by Parinya Champ,

It’s coming and it’s coming fast, are your mind and body ready for the event?

Ascension—we’ve been hearing and studying this most mysterious event for years now (almost a decade now for me). Many of us believe it is coming and then there are those who also believe it has already happened—is happening. Regardless of whether anyone is right or wrong about when ascension should and will happen, we can all rest assured that learning to prepare our bodies and minds for this once in a lifetime opportunity is just as good as experiencing the real thing.

As we cross through the Galactic Plane, our sun is about to make its next leap into a higher state of consciousness, and it does so every 25,900 years. Our light bodies are like open sails and the coming burst of energy said to be released by our sun will lift us into a higher dimensional realm of consciousness. It will leave behind all those who chose to remain in lower, negative states of consciousness that are not in harmony with the new frequencies. These people will quietly disappear from our lives like long lost friends we haven’t seen for many years.

As the days fly by, and I literally mean fly by, as all time and space seem to be shooting hard through a bottleneck at these last moments, we are all experiencing ascension symptomsthat range from severe depression to extreme states of euphoria. Think of it as hitting all the musical keys on the emotional scale of life…for the last time. Enjoy those ups and downs and treat them like how an artful connoisseur of life would, with detachment, wonder, and compassion. Extraterrestrial beings from many groups believe our sun is about to go through an evolutionary jump into a higher frequency or octave, and that it will give off a mysterious burst of light that will transform everything in its path—this transformation is a spiritual consciousness upgrade that will be felt by all and missed by none. Since back in the day, I’ve frequented in5d on countless occasions throughout my awakening, always looking for ways to alleviate my ascension symptoms and find others who are experiencing similar struggles on the path before the event. I’ve been helped so many times and now I want to give back to the community of Lightworkers.

Here are some TOP 10 TIPS we can all do to prepare ourselves and each other for the event:

1. Eat Lighter

What you eat is what you get. Keep your foods light and raw and you will become light and raw. Organic food is important, meaning, foods that are not sprayed with chemical pesticides. Non-GMO is equally important, eat whole foods that have not been genetically modified or engineered. Try to eat local vegetables and fruit grown with love and care, not pushed through a corporate machine and shipped from who knows where to your local grocers. Raw foods contain supreme life force as can be seen through Kirlian photography. Dolores Cannonteaches that liquid diets are super beneficial for Lightworkers during these times—get on those Kale smoothies!

2. Meditate

Close your eyes, shut out all sound, find a place of darkness, sit, be still, and let the universe sing. Meditation is known to be the most healing thing that anyone can do regardless of who, what, when, wherever they are. No excuses. Find the time to return to zero point, to the centeredness of the heart, back to oneness with ourselves and the universe. Meditation will allow our bodies to match the new frequencies coming in. How can you know what the frequencies are if you are discombobulated and rushing through the pace of modern life? Throw your TV out the window. Sit still and quiet and adjust to the new earth frequencies. Meditate on wisdom and compassion for all. Imagine the world going through the perfect timeline of your choice, avoid the negative timelines and focus on dreaming into reality the positive events that you would like to see. Thoughts create reality, and now more than ever is the most important time to stay on your A-game, keep your thoughts, ALL thoughts, positive, loving, and forgive all those who have wronged you, no matter what. Let it go.

3. Radiate

It is said that Lightworkers, Wanderers, and Starseeds have come into our lives during this time to answer a galactic call. That call was answered but many of us are still unsure of what we’re supposed to be doing. Well, you’re doing it perfectly. Radiate your love and compassion throughout all locations of the world. Just being you and only you is enough to tip the energy grid of the planet to higher positive vibrations. It’s already been tipped, I feel it, so let’s tip it further. We are literally antennae that are broadcasting a positive timeline for humanity. Get out and spread your seeds! It is said that just by walking into a room, we can change the entire energy of all those inside. Imagine that times infinity.

4. Water

In addition to eating lighter, water is key. Hydrate yourselves more than you ever needed now because our body, mind, and chakras really need her flowing energy at this time. Water is an intellectual flowing feminine energy and being one with her can help our new DNA to integrate beautifully into all its spirals of galactic code downloading constantly into our cells. Drink non-fluoridated water and Natural Spring Water. Crystal Geyser is the only company that is selling honest Natural Spring Water although they come in plastic bottles, try pouring it into glass bottles after purchasing them. Leave the glass bottles in the sun to absorb as much golden light as possible. You can even place your favorite crystal and gemstones into the bottles to further charge the water for a heavenly crystal cocktail basked under healing sun.

5. Sungaze

This may be too extreme for some but nothing is more cool to the extreme than eating the sun. There are yogis and saints who have lived off the energy of the sun for years, possibly lifetimes, without ever needing to consume solid foods. This is a spiritual practice and commitment but can be practiced on occasion to really connect one-on-one with the most powerful life-giving force in our lives. Stand grounded to earth with bare feet and stare into the sun during sunrise and sunset. Only for a few seconds for those just beginning, you will begin to realize that it is not painful, in fact, it is tremendously transformative. You will feel like you’ve been plugged into the universal engine of life. It’s nice to do a silent prayer into the sun while meditating and imagine all its healing golden rays pouring into your eyes, into yourpineal gland, down through your body, mixing into your blood, fed through all your organs, clearing out all toxins. Remember, we were all once a sun in a past life or will be one in a future life. You are potentially looking into yourself during this practice. It is a sacred and personal connection beyond words. Like all spiritual practices, study more first and see what works for you.

6. Get Wise

Wisdom is peace. Besides researching in5d articles, I’d like to share some of the best places to learn about Ascension, what to expect, and how to prepare yourself. is a metaphysical database containing many of the best researchers in the metaphysical field of consciousness sciences and healing. The films and videos on alone can keep you busy for a lifetime. There’s enough data and teaching points to help anyone on their spiritual path find the way to achieving Rainbow Body Ascension or other esoteric means of transfiguration into light. Enlightenment is real, and it can be learned. It doesn’t have to take a lifetime of being a monk, enlightenment is happening now to all of us. Also important to note is that new information on contains stories about the Secret Space Program. Members of an alliance that have formed from these secret space programs have all confirmed that an ascension event is going to occur and that hundreds of extraterrestrial groups from all over our galaxy and within our earth are all waiting for this moment to happen, watching and waiting to see what happens to our planet and all that are on it at this time. It’s not just us humans going to surf the wave, we have help from our galactic families that will be right by our side.

7. Psychedelia

Many on the spiritual path have had the fortunate opportunity to experience what it is like to travel into the higher dimensional realms of existence through the successful use of psychedelics. Unbeknownst to billions of people on this planet, there is an entire mystical world surrounding us at all times, it is invisible, but it is also accessible. Psychedelics such as Psilocybins, Ayahuasca and DMT are natural entheogenic lenses that focus consciousness into receiving higher frequencies, allowing us to glimpse into an otherwise, otherworldly realm, a timeless realm of fractal decadence coexisting in an intricate synchrony of blistering sacred light. Tibetian Monks have confirmed that experiencing DMT in a human body is as close to crossing over into the realm of the Bardo as one can boldly go. Those who have bravely ventured into the deepest, darkest levels of consciousness through psychedelics all know how extraordinarily healing and transformative this life changing experience can be. There is nothing more powerful that will shake and test your spiritual foundation as a human being and turn you out stronger and more enlightened than a journey through your consciousness with psychedelics. Tread with great care and respect when using these holy teachers, as they have the power to show us what God really is, and it will forever change your views on life and yourself. The experience is an ineffable discovery for a soul inhabiting a body—it is everyone’s birthright—it is the most holiest of places you will ever travel in this lifetime.

8. Live In The Present

Make every moment a perfect moment—live your life in total mindfulness and you will be living in heaven on earth. What I mean is that by being aware, in the moment, and focused entirely on the present, you will be accessing what is referred to as the singularity, the Great Tao, a place in time and space that is timeless and still, and if you want, it can last forever. Time is but an illusion and no better way to test that premise than to be centered. Let go of the past for it doesn’t exist. Let go of the future for it will never come. Be still in the present, for it is the only thing that exists, it is the most valuable gift we shall ever see.

9. Move On To Better Things

Now is the time to let go of the past, forgive all those who have hurt you, and be light and free once again in your own power. Nothing is more powerful than forgiving everything that has wronged you and cut those cords that have been holding you down and holding you back your entire lives. Our bodies are made of light and we should let it be light and rid of all negative heavy thoughts and energy that no longer serve us. This is the New Earth, and we are ascending into the light, into a lighter, more peaceful place. Leave everything behind that no longer serves you, throw out that junk and clutter around the home, find a daily routine you know and love, be that new person you always dreamed of. Do it now, no more time to waste, this is the perfect moment to make the change.

10. Give Thanks

Give thanks for everything wonderful in your life. Give thanks for all the things you have, and all the things that you WILL have. Give thanks for all the things you want in the future as if it has already happened. That is the Great Secret. When you keep your thoughts in the vibration of gratitude, it is said to be the most transformative way to manifesting your reality. If you want a perfect healthy body, constantly be giving thanks that you DO already have a perfect healthy body, the universe will just match your frequency through the Law of Attraction and give you exactly what you asked. Be careful what you wish for, and be sure to send gratitudefor service-to-others and compassion for all.

Hang on and have a wonderful jump to light.

About the author: Parinya Champ is a Los Angeles based artist and consciousness researcher attempting to map the Hyperspace—a higher dimensional level of reality where timelessness and fractal decadence coexist in an intricate synchrony of blistering sacred light. Through research into transcendental meditations combined with shamanic entheogens, he has discovered that psychoactive lenses can focus consciousness toward receiving higher frequencies—journeying to see a glimpse into the deepest, darkest levels of reality where singularity and its allure are encountered.

Champ is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine, Studio Arts Dept. His artworks have been recognized by VSCO, LACMA, Photo LA, and ArtSlant. His continual research is a discourse in Cosmic Disclosure—an unveiling of suppressed knowledge that can inform and assist humankind into an unprecedented era of galactic membership among spacefaring and extraterrestrial races—to explore, travel, and understand the higher dimensional realms of existence. Visit




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  1. If any one would care to answer, the ultimate favorable life is a preserver’s life (and his partner) , I have got glimpses into it, so is it wrong or just a cyclical from many to one and then one to many, so I have read some saying, we are entering a cycle(but some souls may be stuck into 1d-2d), can some people confirm , they too feel the same way

    • Did you reach the end of your tether, Elle? To me, we’re alive and kicking, right in the middle of the experiment.
      Please don’t lose courage, if you include yourself in that statement. It doesn’t help to improve things, see?

  2. To me, letting go of the feeling is the same as releasing it, by first entering it fully, be with it, sense it and include all the senses of the physical body. All the while in awareness, as to not become the feeling and lose sovereignty. Like when comparing our feelings with clouds and our spirit with the sun, knowing that clouds in the sky cover the sun and don’t make it disappear.

    As I perceive it, as much as we abandon our own divinity and state of grace, as much fear, sublimation and projection are able to enter our system, taking over and ruling our motives and drives.

    When we fully enter and embrace an emotion,without false sentiments and crocodile tears, reading the issue in honesty, we always find the light that is temporarilty switched off, due to our own judgment and our own mock up of being small, powerless and without the right to receive love. We create our own darkness inside.
    This perspective is given based on my own experience in life, I’m not giving rules how to be sovereign in your life, for I would preach selfmade dogma and that’s contrary to what sovereignty is.

  3. Topic of this post is LET GO OF THE FEELING, now LET GO OF THE FEELING too and keep going till one finds themselves neutral and at peace

    Would like to add – think to let go of a feeling as if it where your own – wether it is or the mechanics behind the body – spiritual and mind – that i have learned from life experiences… (wow talk about a journey) it all circled back to seeing that the physiological needed addressing – to fix the spiritual… sure we were there healing people on the spiritual level but not addressing the phsycological reasons as to why it kept being only temporary . – comes down the the feminine (for me being a 33/6 – i see that as the feminine side of any person – the emotional side) – so what did i conclude after it all?

    – To care is to connect – has nothing to do with kindness or consideration
    – energy attracts energy – as humanity has the physic and empathic abilities with denial of them – creating an emotion to sensing someone else’s emotion – can either form an attachment or create an entity such know as a pain body – which observed people would dump it on to another using the old narc tactics….

    – To address fear is to address the fear of dying as it is the lowest layer there
    – to address anger – well here is one if i said humanity is being enslaved and used as chess pieces and we have been reincarnated over and over for no good reason – having our memories wiped – i ask the person to “LET GO of the FEELING” – and then ask again how does one feel – Now let go of that feeling
    and then that feeling and then that feeling .. .as i have discovered those in denial then have a layer of anger then a layer of depression etc. and have possibly things which are lifetimes old …as spirit and soul is eternal

    A business is an entity so is a person so is an object it’s all energy and emotions that are created that are pushed aside can also create an entity – as the old saying goes emotional attachment…

    – during stages of attachment – if i thought something so did the other – so to think it’s mine actually made the others think the same

    i got 6 years of working out wtf with society and well just putting this into collective i have been watching the results – not looking for recognition either – let that go too but thought it would be a cool idea for someone to post something about letting the FEELING go and the layers of them

    as really after lifetimes – do we actually know who or what …no – just let go of those feelings and we all then move on – reason i dove into the matrix was to….first work out wtf…then see the crisis as an opportunity – the reason i dont want and cant take full credit as the source collective is where these subconscious actions have been taken place therefor safeguarded against the matrix / ego… etc

  4. I agree with much of what’s recommended here, thanks. There are a few details, I’d like to share my insights about. The first is about raw and liquid food, such as fruit and vegetables turned into smoothies. Although there are those who feel energized and healthy, eating raw and much liquid food, to some it can cause a shortage of minerals and protein, when not much attention is paid to alternative protein other than meat and fish. Our digestive system is as unique as our character and temperament. We all have a mix of water, fire, air and earth elements within our physical/energy system and one or two can be prominent, which might determine the choice of those food products completing a balanced presence of all 4 of them within us.

    If we mind our body wisdom and pay attention to how we feel in our body, about our bodily functions, our sense of well being, trying out a diet for a month or 2, preparing food as fresh and pure as possible, with the organic quality recommended in this article and be mindful of what and how we eat, I believe that it’s a best possible treatment, simple and close to “home” that is….. your body and kitchen, with the use of our common sense.

    My second point is about the recommendation to drink a lot of water. That could have a possible side effect, which is mineral depletion, causing fatigue and irritability. As many of us who pay attention to our health and spiritual growth, tend to eat vegetarian, there is a relative risk of mineral shortage. And a risk of flushing out what invites us to have a proper look at. I’ve once witnessed how a guru gave advise to an attendant of a course, noticing she was taking sips of water all the time, from her waterbottle, telling her

    “Please, pay attention to when and why you feel the urge to drink from your water. See if you experience emotions rising up in you. If you stay with the feeling and be with it, try to not push (flush) it away by drinking of your water. Feel and move through the experience and drink water afterwards, but only when you experience a sense of thirst”.

    That made a lot of sense to me, but of course, each of us need to find our own way with drinking water and the amount of it needed to be well. Drinking water during a meal isn’t recommended, for it prevents our saliva to really merge with the food we chew and swallow. Saliva is the best digestive support ever and it’s always near, at least if we take the time to proper chew our food and pay attention to our eating. Enjoying our food is a great appetizer, for joy fills up our tummy area and makes it smile, while receving the food.

    Meat and beans, also lentils, plus all grains, are the largest providers of minerals. Quinoa is a grain containing a bit of protein. Wheat contains gluten, which is a protein. Gluten of wheat is processed and made into seitan, in Japan. It’s an alternative of meat, seasoned with tamari, which is a great support for the digestion. Tamari is the fluid residue of miso production and contains many amino acids. Miso is a great alternative (and much cheaper too) of processed supplements with acidophilus and what not of other products with impressive names.

    Yakult is complete nonsense, when your diet is mainly killing your gut bacteria. This is about “getting the whole picture” in our food habits, which is not offered to us by mainstream nutritionists. Those living with diabetic conditions are advised to take Aspartam or other artificial sweeteners, as an alternative of sugar, it’s unbelievable but true. They’re one of the causes of obesity, strange as it may sound.

    Eating kelp and all sorts of seaweed, plus herbs growing in the wild, in areas with clean soil and air, is very helpful when you choose to eat vegetarian and keep a good mineral balance. Nettle, dandelion leaves, chickweed, mint, sage, rosemary and thyme, basil, oregano, majoran and more of the kitchen herbal family are valuable in our diet. Nettle leaves need a few minutes cooking in order to lose the sting, dandelion leaves are okay when eaten raw. Dandelion leaves taste bitter and usually they’re more appreciated in a mixed salad, with lemon juice, salt and vegetable oil. Dandelion leaves and roots are great liver detoxers, in fact, all bitter tasting food has this effect on the liver.

    As my last and third point, I’d like to give a word of warning about the use of psychedelics, drugs that cause a high due to an out of body experience. It’s not that simple, that anybody who uses cannabis, magic mushrooms or other natural psychedelics, should expect experiences of euphoria and bliss as a guarantee. The more unsolved issues one holds inside, the greater the risk of meeting these as nasty beings, images that cause experiences of fear and sensations of anxiety. Also, when you’re highly sensitive and also empathic, it’s not recommended to join a group session including the use of psychedelics. Experiences of others, expressed in emotions and possible dramatic physical symptoms, may well throw you off guard and distract you completely from your own “journey” within.

    Like the article says “Tread with great care and respect when using these holy teachers, as they have the power to show us what God really is” that’s highly significant. I fully agree. They also have the power to show us what the Devil really is. When it concerns our choice of food or our entering of the astral world, count your blessings…… but use your discernment and tread softly, thoughtful and with great care 🙂


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