5 thoughts on “Galactic Family in Italy”

  1. Wow! It is interesting! You said that the unusual ships and planes closer disclosure. 2 weeks ago I saw this on my home in Russia, near Saint-Peterbuge. Sfotkatsya had not painted are now about – picture on my page. It looks like this: MASSIVE TRIANGULAR ass of him blnnoe subtle body, like the neck and at the end in front of the cockpit like a beak or snake’s head. The size of the aircraft or ship more than 2 times the fighter. Color dark gray, kind of frightening. Back a few bright sidelights. Am I wrong? or is it true what that ship there? He flew low and slow. sound quieter than a jet plane by anyone seen something like that? This is a Russian ship or plane?
    picture: http://i63.tinypic.com/263eniv.jpg

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