The “White Mans Diet”

As world renowned nutritionist Weston A Price found in the early 1900’s, it wasn’t until many indigenous cultures adopted a “white man’s diet” of refined flours, processed sugar, and nutrient deficient factory foods that they began to see massively increasing rates of degenerative diseases.

White sugar acts as a dose-dependent body toxin. The liver is only able to handle about 24 grams of sugar per day. Whatever it cannot metabolize, the liver will turn into fatty acids, stressing out major organs and leading to digestive issues, fungal infections, cognitive problems, and promote cancer. The problem?? The average American intakes over 80 grams per day.

As you can see, refined sugar is one of the reasons we see such a rise in degenerative disease. Also, eating more processed sugars in your diet means that your are then substituting the good, nutritionally dense foods for the void, pointless ones. The more bad, the less good. It’s a reciprocal relationship.

Sugar’s role in diseases


Let’s take a look at some of the main diseases that sugar plays a role in:

Cancer: Sugar leads to a whole host of problems in regards to cancer. In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for proving that cancer thrives in acidic conditions, and will die in alkaline environments. More technically, “that tumors prefer to utilize sugar fermentation to produce energy rather than the much more efficient oxygen-based phosphorylation”. Sugar will literally FEED cancer cells. Avoid it.

Fungal/bladder infections, skin fungus: Candida Albicans is a nasty fungus that lives within the body of every human being in various amounts in the digestive tract. The amount of candida you have will be determined by how you treat yourself. If you treat yourself to far more sugar than you should, candida will thrive, for it feeds off of sugar. If candida is overgrowing in your body, it could play a major stress on your immune system, your mood, and your energy. Bladder and yeast infections are caused in major part by this candida, and skin fungus and rashes are too. Cut the sugar out, kill the candida, less skin rashes and yeast infections. (although, be aware of an uncomfortable die off effect at first)

Mood and cognitive dysfunction: As stated above, candida in a nasty internal fungus. If you have too much, it will also work to kill most of thegood bacteria in your gut. The thing is, that goodbacteria in your gut produces most of the feel good hormone Serotonin in your body. More sugar = less probiotics = less feel good hormones. It’s all connected. (that’s why it’s call holistic healthcare). Not only this, but the mere fact of eating refined sugars sets off the same addictive pleasure centers in your brain as hardcore drugs do. Almost 1000 genes in our brain are harmed by excessive sugar consumption. Be smart, drop the sugar. Drop the sugar, be smarter.

Sugar is a hell of a drug. You could say it’s the most widely used anti-anxiety medication there is, most people just don’t look at it that way. Becoming conscious of how you are using food is crucial to realizing and admitting how healthy your choices are. Is that food actually benefiting you? Or is it only serving the pleasure-based, instantly gratifying parts of you, only serving to harm you in the long run?

What is that soda actually doing for you? The candy? That cereal? How is white bread even serving you? It may make you happy for a minute or two while you chew it, but I can tell you from experience I am a hell of a lot more happy when I feel good and my body functions right, rather than being tired, drained, and sick.

Drop the White Mans Diet of white, refined sugars, breads, cereals, and grains. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

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  1. The best way to find out which sugar suits you is by experimenting with different kinds of sugar, in small doses and watch your wellbeing, how you enjoy the taste, or not. Be mindful of what you eat and I suggest to write a diary of your food – and sugar intake, for a period of 14 days minimum. It’s possibly revealing much and helps to become aware of what your body tells you. And what your mind loves to demand from you too 😉

    All sugars that are kept in their original substance, present in a foodproduct, like in honey, date syrup, maple syrup or the many fruit syrups, or Stevia, a plant, are the most balanced sugars that don’t need to cause problems for us. When eating it in moderation.

    The quick fix of refined white sugar ensures the welcome soothing of our feeling grumpy and down (low blood sugar level) quickly causing a pleasant high. Due to its extreme effect, on how we feel, the quick fix that it is, it causes addiction.

    Very often it’s the neglect of eating fresh green vegetables and a good variety of food choice, causing an unbalance in our diet and a craving for sugar. It’s a highway to heaven, with a hard fall through the clouds.
    The best disciplin for a healthy diet is to eat 3 meals a day, no sugarbomb-snacks in between, no drinking before and during eating, only afterwards. Biscuits or cake with natural sugar are nice snacks to enjoy during a coffee- or tea break.

    I know that there’s many people, often in need of 5 small meals in a day, if that works fine, okay. A wise treatment of our digestive system is to allow it to become empty, causing a sense of hunger.
    There are ways to clean your intestines and colon, with certain mineral clays taken in through the mouth, I remember a brand called Agriletz and Schlussler salts. Nowadays there are treatments for that, offered by certified therapists.

    From the moment we drink our mother’s milk, we experience the sweet taste that soothes us so much.
    Have you ever seen how babies are in a heavenly trance, while drinking from their mother’s breast?
    The food industry knows this and loves to see us craving and suffering from moodswings continually,
    for that’s their income and it ensures control. We witness the present day decline of our health and our immune system. It’s very sad.

    I’m enjoying a very good health, taking care of my diet, physical excersize and choice of food, as fresh as possible. I’m not an exception in my need of a sweet taste. I know how sweet I am, when enjoying a carrot cake with cream on top, sugared, in company of a coffee rush. I do enjoy it, but only occasionally and in that way it’s a real treat, a special moment to savor. I don’t consider any food product as bad or wrong, it’s all about balance and paying attention to what our body tells us.

    Raw palm sugar is close to raw cane sugar, but you need to use an organic quality, for palmtrees are heavily treated with chemicals nowadays, due to the fast rising demand for it. The sweet taste in vegetables like beetroot, pumpkin, carrots and sweet peas, plus the sweetness of fresh fruit and chewing dried apricots or raisins, can assist in soothing our craving for sweets.

    And to explain a bit about white and brown sugar, refined or unrefined:
    Imagine a sugar cane harvested, on its way to the refinery. The sugar present in the sugar cane contains all the minerals and nutrients that secures a balanced intake for our digestive system, spreading the nutrients throughout our bodies.

    As soon as a refinery process begins, minerals and nutrients of the sugar contained in the sugar cane are taken out. Just like taking off the outer layer of rice, wheat and all sorts of other grains, removing nutrients,
    like vit. B.

    The choices of sugar are numerous nowadays, varying from raw sugar directly from the cane to the whitest of white sugar. When refined sugar enters our body, our digestive system absorbs it much quicker than when the sugar is in its original form. Hence the quick rise of blood sugar levels and the fight with insulin, a hormone from the pancreas, trying to create balance in the blood sugar level. When overworked, the pancreas stops functioning and we begin to be diabetic, due to the insulin production falling silent.

    Another thing about white flour, which isn’t taught to us, is that it turns into sugar as soon as it’s processed by and through our digestive system. It’s not very different from how sugar is works in our system. Wholeflour
    contains minerals and nutrients that are removed from white flour. White sugar intake causes our digestive system to seek balance and therefore it takes the calcium of our bones.

    The intake of refined white flour products, combined with white sugar, is one of the causes of obesity, when consumers don’t live an active life with daily physical excersize, or work on the land for example. Farmers who worked all day on their land, or with their cattle, before machines took over, could eat large fat chunks of bacon and other dishes that we now tend to look at in disgust.These hard workers burnt it off due to much physical work, outdoors all day, exposed to rain, heat and frost. No central heating in the farm!

    Most cakes in the UK are prepared with white flour, with sugary jam (the ingredients list says 60% sugar of the jar’s content) or creamy layers. It’s very tempting for it’s present almost at any village event and gathering!
    Now I’m off for a long walk, see if I can pick some blackberries!

    One of the most beneficial effects on your digestive system and wellbeing is a relaxed attitude and the joy of tasting good food and not treat the choice of your diet in argumentative ways, worrying about your choices and in judgment of certain food being wrong or right. Many people treat their diet with a rather mental approach, as if scientists, counting calories and anxious about glutenfree and dairy free, or vegan, or raw.

    Every day I’m in gratitude for sustaining my physical body with the nurturing love of the plants offered by our beautiful planet Earth. And occasionally for the animal or fish, offering its life to serve as my food. I’m even in love with germs. Ha ha…. I can see frowns and ghasps of surprise. We’re made afraid for germs, that’s why they come back with a vengeance.

    It’s true, I seldom wash my hands and I eat from the floor, when something nice and edible falls on it. I drink from streams in pristine nature and I always taste the seawater when I’m out for a day at sea.
    I’m healthy as a fish in a mountain lake 🙂

  2. It’s often confusing, what we need to choose, concerning sugars. All artificial sugars are poisonous, especially Aspartam and the sugars mentioned in food products, like maltisol. Organic shops should assure you of a clean product and they’ve often got the best variety of sugar alternatives.

    I’m a wholefood nutritionist and I’ll give you some of my knowledge and share my experiences with sugar too.
    You may skip this long comment and read the last part, for that sums up what my attitude towards food is.

    Regarding the choice of refined or unrefined sugar:
    Sugar produced from cane sugar or sugarbeet (I don’t know the accurate name of it, but it’s a large round beet providing sugar) taken in moderation on a daily basis, doesn’t hurt or damage us, when we’re enjoying a general good health and condition. It’s the amount that counts, like when a sugar high is a compensation for a lack of proper nutritions, a quick fix. It’s highly recommendable to eat breakfast, it’s when our digestive system is most awake and ready to work. Around 6 or 7 am. And to eat in quietude and a state of ease, enjoying breakfast with others possibly, at home or in a morning-cafe. Or eating outside in the sun with a bird-chorus.

    continued in next comment

  3. I’m substituting white refined sugar by honey. How about it?
    Then, how about non refined brown sugar? Is that OK, being nor refined?

  4. Yes, that’s a very good analogy, Michael H. The carrot reminds me of an expression on a card in the home of a friend: “When I eat carrots all day, tomorrow, I’m allowed to eat this chocolate bonbon now”.

    This sums up the emotional connection many of us have with the soothing effect of sugar, on our brain, creating a sense of wellbeing. I’m trying to minimize my white-sugar intake, but find it hard sometimes.
    It’s present everywhere, here in the UK.

    Only by preparing my own sweet pies and snacks, with date syrup, agave syrup or maple syrup, I can choose alternative sugar. But the need for a sweet taste now and than is deeply rooted, I find. I’ve given myself an experience by eating no sugar for 6 months. No added sugars, none whatsoever. I felt my moodswings growing grumpier and the opening of my senses termendously challenging. At some point, I couldn’t almost cope with this condition and I had to eat something sweet to end this agonising condition.

    I’ve got an idea now, about a better way of detoxing sugar, by being in nature and quietude with myself, finding sweetness in the joy of a vast landscape, sunsets and the presence of the sea, the wind, the sun and the moon, the stars, the rain and early hours of mist, all these nature-elements and nature spirits as good companions, as food for my soul, helping me to overcome craving for sugar!

  5. I think good analogy with sugar would be driving your car in traffic with stop and go, which wrecks the car faster when driving on a highway w/o traffic (with complex carbohydrates) We forget that body is a biological machine. Personally, I found myself trying to finish that container of ice cream ones you pop it open. That is why I try not to have it 🙂 in the first place. If the only thing you have a fridge is a carrot – guess what you’ll eat the carrot 🙂


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