Time to Own Your Power!

{TZ here; because this post is based on channeled material I am advised to ask for reader discretion.}

Yeshua has a very special message for us at this time. He wishes that we focus on 2 things right now namely kindness and courage. Our desire to ‘meet’ another whether it be in direct communication with loved ones or colleagues etc. has to be filled with a desire to convey in the most loving way possible what we mean without any hint of a need to control or steer another whom we might conceive to be getting in our way. He wants us to know and understand that we can never have too much love, that if we can reach the heart and mind and soul of just one individual then the love will spread.

Yeshua wants us to have a greater understanding of the power that we hold as Lightworkers, He wants us to accept that each of us are ‘holding’ energy for so many other people – millions in fact!

When we hold a truly positive thought, action, feeling, belief or vision in our minds “that you are doing so for a very very broad spectrum of people, those who are reluctant, those who are disinterested, those who are recalcitrant and those who are fully on board but don’t know how to proceed.”

Yeshua – let go of judgement !!

He is asking us to let go of judgement of others but also let go of judgement of ourselves. Yeshua says that we tend to not realise our true worth.

He took up the question of people’s tiredness / exhaustion and lack of energy right now. He explained that all of those who are ‘love-holders’ or ‘light-workers’ have agreed at a soul level to ‘up the ante’ (raise the stakes) as to how many other souls we are holding ourselves accountable for. He said that earlier we might have been working for 1000, or 10000, or even a million other souls and that now we have expanded that hugely, – “gone off the scale”, and many will find this hard to fathom but He says that that is why people are exhausted.

We are working for the goal of “let’s get this show on the road” and our bodies are adjusting to this use of our energy.

Yeshua points out that we are the ‘ground crew’ we are the ‘implementers of the Mothers Plan’. Yet He strongly points out that “No, you do not do this alone never have We (the entire Company of Heaven) been so engaged as we are right now but You have never been so engaged either”

Worry or Fear = Looking Backwards !

When we engage in fear of any kind then we are “halting the flow of any foreword trust.” We need to “look ahead to what is possible”.
If we spend our time worrying about what might occur up ahead instead of focusing on the amazing level of change that is occurring – “stop judging it” – instead look at / focus on what you are doing (in projecting fantastic future visions, holding a love vibration, etc.)

Any seeming delays or ‘problems’ caused by elections or any other 3D goings on do not ‘stall’ the Unfoldment of the Mothers Plan for Nova Gaia. “Do you really think an American election can stall the plan of the Mother”?


What we are seeing in people’s reactions to elections etc. at this time is “we are exhausted – we want change – we are hurting and we don’t know what to do”. Yeshua wants us to approach any seeming strong reactions from people at this time in this way, understanding that this is what they are feeling in their hearts.

Responsibility for Light / Love Holders Right Now
Besides holding the Light / Love what else could we do right now? Yeshua says that “some of you are ‘holding the grids’, for others of you are holding the space but for many of you for most of you, you take concerted positive action.”

Yeshua encourages us to rest when we are tired BUT He points out that “every action
whether it’s on a global, community or national scale, a family scale, a neighborhood scale HAS to come from a place of Love.”

If an action is recriminatory or filled with hate or blame then what is the point ?

No Concern about Ascension

We are asked to release our concern about our Ascension process. Yeshua points out the we very recently went beyond the Tipping Point, and the Floodgates have opened wide. He explains that we are now “shifting in the blink of an eye to becoming the truth of who we really are, both collectively and individually. Yes there are those on the planet right now who do not want this or choose this and that’s absolutely all right”.

“That does not mean that the Ascension of the collective is not going to occur”.

“The others will ‘return home’, go elsewhere, it matters not.”

So many people might not seem to have interest in these matters pertaining to change “but they yearn for love, they yearn for a planet, community that’s based on equality and fairness, generosity and freedom, and this expresses differently in different cultures and societies and nations but that collective yearning and the willingness to do what it takes physically and spiritually is in place.”

“YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW THE SCIENCE OF ASCENSION IN ORDER TO ASCEND and that’s important for people to understand.” Yeshua tells us that in our ascension process we a are “in straight trajectory to the heart of the Mother”

Regarding the arrival of a new abundance for everyone on this planet ( what we on PFC call The Event ) Yeshua confirms that spiritual heart consciousness abundance has to go before physical abundance and could not be allowed as long as there is a risk that the abundance would fall into the hands of the corrupt ones.
The cleanup has to happen first and Yeshua says “it is well underway”.

His final words to us are “you are so much more powerful, integrated, whole, further along than you think my beloved friends” ………….. and if you want to hear them all then I strongly recommend that you listen to this beautiful message from Yeshua in its entirety. Here is the link to the show from December 6th, as yet there is no transcript available but it may turn up any day soon.

Heavenly Blessings ~ Jesus Sananda: Time to Own Your Power!

Therese Zumi

Posted first on PFC 16th Dec 2016 at 1111 AM CET

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  1. I have not checked the recommended website and will do, but what was said here rings true. I’ll ignore the fact that they used the wrong persona for Sanata/Jesus and go from there.

  2. That’s not a true picture of Sanada Jesus, so I question the source. However, the message has some truth. But love without wisdom becomes manipulation and control to feed the person’s ego, which is not the true person. We are here to develop all attributes, not just love. And by the way, sex is rarely love, but manipulation. How sad that something sacred has been so badly used to feed egos.

  3. Grace
    December 9, 2016 by untwine
    The highest powers in creation are unconditionally willing to grant you all you need in every aspect of life, to be your truest, whole self, which is richer than a natural jacuzzi in the ocean on a crystal beach in Sirius with your whole soul family, richer than an interstellar travel through galactic highways in your Light body. And the deepest truth is that deep down, you are these highest powers. Know that you can relax and allow yourself to have everything you need, in every moment, without struggling, with ease, materially, physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. When you are in this relaxation, it is much easier to be this highest power in every moment.

  4. Yes, it´s so exhausting these days. But knowing what it is makes it so much easier to live through it. Thank you so much!!! This is so helping you can´t imagine. 🙂 Namaste

  5. Hallelujah, so be it! with a grate-full heart, thank you so much for posting this, Therese.
    If there was a time where I’m confronted with my judgment and resentment, so many
    voices of the past making themselves heard again, I’m challenged as never before!

    Every moment I’m entering the fridge and close down toward others around me, I observe
    myself with a smile, giving myself a hug inside. A helpless girl is desperately in fear for not
    belonging, not knowing where to find shelter, abandoned. It’s an old story, present in my body cells.

    With all that becoming clear I can open the door of the fridge, walk to the woodstove and
    have a break and a chat with someone, watching the icycles melt in my heart. There’s nothing
    to fear except a couple of ghosts of my past, shadows of myself, once upon a time.

    I’m constantly shifting back and forth, in the middle of a change of home and country, adjusting
    to new and unsuspected circumstances, causing me to scream inside, at times. A culture shock.
    I’m in between old roots and new ones, hanging in the air in between huge leaps.
    It’s about letting go of judgment and not being so hard to myself and others, which is really the same.
    It’s also about learning to accept the English taste for a “cup of tea”, in a way, while I drink coffee 😉

    • Thank you for sharing Marian – keep on walking to that woodstove! This culture shock is no doubt preparing you for an even greater culture shock that will be a fact for everyone on this planet when we are start to interact with our beloved Galactic Family members in the near future. I have no doubt that you with this experience will be of enormous help to others in their adjustment to the new. All is very well. Blessings Therese Z

      • Thank you, Therese, that’s really heartwarming, I’m in favor of walking to that woodstove, in my heart, for I’m experiencing at this moment also little nudges of inspiration and comforting energy,
        a softer approach toward challenging situations, with much attention on taking good care of myself.

        There’s a new opening, a new move, since I live in the UK, with people around me that begin to openly acknowledge my skills of gathering around the woodstove, inviting me to theirs too 🙂

  6. Pranaam , namastey, salaam , salute Dear Yeshua, Yes, this so beautiful indeed. Thank you so much. Victory of light , love and peace forever more.


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