverage here). The Compact creates an Interstate Commission to oversee an expedited licensure process for physicians applying for licenses in states other than their own. This sounds reasonable on its face, but we believe it is actually an underhanded attempt to increase the organization’s already extensive control over the practice of medicine—power that we would expect to be wielded to shut down integrative doctors.

The FSMB’s legislation has passed in seventeen states so far, and there are live bills in two more states. Check below to see if your state is considering FSMB legislation, and click the link to urge your state legislators to oppose it.



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  1. I know how the process works to get a drug approved. They always set aside billions of dollars when they launch a new drug because they know for a fact that is is going to kill some people and harm others too. They plan for it, they plan for the lawsuits. If they had to pay out 500 million in damages, but made 2 billion on the drug, they don’t care, that’s still a hell of a profit margin. It’s business to them.

  2. part of the problem in America is the Christians. they do not realize they have been brainwashed to believe things like yoga, meditation, reiki and other holistic treatment are evil and satanic.

    I have this conversation with one of them every day I feel like. who tell me i’m playing with the devil. I have to break it down for them. they do not realize religion and big pharma are all controlled by the same people. and big pharma knows meditation, yoga and other treatments cure so many ailments.

    and these people actually think it’s satanic to meditate, but have no problem seeing a doctor who prescribes them a toxic mind altering drug, and that’s not satanic?

    all logic has gone right out the window and that’s why this problem is so bad. people are zombies, it’s sad.

    I keep telling them that if they do not wake up and see what’s going on history repeats itself. Like the salem witches, those were my ancestors. they were not evil they could heal like reiki healers do today. They were killed because they were a threat to the power structure, now i’m being called an evil witch for getting reiki certified. I’ve had people threaten my life over this. they think i’m a demon and they are doing god’s work by killing all satan’s demons. THIS IS DELUSIONAL.

    I have become a hermit lately pretty much, staying away from the crazies until they wake up.

  3. Everyone I try to explain this to also think I am crazy… can food, food products, essential oils, anything other than pharma. drugs produce better results they ask…My brother has just a couple of months left, and he will not even listen to me either. GcMAF is what the doctors stumbled upon. Nagalase was being put into vaccines, which block a certain protein in immune system therefor comprimising the WHOLE immune systems. Nagalase is also what cancer cells release to block immune system. They found that Autism patients have an elevated Nagalase level. THEY MUST BE STOPPED.

    • all you can do is try. if people refuse and want to poison themselves there is really nothing you can do. i know it’s sad, but just keep trying to educate them.

  4. good thing this information you pose Stacy (and others) is out there and gaining momentum. We are wise to their shenanigans. I put all my dollars towards companies that offer natural remedies for in that I show my support:-)

  5. I worked in the healthcare industry behind the scenes. was a paralegal for 12 years and worked in personal injury/med malpractice, medical debt collection and I also worked at anthem. the things I witnessed would make peoples jaws hit the floor. I’ve seen how this whole system operates. evil to the core.

    my very first medical malpractice case I discovered that vaccines were exempt from medical malpractice suits AND product liability suits. I remember asking my boss why vaccines were exempt (this was 12 years ago) and he said congress passed a law in the 80’s exempting vaccines because if they need a vaccine made on the fly if a crazy disease started spreading, they might not make them if they were subject to liability suits. I remember thinking to myself, “that makes no damn sense.”

    then i found out about the secret vaccine court they don’t want the public to know about. if you make enough noise you can get compensated through this court…it’s not really a court more like an admin meeting and there is no record of anything. and the funds that compensate the victims in this secret court are coming from OUR TAX DOLLARS. the vaccine makers can put whatever the hell they want in vaccines and not have to pay a single dime in liability, but WE DO.

    I could write a book about the shenanigans I saw. I no longer work in that industry because it disgusted me so much and I refuse to work for people with no souls who profit off others misery.

    big pharma has their own hit squads. like a literal military. which is why all these holistic doctors have been suicided in the last couple years. they will go to great lengths to protect their profits. 3.7 trillion a year, too many shareholders in these companies they have to please. there was a big pharma executive I can’t remember her name but she made no qualms about it and said, “our duty is to our shareholders.” they don’t give a shit about you.

    and big pharma also supplies the drug cartels for the ingredients they need to make their drugs. all of it is one giant scam. i do not even have health insurance. i can afford it but I know it’s all one giant scam and i refuse to pay people to poison me.

    there really are some good doctors out there, but if they gain too much influence they will end up dead. it’s so bad now that there are doctors who are hiring body guards and wearing body cameras in fear for their lives. they see what’s happening to their colleagues.

    big pharma needs to face a nuremburg like trial for crimes against humanity. i’ve been waiting a very long time to see these criminals get exposed. I have been trying to make people aware of this for years and most people thought I was nuts, even my best friend who is an RN thought I was a little paranoid and there was no possible way the whole industry was out to get us. that was a few years ago

    fast forward to today, she’s realizing I was right and her eyeballs about fell out of her head when I explained just how bad this really is and showed her blatant proof.

  6. Please make sure that the names of these people who are responsible for this outrage have their names added to the arrest warrants for the Galactic Tribunals.


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