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One morning, the Husband returns after . . .



One Morning the Husband Returns after Several Hours of Fishing and Decides To Take A Nap


After a few hours of fishing, the husband came back home and decided to take a nap. Even though his wife was not familiar with the lake, she still decided to take the boat out. After she went a short distance, she anchored the boat and started reading her book.

Game Warden came near in his boat, pulled alongside and wished her a good morning, asking her what she was doing.

She answered that she was reading a book, which was totally obvious.

The man informed her that she was in a restricted fishing area.

She apologized, explaining that she had not been fishing, but reading.

The man told her that she had all the equipment, which meant that she could have started it any moment. Because of that, he had to take her in and write her up.

The woman said that if he did that, she would charge him with sexual assault.

The game warden said that that would be absurd because he had not even touched her.

The woman, still, replied that he could start that at any moment, because he had all the equipment.

This caused the game warden to leave instantly, wishing the woman a good day.

The moral of this story is that one should not mess with a woman that reads. The reason? There is a great chance that she also thinks!

As we can all see, a little bit of thinking can outsmart a bully.

This goes to government bullies as well. They seem to be everywhere around us, not just slinking around in taxpayer-funded offices in Washington, D.C.

We can learn from this funny story that even though the government takes every chance it gets to bully people into accepting its liberal agenda, it can still, most of the time, be outsmarted.

Share this joke if you want to see the government bullying stop.

Source: thatviralfeed.co

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  1. After reading this story to my landlady, she laughed barely audible.
    I can laugh hard in my own space at least. She seems to be pretty
    uptight up to her ears. British folks…. oh my 🙂

  2. Thank you, that made me laugh so much.
    Great joke, I’m going to read it to my landlady, ha ha.
    The bullying in the US is probably a sign of extreme frustration and anger,
    for feeling an idiot and contribute nothing, building up in police men and parking controllers.
    It’s almost a sitcom, looking at it from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

    Though the UK has similar scenes, nowadays, though I haven’t seen a policemen once,
    since I live in the countryside of the UK for 18 months. I think that’s a good sign, for we can
    take the organization of our lives in our own hands better, when we’ve got no other choice
    without policemen around that are uptight up to their ears. British people are followers of
    rules so much, that they rather suffer from smoke coming out of their ears, for being right
    and shouting it into the Universe in great indignity. Better being right than happy, hmmm? 🙂

  3. In regards to “We can learn from this funny story that even though the government takes every chance it gets to bully people into accepting its liberal agenda”. Liberal is defined as ” Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.”. Is the author of this story a “liberal”? Is the author not promoting reform? Chances are that if this woman was readying, she probably has some “liberal” ideas, eh? As a gift to everyone on this beautiful planet, would all of you reading this story please begin to come together and not cast blame on “liberals”? Divide and conquer rhetoric only promotes the controllers and will never accomplish the goal stated in this article. Best wishes for a marvelous Gregorian calendar new year!

    • Well said!
      And fyi for those that might think otherwise, I am not supportive of the Democrat agenda either. Two parties only divides, two hundred parties could not well represent America’s diverse people, two parties, certainly cannot.

  4. With all due respect to those that are blinded otherwise;
    I felt, other than from true historical context, the misuse of the word “liberal” which should have been “conservative” in my opinion (because it was the Republican Reagan administration and successive Republican ‘conservatve’ administrations 1980 and thereafter, that started pushing this agenda of ‘authorities’ harassing local citizens minding their own business and doing nothing wrong), otherwise yes, I liked this, its terrific. Whomever wrote this should however check their history, it started with the ‘Just say no’ campaign that the radical right and Christian extremists whom pushed this beginning in 1980 that started this war on Amercan citizens. Prior to that time, people could sit in local parks smoking pot drinkng out of a kegger, and the police would walk up and ask how it was going, and so long as, one did not take a swig off their beer (under aged drinking mind you) in frnt of the cop keeping the beer under the picnic table or take a toke off a joint and blow it in the cops face, there were no hassles, none!! The polce (authorities) knew exactly what was going on, they had eyes to see, noses to smell, but, they knew where you were, what you were doing, and they did not care because you were all in one place, not causing trouble, ie: breaking any real laws ‘the spirit of the law’. Thus, they left you alone to exercise your freedom of choice as an American. In 1980 in my hometown, when the DEA, State and Local Police raided the local High School, throwing stidents up against walls and lockers, searching them illegally (by illegally I mean, spirit of the law again), that was the day things changed in America and all these what I call; “Harassment Laws” and “interpretations” of the laws, to harass citizens minding their own, private, personal affairs, began, turning America into a facist police state, where one is not safe in their person or effects or privacy of their own hone anymore, in violation of the US Constitution, alleged “law of the land”. For that, thank the so called “conservatives” which is, as they so often do, mean the exact opposite, of the stated truth, ie: opposite of conservative, they and their agenda is as “extremist”, as it has become, and facist as our country has become.


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