In this article I will summarize my awakening path through article references and will talk about the most shocking discoveries I have had yet.

It has been five years since I began to question the true essence of “who I am” and “why I am here”. When I had the shocking realization that I was not my physical body, I began to obsess about my soul and why I would put myself into this body in this lifetime. I have dedicated most of my waking time to studying, gathering, filtering, and repeating information I have learned.

Most people who are reading this article right now have been down many paths of realization and many rabbit holes. There is no doubt that you have had some shocking realizations, and maybe some of them match mine. Here are the top 11 most shocking things I have learned since my awakening:

1. Humans are not at the top of the food chain.

This planet is being controlled by what the Gnostic texts refer to as the Archons, which is a small group of reptilian beings and amoeba-like beings that use sophisticated artificial intelligence, grey extraterrestrials, and artificial intelligence to carry out their orders. These beings use humans as food by feeding off of their negative energy. They need energy to sustain themselves because they have a diminished connection to their creator. They exist in a different vibratory frequency that is unseen to most people.

2. The “Harvest” as spoken about in the bible is actually the harvest of energies…

… from humans created by survival, disease, false light worship, and fear derived from economic and political upheaval, religion, population genocide, and war. It could also mean literally harvesting actual physical bodies from the planet that give their energy away by following false light archetypes.

3. Everything we sense with our five senses is a holographic illusion.

Everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. We are somewhat in control of what we create based on our thoughts, beliefs, and contracts we made before we came into this lifetime. The rest of our reality is a holographic overlay that has been termed a matrix. The movie series “the Matrix” is actually an accurate depiction of this hologram. We can exit this matrix and return to an organic matrix by raising our vibration.

4. Everything is upside down and backwards, and the real Earth experience we seek exists as a mirror of this one.

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”~-Michael Ellner

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”~-Michael Ellner

The beings that have manipulated the planet cannot create so they take what has been created and manipulate it, and then trap beings within their creation.

5. The Illuminati, a lower level of the archon group…

… that is in physicality here on the planet, is heavily into human sacrifice and sex; especially pedophilia. Satanistic rituals are held under the Vatican and in many other ley line specific buildings on astrologically planned days where children are raped and killed to “feed” the archons; literally with pure unadulterated blood.

6. We are all part Reptilian.

Our brains were genetically modified by the Annunaki so that we are veiled form our true origins so that we can be easily controlled and manipulated. The human body was created to serve the Annunaki but the one thing that cannot be controlled is the soul that occupies it.

Our brains were genetically modified by the Anunnaki so that we are veiled form our true origins so that we can be easily controlled and manipulated. The human body was created to serve the Anunnaki but the one thing that cannot be controlled is the soul that occupies it.

7. There is a New Age agenda created to confuse, dis-inform, stop us from action, and keep us separate from each other.

New Age isn’t all bullshit, though. There are golden nuggets of truth that are mixed in with the small percentage of disinformation. These nuggets can be valuable clues into the dark agenda and can shed light on technologies that are being used against us. Discernment is something that has been critical when it comes to taking in any information.

8. There is a difference between channeling and receiving telepathic messages, and channeling can be easily infiltrated by the false light minions of the archons.

A good rule of thumb is that if a person hears voices in their head, speaking as clear as someone talking to them on the telephone, then this could easily be deception. There are false light beings that can pose as angels or spiritual guides. Telepathy is more of a connection with a being through thoughts and feelings, and is less susceptible to interference. The highest form of channeling is connecting with your higher self or parts of you that are in parallel lives.

9. Not all grey extraterrestrials are malevolent.

There are hundreds of grey alien civilizations in our galaxy and some of these groups are actually highly revered and accepted into the peaceful galactic councils and federations. There has been a deliberate campaign to group all greys into the same category in order to confuse people and to keep benevolent greys from being trusted.

There are hundreds of grey alien civilizations in our galaxy and some of these groups are actually highly revered and accepted into the peaceful galactic councils and federations. There has been a deliberate campaign to group all greys into the same category in order to confuse people and to keep benevolent greys from being trusted.

10. The government has been traveling to the moon and Mars with ET technology since the 1950’s and has bases both places, as well as other places in our solar system.

Most life on other planets in our solar system exists within the planet or in another dimension. Our sun is a stargate to the cosmos and is full of beings coming and going at all times.

11. There has been a reincarnation trap that has kept many people stuck in a cycle of deception and low vibration.

The Universal Law of Karma has been used as a ploy to get souls to agree to keep returning into physical incarnation, and their memory is wiped clean each time so that they do not remember who they are or what karma they need to balance out, thus repeating the same karmic issues time and time again. The white light at the end of the tunnel may very well be a wormhole that leads to the moon where the false light beings are waiting and posing as your loved ones.

The good news is that we are waking up out of the programming and mind fog and are realizing what has happened. We will change our reality with our awareness, thoughts, and intention. There will be a return of our memory and of our ability to create and to connect with our creator. The human body will become a vehicle through which we can enjoy physicality on Earth while co existing in other realities at the same time. The human race will soon be free, and or future generations will no longer be food for those who have enslaved us.

One of the best summaries of the bigger picture can be found in the following video-

“David Icke- Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More.” 


by Michelle Walling, CHLC
ditor, Howtoexitthematrix.com

About the author:
Michelle WallingMichelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach, international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started her public career as a spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric contributing writer for In5d.com and bodymindsoulspirit.com. Michelle is the webmaster for MichelleWalling.com, cosmicstarseeds.com, thestarchildren.net, and howtoexitthematrix.com, and is the co-creator of WooWooMedia.com. Michelle is the host of In5d’s Cosmic Awakening Show and In5d Network. Her personal Facebook page can be found here.


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  1. The Earth and Humanity are preparing for a major graduation to the Higher Schools of Learning. During the last Golden Age during the time of Atlantis, we were in touch with and had open contact with those from other planets from whom we learned that it was time for their planets to graduate to a higher school of learning, but that there were those who had refuse to prepare for that graduation and would not graduate with their planets. After much debate, we Atlanteans decided to welcome the ‘spiritual laggards’ from other planets to Earth because we were doing so well spiritually and felt they could learn from us. They entered the Earth in the same way everyone does, through the bodies of women. Unfortunately, with the billions of spiritual laggards arrived the dark forces who manipulated our thinking and feelings. and instead of helping the spiritual laggards grow spiritually by raising their personal sense of responsibilities, consciousness and vibrations, they lowered ours through the powers of contamination. The result was what is called “The Fall” in consciousness for most (but not all) of those on the Earth at the time. Today the spiritual laggards number about 40% of the Earth’s population and unfortunately it is these laggards whom the general population emulate and copy behaviors. Spiritual laggards do not leave their bodies upon death and go to what we call ‘heaven’ (as we do) to re-evaluate their spiritual progress and plan their new life (re-incarnation). They take any body available and do what they can get away with. Sylvia Browne called it ‘going through the left door,’ so she was very aware of it. The solution? Women need to learn that they have a ‘birth-portal’ over their wombs that need to be kept closed, especially during sex, to keep these people out. If there is a pre-birth agreement with a spiritual family member to keep, then open the birth-portal for him/her. After that, close the portal and protect your aura from the influences of the dark forces. Remain aware and avoiding anything that puts holes in your aura – pot and cigarettes for example..

    How did I learn this? When I had my business – massage therapy/body work – a woman came to me who had an enormous birth-portal. I didn’t ask but assumed she was a nurse or mid-wife who assisted with the birth of children or she had many children of her own. After my own menopause, I was shown my own birth-portal that I had never opened, consequently, I did not have children.

    Women, we must be in control of what we attract and accept. And we should never allow ourselves to be used as dumping grounds for men who don’t understand what they are doing to us when they swear, use drugs. Men who have disincarnated entities attached to their reptilian brains – those who died in war angry and seek revenge (a very common situation). Men who never wash their hands before taking it out to urinating and who use women’s bodies to feed their egos to impress other men. We must raise the standard, not lower it to that of males. (I have removed dark entities from some of my clients, so I know this happens. Attached to the back of the individual’s neck, or felt from the dark intentions, I immediately make the command: “Into the Light NOW” and it leaves. There isn’t a person alive who cannot do this as long as you remain firm in not playing their games.

  2. About reincarnation and the recycling of souls


    When someone dies in the earth-moon system, a purple, internally double ray
    starts “sucking” his soul. It comes from the area of the moon called
    Mare Orientale. Its coordinates are strip: lat: -20 to -2 deg; long: 88 to 90 WEST
    In image 5 you can see the “fishing” of the souls of the astronauts on board
    Challenger after its destruction in 28 January 1986. Their initiations didn’t
    save them. Instead this is what put them deeper in the trap!
    At this location there is a huge obelisk. After that the recycling requires
    a reception station and a central processing unit which is at Sinus Midii.
    It lies at the intersection of the moon’s equator and prime meridian where the
    famous SHARD structure(image 6) is located. The soul is energetically stripped down
    level by level and then, at the appropriate time, it is poured back into a newborn’s body.

    • Can a mod fix this? At the end of the link (–1024×683.jpg) it has two hyphen marks and the letter x. For some reason after I post it they are converted into a single dash and a different type of x so the link doesn’t work.

  3. Genetic manipulation. This is evidenced by the human-reptilian brain that influences our autonomic nervous systems and is used to control and manipulate – rape, violence, etc. I do not believer we were originally created with one. You see this in the out-of-control sports, religions, wars,, medicine, etc Each of us, however, can block that manipulation and send the dark entity into the Light. It requires a conscious effort to recognize what is happening to us, the changes in the energies, our thoughts, feelings and energies. It is worth the effort and will anger those who attempt to manipulate us. A good way to find out just who your friends are. Do not believe what they say, but trust yourself, your feelings and instincts. By the way, did you know that the male Reptilians on their own planet destroyed all female energies and murdered all females? In 2008, Dancing Bear was in attendance of a spiritual event when that was learned and he shares that information on the Internet (www.educate-yourself.net). The dark forces are trying to do the same thing here, but we are not going to let them get away with it. The dark forces stimulate the sexual energies in both males and females to create the opportunity for rape and violence. The dark forces use men to contaminate the female HOLY GRAIL (the womb) with the dark energies of rape and violence, parasites, worms, germs, viruses, etc. They have attempted to do the same with me and I’ve learned how to stop it, by sending the dark energies and dark forces into the Light: “I AM sending all negative entities into the Light NOW” “I AM free and clear of all psychic debris.” “I AM protected.” And that ends that!

  4. Many times I asked why on earth is hate so revered,indeed harvesting is taking place in our homes,churches,workplaces ,for what,then i realised archons’ feed on negative vibrations,the karmic cycle is so much embedded in humans we marvel at negative it makes us look and feel powerful.I realised therefore that only the Devine light of the Devine source is but the only means to escape the matrix.
    Victory to light.

  5. I can fully relate to this article. The part about the greys, I’m still learning about. As far as I’m informed, many small type of Greys seem to be workers, like in a bee-hive, sharing a hive mind and lacking individual choice.
    The statement that Greys are portrayed as malicious to deceive the people is possibly true, for I’ve read in the book Communion, by Whitley Strieber, how their relationship to human beings has come to pass.

    It also reminded me of Dr. Stephen Greer’s point of view that no evil ET races would be a matter of concern.
    I believe that what he intents, by his choice of the stance he presents, is that he prefers to invest in a respectful and benevolent exchange of energies, with ET races with the same focus.

    Hence the style of organizing his events with groups of people going into meditation and in sync with a frequency that invites visitors from space, or at least, open an energetic portal, so that an encounter is possible.

    Here’s in a nutshell, what Drunvalo’s viewpoint is on the dance of God and Lucifer, the balancing of Light and the Archon’s domain of artificial lifeforms and technology:

    Page 202 of The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volume II
    “So we have two totally different approaches to life. Look at archangels Michael or Gabriel or Raphael—theydon’t have technology and spaceships. They live in lightbodies, and their reality, the original Reality, is based on light. It is what could be called lighttechnology based on love.

    Then there’s this other way, Lucifer’s way, where you have all this material stuff to be concerned with. We have our houses and cars and all the things we feel we need. The whole web we’re in is Luciferian technology. You can look out at the world and see the difference between nature, the original Reality, and what mankind has done with its separate reality created by the knowledge of Lucifer.

    Of course, you can take this to the extreme—anybody, any life form whatsoever, no matter where they are, if they’re flying around in technological crafts, they are part of the Lucifer experiment, flat out, I don’t care who they are.

    But there’s an entire spectrum of engagement with this experiment. There are some beings who are so far into it, who are so addicted to it, that they’re helpless in a certain way. They cannot live without it.There’s a spectrum of addiction to it all the way to and including people like us. We’re addicted to it also, but we still have one foot in the original Reality, too.

    It would be very difficult for us to take off all our clothes, which are nowtechnological because they are made with machines, and walk into thewoods again with nothing but our bodies. We’re definitely addicted to ourtechnologies.

    On the other hand, we do have love. We have a tiny spark of love; we haven’t completely severed our love from life. Thus we’re some of the beings in the universe who have somehow not completely severed our connection with God. We have technology, but we still sense and knowwhat love is. It’s weak, not powerful; it’s not a blazing, blinding light. But we still have it. We have both aspects. We have the original Reality potential still within us (end of quote).

    I recommend reading further, starting from page 98 of this book, where the circumstances during Atlantis and its fate are explained, the falling into the 3rd dimension, the bottom of the barrel, on planet Earth and the fate of a certain type of Grays determined by one courageous woman from Peru. Here’s the book:


    • I need to correct something about the Greys, in my comment here, mentioned as possibly deceiving. That’s not what I meant, for in his book Communion Whitley Strieber describes his experiences as threatening to his belief system, daily life routines and his sanity, but not as deceiving. Their otherworldliness and unknown strange behaviour plus whereabouts shattered his comfort zones completely. He learned to discern his fears from their actions and wean off of opinions that were in the way of grasping their visitations and abductions, of all members of his family. It’s one of the best and heartbreaking descriptions, on a very human level, how these visitations can be experienced and dealt with, from a very honest place and with an open mind.
      A book with much educational value, as I perceive it.

  6. You Edward Morgan, do you beleive that the Event will happen? People talk so much about the trash on Earth and I wonder Will it be just that? We will know the trash but never get rid of it? Do you believe that human race will win in the final chapter?

  7. the craziest thing I learned was about the fractal virus
    the idea that the universe was grown specifically to be harvested by the archons and their ‘dead alternate universe’ – they had planned to make Earth the linchpin in a one hit kill to maximize the resources they could harvest

    if anyone else want to read about the fractal virus Tanaath of the Silver Legion wrote some essays here

    click the update tab and find the entry ‘Where it all went wrong’ and then “free will and free will of the Creator’


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