The United States may experience a transition of power however this transition will not be abrupt, nor cataclysmic, nor unprecedented. As a matter of fact, in a republic such as ours power shifts quite often.

In this Talk, Dr. Steve Pieczenik shares his unique experience as a political insider and offers his advice on how to handle the upcoming transition without compromising the strength and autonomy of our great nation.

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  1. As Trump said in his 1998 People Interview:
    “Were I to run, I would run as a Republican, they’re the dumbest group, they believe everything they see on FOX News,. I’d just lie to them, they’d eat it up, and my numbers would be great”…

    This man, our President Elect will no doubt bring change to America despite, by his own words, being a liar. He has BIG CABAL MONEY behind him and as he said twenty some generals supporting him…. They can manipulate the economy in countless ways, and the Republicans being the GOP – ‘Greedy Old Party’ of warmongerers, we can expect massive new warfare on Earth to break out… Personally I expect a middle east wide, war, will be attempted to create “Greater Israel”, cutting it out of Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. This war, if you believe Biblical prophecy, will be the Final War, when Russia China etc., combine forces to destroy evil Israel once and for all in the battle at the valley of Megiddo (Armageddon). Remember this nut Trump said he would ‘nuke China’, basically on a whim, I am very frightened for America, now, more than any point in my 54 years.

    Thats a guess of course but, no less valid than the claims of this right wing; ‘the Republic’, organization, whom I am very very deeply concerned about, that could be a far worse nightmare than we have now… Yes we need a new republc of the United States based on the 1789 original US Constitution but, this begins with arresting whichever occupant, is in the White House for maintaining the corrupt cabal Federal Reserve System (about as federal ‘government’ as Federal Express), arresting ALL the top generals that have supported the Cabal, arresting the ENTIRE US CONGRESS and likely arresting every transnational corporation CEO and their top leadership team up and down both coasts and in many major metropolitan areas… That is what is required now (my opinion) especially now, thie elite’s / cabal, are firmly in charge of DC via the White House and both houses of Congress (beginning January 2017 of course).

    God help us, May the Event, come soon now, and the disclosure / data dumps, to educate the poor misguided sleeping moronic masses that created this politican nightmare for America. This election showed one thing, the Event is needed after January 2017, more than, ever before, in our nations hstory.

  2. Theres a video put out that shows some discrepances in dr steves addresses. Namely that he stated in a previous video him and the intelligence community were working with wiki leaks but the next day assange said differently so just fyi. Search youtube by this phrase, ASSANGE CONTRADICTS “DR. STEVE PIECZNIK” ON RT NEWS. Much love

  3. We, USA working class, would love to see no more war, no more friction with other countries, and to take that money that most of the people do not know about that is being spent on arms and space projects, and help the homeless, the poor, and helpless, build new bridges, new roads, adapt new free energy and really have proven cures of disease be known and given to our people, eliminate secret space program, foreign aide, stop the terrorists (and not give them aide), become a friend to all nations. This is why they voted for Trump. I do not believe Trump will be able to get away from the Elite, Cabal ordering him around. We are completely brain washed by the Cabal, they own the media and many of our people believe what they see on TV. The big corporations, the banksters own everything. IT IS NOT THE MAJORITY OF THE USA AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO HAVE ANY SAY IN THIS COUNTRY. We are not in control, but the people think they have freedom.

  4. Dr. Steve Pieczenik no body is perfect – Bernie was great but now Trump has the opportunity to do as best as it is required – Let’s hope he can make it and why not? everything is possible – I really wish for American people to have a different politic that will improve their lives. What about giving up war and spending so much money in arms and space projects? It will do a lot of good to USA. Live and let others live! enough is enough!

    • well said, luz( light? cool! ) yes, what about looking at the wars, and why, and the internal making war on their own people, and explore the history( whose story, who spun it, and why ) and get together in real exploration of these questions, and the rest of the world will follow suit, esp. the uk and the rest of nato europe needs to ask themselves the same questions- we’re all in this together so let’s get it all out in the open

  5. If you knew that the take over was not going to be before election then you should have kept our mouth shut. we feel such disappointment right now. Don’t know if I should believe any thing anymore before it happened.

    • I did not know this until couple of days ago. Plans are fluid and subject to constant change, that is why this post is important, because in a few words explains why elections were allowed by the Republic to go on…

  6. Sorry .. this doesn’t sound right – if he’s with Henry Kissinger .. he’s with the cabal .. plain and simple and clear as light as day.

    • thank you, yes- that was when i sat up and realised to listen with more vigilance- what are they spinning here…and i was not comfortable with the way he brought in the bushes either, and just this sense there’s so much spin here


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