This is a fun, entertaining and very helpful.  ‘bro’.

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  1. Please take my rebellious jokes and sarcasm with a grain of salt please, I truly give these guys the benefit of the doubt. Mother Superior turns pale now and than, with their antics and circus acts, as she likes to call them. Absence of ceremonial presentation in a contained way makes her nervous, she uses to take herself far too serious, every now and than. That’s all there is to it, really. Working on it 😉

  2. Vibratory rate high? Hmmm, I wonder what kind of high caused it, just the kidding of the rebel in me.
    I can’t help the thought, that these guys will have a short lived popularity, burning their fuel in a flash.
    Something is missing, maybe my sense of humour?

    So far, I see them as proper party gangsters, shaking up those nodding their heads, while falling asleep, so to speak. Nothing wrong with that, but I think that’s their favorite door to enter and introduce their skills, spiritual and with a mix of shamanic “rock and roll”. I’m sure they’re fun to be with, while organising a party out of the blue 😉

  3. I don’t think they are nervous at all. There vibratory rate is very high, that’s why they appear nervous!
    I’m grateful for the video! It’s validating things I have experienced and also teaching me some new methods. Thank You Guys!

  4. Still working on it… hhmm. I do get the intention of Rion and Alexander and I believe they both were very nervous in this video presentation. Other videos on YouTube give better insight from different angles and these two bro’s are typical 21st century Hogwarth School apprentices shaking the foundations and raising the dust that has settled down for centuries, it seems. At least, they shook mine thoroughly, showing me my “stuckness”. I managed to have a good laugh about their antics, which helped to remove some sandbags.
    I’m still a bit fearful for those two, for the power they excude, specially Rion. I want to hide behind the curtains 🙂

  5. I think I have a hard time believing what my ears are hearing. This style of presentation is so unusual and strange to me. I’m not saying that I work on admitting that this is genuine. It’s just that I find myself all the time go…. “No! Can’t be right!”. With half an amused smile inside, for feeling it’s as if I’m looking at Casino type of bodyguards. My mind says it’s preposterous and a Disneyland type of entertainment. I wonder how others experience this video. I mean, I respect Richard Dolan much, after all, he introduced them. Keeps me confused. Are these guys shapeshifters possibly? Hmm…hmmm.. working on it 🙂

  6. Nothing, no word that is said by Rion and Alexander is new. All they share is what is known already, they pulled it out of their hats, after surfing the web, collecting bits and pieces and made it into a show.
    The facial expressions are not genuine, it’s hilarious. This is what I meant, lately, that I don’t believe in
    those who focus more on performance than on content. These guys are making fun of all those present in the audience.The greatest show on Earth, for the most gullible people on the planet.

  7. Hm.. hm.. hm… I’m not so sure if…… a 3rd party for presidential election, Rion?
    On his wagon with magic potions, magister majestic cosmic jester? Two blokes
    concocting a juicy story, while having fun in the cellar, next to the cider barrel?


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