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There is little doubt that in terms of quality, much of the food sold in the United States lags behind those sold in other nations. In fact, what you are eating now may ALREADY be banned in other countries because of harmful additives, growth promoters, genetically engineered ingredients, or other dangerous practices.

The overall level of health in the country is deteriorating, faring lower than other industrialized countries even in the face of greater healthcare spending. You can’t help but see a connection between these toxic foods and the rising rates of disease. from now on.

Loved in America, Banned in Other Parts of the World?

A list of these banned foods, based on an MSN article, includes farm-raised salmon, Hawaiian (GMO) papaya, artificial food dyes, arsenic-laced chicken, ractopamine-tainted meat, bromate-containing drinks and bread, Olestra, carcinogenic preservatives, and rBGH-laced milk.

Farm-raised fish of all species is of high concern. They can spell disaster for your health in numerous ways, because ALL farm-raised fish – not just salmon – are given a concoction of vitamins, antibiotics, and synthetic pigments (depending on the fish) to compensate for the lack of natural flesh coloration due to the unnatural diet. The fish are also exposed to pesticides, along with compounds such as toxic copper sulfate, which is typically used to keep nets free of algae.

Studies consistently found ratios of PCBs, dioxins, toxaphene, dieldrin, and mercury to be higher in farm-raised fish than wild fish.

And let’s not forget the more than 3,000 food additives – preservatives, flavorings, colors, and other ingredients – that are added to US processed foods, including infant foods and those targeting young children. The most popularly used dyes in the country – red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6, and blue 2 – have been shown in research to cause behavioral problems, as well as cancer, birth defects, and other health issues in lab animals.

In countries where these food dyes and colors are banned, companies like Kraft employ natural colorants instead, like paprika extract, beet root, and annatto. Why can’t they do the same in the American Mac & Cheese and other widely consumed products?

Time to Make a Healthy Change in Your Diet

This is a wake-up call. Avoid questionable ingredients and potentially dangerous foods permitted in the US food supply by ditching these processed foods completely and choosing whole, raw, preferably organic foods.

Swap out your regular meat sources to organic, grass-fed/pasture-raised versions of beef and poultry. The same applies to dairy and animal byproducts such as eggs. Follow a good nutrition plan to optimize your health.

Make this infographic your starting point. Learn about these top food pretenders that should be banned from your home and this country for good. Share the information with your family and friends to help them take control of their health as well.


Source: http://www.mercola.com/infographics/10-banned-foods.htm?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=facebookmercola_infographiclink&utm_campaign=20170225_10-banned-foods

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  1. This sales pitch is very informative but, a “sales pitch” it is. I think these high end organic producers need to find ways to make their products LESS EXPENSIVE, without compromising quality, some way. Either by 10% public education and 90% cooperative government lobbying efforts to change the regulations and laws making other farming practices illegal, so they, can become competitive. The average people I know cannot begin to afford payng the average grocery store price of $6-10 per pound for a Ribeye Steak more than once or twice monthly, let alone paying $27 per pound (plus shipping) for this high$ end product. Most,, people will choose limitation, as is ocurring, and ultimate elimination, of meat, from their diet, first.

    • For your information, Tye A Hampton, knowledge of the whole process of organic farming, from A to Z, meaning sowing and selling is valuable to understand why organic products are more expensive.
      Apart from the fact that the choice of consumers determines the price of organic food, meaning that a larger number of buyers creates a lowering of prices in organic shops, there’s another issue.

      If you knew how much money these farmers have to pay on a yearly basis, to have their certificate as farmers of “organic produce” which is 500BP each year, on top of all the other regulations that need to be accomplished with mountains of paperwork and fees to be paid to employers of administration offices in Britain. I’m in flames of fury now, thinking about it, for it’s a shame and a disgrace to planet Earth and to the health of all living beings!!

      In general, farmers who choose this organic quality for their land and livestock, in Britain, find a hole in the net of restrictions, by growing organic crops and fruit, sell it on farmer’s markets and in stalls of pannier markets, without showing that it’s organic. For that’s against the law. They make sure to know their customers well and inform them of the difficult condition they’re in, creating a network that supports all that are involved, farmer and customer. That’s a safety net, invisible to the hawk eyes of the law in Britain.

      A co-operation on a farm, with the farmer and the customers, sharing ownership and organisation of the farm, all working on the land and eating off the land, is a valuable solution to overcome the strangling regulations that the British government is placing on those farmers. In Holland it isn’t very different, although the amount of land for growing crops in Britain is very much larger, compared to that Dutch frogpond.

      If this is a deliberate strategy to discourage farmers I’m not sure, though I tend to think it is just that.
      A few weeks ago, Britain has decided to go along with GMO agriculture.

      I’ve written a letter to the person in charge of this procedure, explaining the devastating effects of GMO to all creatures large and small. This person decided to “inform” me that all research had proven GMO was safe.
      I’m so used to taking these actions and contacting those that are in charge of evil schemes, but are fully brainwashed, that I can predict what the response will be by now.

      Nevertheless, I keep sowing my own organic seeds in my own organic way, for I can’t sit idly watching the unfoldment of schemes that are a disgrace to life. I’ve learned to accept, that my efforts to rebel and protest, with much diplomacy and clarity, are valuable, no matter what the outcome. We all need to speak up and use our voice, that’s one of my heart’s desires.

      • Don’t mistake me, I am in agreement and despise the political propagandized process here in the US as well, that is supporting not only the non-labeling of GMO containing products and the Monsatan nightmare of flooding our fields and products with these GMO frankenfoods, thus I agree with you.

        I’m just saying, it is impossible for the average consumer to afford and choise many of these these products out of financial necessity. Thus they have us all in a trap, it’s predesigned that way. They screw the organic producer on the one end, and force the average consumer on the other to choose against it with their limited cash. No one organic farmer can reverse this trend and the only suggestion I can offer as a solution is these producers working in unison, worldwide…

        I’ve faced the exact same brainwashed politicians here in the US with lawmakers on a variety of subjects, you can write them, as I have, many letters but, they are brainwashed and bought and paid for servants of evil, nothing said makes a difference and they will not look at the facts otherwise, out of either that brainwashed programming or corruption. All they ever reply with, is the same political doubletalk.

        I keep hoping and praying there will be change on all levels but, like watching Mr Trump tonight, I just see more disappointments. Yet I will continue praying and meditating on change. If indeed, there is change coming as is asserted, it certainly is taking its sweet time getting here. Meanwhile, sadly, disturbingly, as a whole, the same old song and dance continues on the political world stage, as the planet goes down the toilet drain, taking all of us, along with it.

        • Yes, I see what you mean, Tye A Hampton. I’m not entirely on the same page with you, for in my perception, the change you meditate on and pray for needs your practical actions and manifestation in the world of form, here on planet Earth. Spirit can’t express its intention without us bringing it into tangible form, see what I mean?

          And also, I believe that despite all the pre-designed discouragement agendas, obstacles and delusional propaganda to train us as guinea pigs, we’re not forced to live up to them. Never. For it’s in essence a choice you see? Living up to the idea that we’re subject to attack is bringing it into one’s reality, for life obeys to what we focus on and give attention.

          Unless you try out and experience the choice of organic food, with a positive attitude and not on a mental level, the idea that its more expensive is a fairy tale I’m afraid. Imagine the huge costs, finding planet Earth’s soil polluted by pesticides and Round Up.

          And pay attention to the destruction of health in the people around you, eating processed food and feeding on tv, lacking excersize. Do you really think that the costs of medical treatment and drugs are not a consequence of the choice to neglect organic food with the argument that it’s too expensive? I invite you to think again.

          The choice of consumers to live up to their belief that organic food is far more expensive is the reason why we’re unable to make a difference and also why we won’t see changes in healthfood shops lowering their prices.

          Ultimately, it’s the power of the consumer that determines the produce of objects, food and other life necessities. It’s where we need to wake up to our value as co-creators. The day that an entire village in Britain decides not to shop in Tesco, that’s the day Tesco is done for, powerless.

          What I’m trying to convey here is the value of observation that between giving away our power and taking back our power is a tight rope often, challenging us to balance the content of our belief system.

  2. Thank you so much for this information, it will help so many people all around the world to be awakened more and more and more people will incline towards good organic food , even a small kitchen garden gives us love and goodness and relates our body again to the nature . Victory of the light love and peace forever more.Namastey


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