Julian Assange “We Brought Down The Head Of The DNC With Authentic Information!”


I LOVE how good Julian Assange is with handling the back-handed insults slung at him.  It’s also a very clear way of seeing how CNN tries to spin things and Julian didn’t ‘bite’.

6 thoughts on “Julian Assange “We Brought Down The Head Of The DNC With Authentic Information!””

  1. they have more guts than I. and anyone willing to put their life on the line to get this information to the masses is a hero in my book, not a shill.

  2. so many people think they are all shills. but they are missing the point, even if they were, look at the info they are releasing. they clearly have had enough damning information and were very smart at preparing for certain situations to get this information out. they even had a contingency plan in place in case they were murdered. doesn’t sound like a shill to me.

  3. I can’t help but chuckle at how adept he is in handling the CNN “script reader” (calling her a reporter would be an insult to real reporters).

  4. Excellent! How strong and resilient some whistleblowers are becoming now. Edward Snowden is of the same breed. Thank life for having them jumping into action amidst of us, who’re still in sleep mode often. We need to bring the Sandman to a desolate island in the Pacific 😉

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