Stop the Presidential Debate Cartel!
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  1. We want to see the third-party candidates debate with the other presidential candidate we want more than just two parties Democrat and Republican because I don’t think nobody should vote for either one of them we want a third-party debate now

  2. It won’t be enough to stop the elections. A democrat or a republican will win this election unless enough commercials were on all channels to influence the American people enough for them to believe a third party could win.

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  4. I liked your video about the red and blue limits, of crashing the system. But, if we want anything to be around in four years, we better CRASH THIS VOTE in 2016! Why spend so much time and money debating the debates, which are over? Why not get people to CRASH THE VOTE? Vote THIRD PARTY …. get out of the red, the blue and hells bells, go for the GREEN … and no, not money. ;-D It’s too late to stop the one-sided debates THIS TIME, and frankly, at age 60, voting since 1976, I fell strongly that THIS is a pivotal year, a life-changing year for the American vote. CRASH THE VOTE, save this nation so that next time, we will be around to even have debates! Never say we cannot fail; we can and have come close a few times in our short history.

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