Those of us that have awakened to the truth of who we really are, know that we can transform our Earth into the paradise that it was meant to be. A step in this process is to clean up the etheric field. It is time to send low density entities away. It is time that they were transcended and transmuted by the galactic central sun. Read the impassioned article below which discusses this. Please also listen to the meditative and inspirational video below. ~**~

Etheric Field Clean Up

We must clean up the etheric field; If all those in the knowing of their light would focus this light and command those that are clouded with lower density emotions the world would clean up very quickly. Command: From the Lord God/Goddess of my being I command all discarnate entities to be transcended and transmuted in the love and the light of the infinite. Command them to return to the central sun for purification. There are many individuals on the planet that have entity attachment and full on possession. Time to clean house.

Transcending and transmuting all darkness all fears Transcending and transmuting all curses, all spells, all black magic through all space-time and non-space-time, through all dimensions and all realities through to when the light field was first created light field to light body, light body to plasma body, plasma body to particle. Particle to fist incarnation. Pulling the light code up through all space time and none space time through all incarnations all timelines and alternate timelines for integration.

Anchoring this light code, into the body into this moment opening to allow for the DNA to be restored and upgraded. Breathing awareness and anchoring it as cellular memory allowing for transformation and transfiguration. Let there be light, let there be truth, let there be love so the whole world will sing.

All lower density energy transcended and transmuted, to allow for the light to shine. Let there be light, let there be truth, let there be love. So the world will know peace! And all will be living true joy. The joy that comes with the knowing we are our own source for life and our own source for love.

Claim your sovereignty as an expression of the Divine and the Divine itself. Restoring the intelligence that created Heaven and Earth, the intelligence that created the cosmos. Restoring the “Law of One-The Law of Love”

Remember the love from which all life is made manifest. All are love and loved beyond measure. It is love that will free us from our mental prison of limitations which is of our own making. When we hold others responsible we have no way of helping ourselves. It is in self awareness, and self governance, becoming the author-ity of your own energy that we become the master of our destiny. Claiming your sovereignty as an expression of Divinity, and Divinity itself, is the road to completion and mastery.

Holding all in my love until the whole world is singing:
let there be light, let there be love let there be peace!

Infinite blessings for a life of peace, harmony, joy and boundless love,

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  1. I find it to be in higher alignment with Source-Consciousness Reality, to invite the beings from that Source-Consciousness Reality to appropriately transit those beings. At a level of consent With the beings who have lost their way. Power over others, is how we Got to this mess to begin with.


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