TZ here; As there have been quite a few inquiries about cintamani stones I feel that this short message from Untwine can be of help.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Hundreds of Cintamani stones have already been buried all over Earth, in all continents and most countries. At this time we would like to invite people to join the effort, in order to bury as many as possible and help break the veil.
We can give tachyonized Cintamani stones of about 2-3gr each, at cost price, or for free if needed in the case of a particularly important vortex.
If you’re interested you can email me, remember to write which area you are able to bury, and I can maybe advice on good places near you that don’t have stones yet : [email protected]
Victory of the Light

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  1. Am I the only one (talking about it) in want of checking out a Cintamani stone, to see if it’s for real?

  2. Me too.. I want stones! 🙂 WE are going to be free everyone.. no more hate, racism, poverty, egos.. the world can be as it was intended, 1 unity consciousness! We always knew deep down this wasn’t how it should be.. now we know the truth. I would love a few stones to be placed wherever it best serves the Event. Victory to the Light!

  3. I emailed untwine twice and told him of my location and my willingness to help bury stones in my area within a 2 hour radius. I have not had any answer for several weeks now. I wear one around my neck and wondered if I should bury it? It is not very big.

  4. I wonder if Untwine needs assistance in organising the orders for cintamani stones. I’ve sent an email with a request for a stone a week ago. So far I’ve received no response. To be clear, I don’t have the time and opportunity to do that, but maybe someone else has? I’d love to bury a stone or more on Dartmoor in a stone circle.

      • Well, this looks like I’m right, isn’t it? Why making so much noise about contacting him for stones and not arrange the practical side of it, I wonder. Too much confidence in the elves and gnomes doing the job? I’m simply frustrated and I will move on to Rob Potter, ordering stones. Though until this day I haven’t received word from him either, since I orderder stones last autumn. Same story?

        Therese, if you read this, please pay attention to give word to Untwine that ordering stones doesn’t work at the moment?

        • Well then I guess we’ll just need to let Spirit deal with it. I wonder if this is really necessary after all. Tks Therese

          • I sure hope that you will be the one who decide for that, Josette LeBlanc.You’re free to bury these stones or not. Please don’t let this frustrating process come between you and your wish to bury them. So far I’ve not been succesful to attain a Cintamani stone. Rob Potter asks $50 for the smallest size stone and $100 for 2. I can’t accept that price and condition to be honest. There’s an alternative way to bury a stone and imprint a light message in that location. You can program a crystal and create a blessing for the spot where you bury it.
            It’s what I’m going to do.

          • Hi Marian, I would have loved to bury some stones, but was never replied to when I sent emails requesting the. I’m not upset. not in the least. So be it. I remember at some point someone said enough sones have been buried. Instead I meditate daily and send love and light and also do Cobra’s prayers. It’s just not well organized. That’s unfortunate.

    • I have written 2 emails to him and sent off £21.19 to paypal. I had a lot of bother setting things up with paypal. I too was going to bury the stone on Dartmoor, inside a circle. Glad to see I’m not the only one having problems getting a stone.

        • Yes, I would love 2 stones to bury and help anchor the light to Gaia. If anyone can tell me the best way to get the stones. Victory to the Light! Keep meditating!

          • I don’t understand why Untwine would have posted this article and then acts the way he has after you contact him. I do understand he/she may be overloaded. But we have volunteered to help bury stones. We just do not want to pay a fortune for them. It looks like they want the big towns, state capitals where the stones are located. I would like to know the criteria for placement. Do we need one in each state? each country? each town?

  5. To anyone here who would like to know a good location to bury a cintamani stone or purchase one then you should contact Untwine at the mail address that he has provided here,

    Also if anyone does bury a stone somewhere then it would be good if you write to Untwine so he can add that location to the list he has. Writing about where you bury a stone here may not reach him so please use the email contact that he has provided in this message. Therese Zumi

  6. I’m from the Montreal area and wonder if there’s a need there or surrounding areas that you might tell me about to burry some stones I can purchase???

  7. I am Southwestern Ontario. If you need the service of burying a stone in this area. I am available to help fullfill this mission.

  8. Thanks for your Light and help Therese.

    I buried mine yesterday. I live in southwestern Wisconsin, USA by the town of Viroqua 54665.

    Victory of the Light!

    Steve Jensen

  9. I live in British Columbia, Canada and would like to know where is required to bury a stone. I do have one that I keep near me personally, however wonder if it more helpful to obtain another to bury in support of the light grid.



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