This video will cover Grand Wizard Albert pipes three World War predictions which are quite frankly stunning but
first i want to give a background person who exposed the Illuminati’s preparations for world war three and how
they plan to use Islam to destroy the West a secret diary was released by a man with information about elitist organizations and the New World Order this diary documents that the Illuminati…
 In this documentary short we discuss Albert Pike’s Three World War Predictions. There are websites with this information, however I believe the most important aspect of the predictions is that the Illuminati is using Islam to accomplish its goals. Albert Pike openly stated that Islam will be the central component in a war against the West, and that the Illuminati will lead Islam into direct confrontation with the West. We have already seen what the New World Order has done with Islam, and that is to foment a crisis and watch as Brussels, Belgium and Paris, France attacks happen. But it’s all been planned, setting the stage for WW3. Just as they set the stage for WW1 and WW2.

After Islam is used for its purpose, it will be done away with to make way for the religious system of pure Luciferianism. All Muslims will partake in the new system and worship Lucifer.

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    • Esther, I’m sure you must have heard of a war called fear mongering. All the subjects in the page of that link are related to abuse of power, destruction and more human drama, all displayed in much pump and circumstance. It can be stopped in its tracks by not giving your attention to it and choosing a different wavelength, another program on your inner radio. The answer to your question is this:
      where attention goes, energy flows. What do you want?

      • My interpretation of the advice “where attention goes, energy flows” would be this: Let’s say, that there are two different things that I could give my attention to – a satanically-possessed musician (think, say, Lady Gaga) or the German language entries of Wiktionary’s different language versions (Italian, Korean, French, Polish, et cetera). If I edit the German language entries (and expand them, in at least some cases) instead of buying any memorabilia of the satanically-possessed musician (or even listening to his music), then I starve the musician of my attention, energy and time. Meanwhile, the German language entries get all the attention and love they need and deserve.

        • I don’t agree with this little detail, that you describe, saying that you starve the musician of your attention. You’re simply not offering it, that’s a very different perspective and this points at the choice of your inner compass, your decision where to give your attention to. The choice is always yours and no moral law of others or an authority outside of you can overrule it. You can’t live while feeding the goat and wanting to save the cabbage at the same time from being eaten 🙂

  1. It is very important to be aware of Albert Pike’s Illuminati vision, of which two wars out of three have already been carried out by the Illuminati. BUT, as has been stated in the recent years many times, this plan is not allowed to come true. It is prevented by heavenly forces, assisted by service-to-others galactics and also the human forces of light. By the way, one interpretation of the figure 666 is that it is the (zionist) star of David: six horns, six triangles inside them and a hexagon in the middle of the star figure.

  2. “Upon what is left of the human race…..” such a chilling report. Despite being horrific in its purpose, concoctions and actions, explaining the history of this plan and its background is very valuable to know of. It proves how deep the rabbit hole goes. I’ve always felt that the Islam, with other religions too, was and is used as an instrument, to play this very old game called “divide and conquer”.

    I’ve witnessed young Turkish and Maroccan (Moslim) men in Holland, walking around in despair, angry with being accused of terrorism, responding to this hatred with hatred, with provocations to Dutch hippy like men who are “softies” in their eyes. Most Turkish and Maroccan families arriving in Holland come from poor backgrounds, leaving a relative tribal lifestyle.

    Generations that are born here, these same young men, are squashed between an “old fashioned” Islamic education, with domestic violence and verbal abuse on one side, in their homes, and a Dutch culture with relative freedom of speech, free access to cannabis and young Dutch women walking around like sex-bombs. At least that’s how these young men perceive their outlooks and glances.

    These angry young men are also challenging the public by forming gangs, in the shopping streets and certain neighbourhoods. One of my favorite nieces is still suffering from a lack of selfworth, due to numerous threats, made to her by these men, on her way to primary school. She never talked about it at home and she was in doubt about herself, being unworthy for God’s eyes.

    Quite a large number of these young men is challenging the school system and lacking a school education. Many heads of families, with their sons, are excellent shopkeepers and foodkiosk owners. There’s an immense social control, pressure and the use of white lies. Organised crime comes natural to them, for they know the ropes. Drug-trafficking is part of the deal, I’ve known people who are witness to this. Much transport is happening between Holland and Turkey, for trade of all kinds.

    One day, while working in a park, creating stone structures with a team of volunteers, I felt a strong energy of hatred coming towards me. I stood up and looked around. A young man stood on the other side of the fence, facing me, looking intently towards me, whispering the most horrific curses at me. I’ve never felt such hatred, and despair, coming from a person, on 30 meters distance. It didn’t really affect me severely, for this wasn’t a personal vendetta between him and me. He just found a convenient moment to vent his hatred. As soon as he noticed me paying attention he walked away.

    Many daughters, who are sisters to these young men, grow up with either complete submission to the role of wife and mother, or they’re fiercely determined to be independent and study, combining a job to provide paying for an education. Leaving their parents home if needed. They usually need to fight for their freedom with much resistence from fathers and brothers and other members of the family at large.

    It’s those fierce characters that are chosen to become workcoaches for jobless people, who receive an income from the wellfare system in Holland. These women know exactly how to play the role of a bitch, discouraging clients by bullying them just enough, but within the standards of conduct dictated to them.

    These workcoaches need to live up to deadlines, forcing them into submission. Either to get rid of their clients by discouraging them (by not being helpful, supportive or available for communication) or forcing them to accept a job, which usually means doing “dirty work” for a low wage. If that’s refused, the income stops. It’s that simple. There’s one telephone number available for clients, it’s the number of the central desk.

    When workcoaches fail to live up to a deadline, another arrives in their place and they’re moved like pawns to another less public job, mostly in administrative functions. I’ve been in the office of this organisation several times and on entering the building, there’s a cloud of frustration, anger and despair, hanging in the main hall. All employees look tired and stressed. You can imagine how these vibes are present on both sides of the counter. It’s a living nightmare and a supreme example of “keeping up appearances”.

    Once you work for the government, the wellfare system is part of it, employees can’t be made redundant. They’re always secured by a job. One of my sisters has been in that place. The tax system exists under the same conditions. A huge amount of money is wasted on incomes for those who hardly make any effort, completing their tasks. Managing a workteam properly is history, nobody cares. The attitude of securing one’s income and safety of comfort is key, ostrich behavior is rampant in governmental work-offices. Yes, even in a freethinking country like Holland.

    In 2003 the Dutch government decided that citizens need to become more selfsufficient and independant, having a say in their lives and work. It’s all written down in the website of the wellfare system, in the most woolly and seemingly empowering terms, totally misleading and a cover up of Agenda 21 coming into practice. The dictation of a workcoach attitude and the “ethos” in the wellfare system in general was also revealed to me by an employee in the higher levels of this organisation.

    He’s been witness for more than 20 years, working in it, choosing to support desperate jobless people with higher levels of education, who suffer from this abusive attitude. In his private time. I’ve suffered by being forced into participating in projects that were meant to lead me into self-employment. It all turned into smoke due to incompetence of the “dictators”. I’ve managed to receive compensation by entering my retirement one year earlier and found a way to end this tyranny, in 2014.

    The amount of money going down the drain, to direct and navigate the Dutch economy in decline is so huge, that the costs of allowing all jobless people a basic income are lower. Money is the driving force in decision making nowadays. It’s not the wellbeing of Dutch citizens that is key here. Hence the decision to introduce the first experiment, introducing a basic income in Holland, on Jan. 1 2017.

    Praise the ladies and gentlemen in our Dutch government for their wisdom 😉

    It seems that this story is off topic, maybe it is in the eyes of you, the reader. All of what’s described in it, is proof of this century old agenda in which Pike was a key figure and director. With those Luciferian forces joining him in the creation of it, aiming towards victory of the dark. It won’t come to pass, the wind of change for a new spring on planet Earth is too strong.


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