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Jeff Street – Understanding the origin, purpose, and true nature of the earthly reality that you are experiencing can be instrumental to transcending your current level of consciousness and moving up to the next level of the game.  For some, especially the unawakened, this information might be a bit overwhelming or hard to believe but it could prove to be very important to the future course of your life both, during this one and the next.


As with all realities created within the One great cosmic mind, and there are multitudes, our earthly reality is simply a mental construct.  There are many individual parts/aspects of the One who have chosen to put their focal point of awareness within this construct — to dive into, and play the Earth game.  And they all chose to do this for the same fundamental reason — because it provides extremely interesting and formative experiences that drive the evolution of consciousness.  And this is the point of all realities because the foundational stuff of existence IS CONSCIOUSNESS.

YOU are one of these aspects of the One that is playing the Earth game right NOW.  Whether you know it or not, your true essence IS, and ALWAYS has been, a thread of the universal consciousness.  And you, and the higher levels of you, on behalf of the One, have been exploring the nature of yourself and existence by creating a multitude of realities and playing a multitude of roles (lives) within those realities.


In most of the multitude of realities that we created and played within we knew, to varying degrees, what we were — creator beings that are integral parts of the One creator being — Source consciousness, prime creator, God, or whatever else you like to call it.

But within this great diversity of realities, there were none in which we completely forgot what we were — and this possibility intrigued us immensely.  What would that be like?  And what could it teach us?  It certainly seemed like it might be very interesting, to say the least.

So in our eternal quest to know ourselves “we” (e.g., higher levels of ourselves) set out to create this new type of reality — one where we would completely lose our connection to our divine source, forget that we are creators of our reality, and forget that we are all one.  A reality where we would think we were separate from the creator and each other — a reality that could aptly be called “The Separation Game.”

Our entire Universe is a manifestation of the separation game.  It’s like a huge multi-stage set where the separation game is playing out on many worlds and at many levels.  It’s an immensely fascinating multi-level game that I will be exploring further in future articles, follow the blog to stay tuned.  One of the worlds where the separation game is in full swing is our very own planet Earth.

Even though the separation game isn’t limited to Earth, I’m focusing on its manifestation on Earth for two reasons; (1) For the obvious reason that everyone reading this article is currently immersed in this game right here on Earth — I doubt many ET’s are following my blog, and (2) The state of the game on Earth is fast approaching a great transition point which should be of great interest to all the participants — it certainly is to a wide array of non-physical beings as well as ET’s that are observing and even assisting.


Some of you may object to my characterization of our earthly reality and lives as “a game.”  And that’s because you have forgotten the real you, and become deeply immersed in the illusory drama.

The term “game” is actually quite appropriate — just as both kids and adults choose to play games for fun, entertainment, and to learn so do our souls choose to play within the earthly reality construct.

In fact, our experience of the earthly reality works in a way very similar to how our computer games work. In a computer game, you are the player and your consciousness controls an avatar within the game world.  You perceive, experience, act and react within the game world as your avatar — the character you are playing. But because you can’t completely forget that the “real you” is outside the game, you never get completely lost in the game and think that it is “real” — you know that it’s an illusion.

In a very similar way,  your soul is the consciousness that is directing your avatar (your body)  within the earth game world.  The big difference is the earth game was designed is such a way that we would forget that we are souls playing within an illusory world.  And so we get deeply lost within it and begin to believe that it is “real” and that there is nothing else.  And our souls willingly CHOOSE to play the earth game just as people willingly choose to play computer games.


It was not at all obvious how to create a reality where we would feel completely separate from our source and each other and forget we are creators.  We experimented with many designs before hitting on something that worked.  The key elements that allowed the objective to be achieved were the “veil of forgetting”, the role of “the adversary”, our limited physical senses that perceived the world as discreet and separate objects, the substantial delay between our thoughts and their manifestation into reality, and the very strong contrast between the polarities present.

Within this context an interesting and powerful psychic structure emerges fairly quickly after incarnation — the ego.  Its emergence is a natural consequence of the highly dualistic nature of the reality that our consciousness finds itself in, as well as the other constraints and elements mentioned.  The perception of separation of self and others; The perception of duality; us vs them, good vs bad, have vs have not, etc; and perception of limitation rapidly leads to a devolving of consciousness that self creates an ever deepening and strengthening illusion of separation — and so the separation game is sustained.

The broad term for the level of consciousness that this type of reality births, and then which sustains or deepens that reality, is “Duality Consciousness” or “Separation Consciousness.”  This the level of consciousness is one that thinks it is separate, alone, and a victim of its circumstances.  The opposite of Separation Consciousness is “Unity Consciousness”.  This level of consciousness knows that all is one and that it creates its own reality and hence manifests realities that are dramatically different (e.g., more peaceful and harmonious) than the one currently manifested on Earth, where the majority of players are still at deep levels of separation consciousness.

Within the genre of Duality/Separation Consciousness, there are some very interesting and powerful dynamics that I will explore deeply in future articles, follow the blog to stay tuned.

Here’s a passage from a highly recommended book that talks about how the illusion of the Earth game is co-created.



We have played out many versions and iterations of the earth game, and many of them ended very unproductively — in disaster, destruction, meltdown, apocalypse, you name it.  The game we created is very challenging indeed.

From one perspective it hardly matters if the game ends in a meltdown because it is completely an illusory experience.  If it crashes, we can simply restart the game from the beginning.  And even though we do learn something from every experience, however challenging or disastrous, apocalyptic outcomes like these are certainly not optimal learning experiences for the evolution of our consciousness.

This iteration of the Earth game has been underway for some time now and as usual, all the souls that are part of humanity are engaged in a very difficult, challenging and confusing game.  As is normal for realities of this type we have descended into a level of consciousness that might be best described as “Victim” consciousness and the victim/perpetrator/rescuer dynamic that characterizes this level of consciousness has been dominating the human drama for quite some time.

Also some of us have strongly polarized into one of two modes of this genre of consciousness — Service to Self or Service to Others (more detail about all of this in future articles).  The net effect of all this is that we have manifested a reality characterized by greed, competition, conflict, domination, subjugation, and the persistent struggle for freedom.  This is the current state of the Human drama and, as with all realities, it is a reflection of our state of consciousness.


This iteration of the game would likely follow a very similar course as all the others if it were not for one thing.  We had experienced enough sub-optimal scenarios and decided to introduce a stimulus, from outside the game, to steer it to a much more rewarding and productive conclusion.

To achieve this we planned a subtle and multi-faceted series of interventions whose goal was to awaken as many players as possible to the wider reality and their higher selves and to spur them to ascend to higher levels of consciousness and thereby to the next level of the game.  The details of these stimuluses are quite interesting, but beyond the scope of this article — stay tuned, becuase I may write about this in the future.

I like to call this benevolent intervention, “Operation Uplift Humanity” and it is being orchestrated by many higher levels of ourselves and has been in progress for some time now.  The good news is that the stimulus has reached critical mass and we are entering a period of rapid and great change — a period of great transformation in ourselves and our world.

Yet only those souls that can awaken within the game and attain higher levels of consciousness will “graduate” to the next level — a new and transformed version of Earth.  All others will essentially have to take the same “class” over again — e.g., play the same level of the game again but somewhere else.  This is by no means a punishment; all souls simply go to experiences appropriate to their level of progression.

Another thing that makes this iteration of the Earth game so unique and exciting is that we are attempting to jump from the deepest levels of Duality consciousness directly to Unity consciousness.  The process of evolving from Duality to Unity Consciousness has played out on many worlds, but it is typically a gradual process that unfolds over a long period and many generations.  Ours is the first planetary civilization in which we are attempting to do this process within one generation.  This has never been done before and our planet and this space/time nexus is the test case.  If it succeeds, we may use this as the standard approach to all spiritual evolution at this level!

In upcoming articles, I’m going to explore more details about the dynamics of the separation game.  This will include a fairly deep look at the states of consciousness and ways of being that emerge within strongly dualistic realities like our Earth reality and how they evolve. Understanding the dynamic and evolution of consciousness within the Earth game, and where you stand within it, is both eye-opening and potentially transformative, follow the blog to stay tuned.

One for all, and all for one!

Source: http://ascensionenergies.com/2017/02/23/the-origin-purpose-and-destiny-of-the-earth-game/

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  1. “Yet only those souls that can awaken within the game and attain higher levels of consciousness will “graduate” to the next level — a new and transformed version of Earth”

    How does one know what level of consciousness they are at though? I mean, I know what’s going on, follow cobra, meditate weekly, am fully aware all events are staged, we are getting lots of help from our galactic brothers and sisters, follow all the interviews with cobra, also Corey Goode and D Wilcock etc.. but we can’t judge our own consciousness level and we also know humanity on earth is being mind controlled and also the plasma field is blocking our source connection, so how can anyone be held to any realistic level of consciousness requirement when the vast majority are literally not of their right mind?

    Take down the cloaked mind control ships, remove the veil and people would rapidly ascend in consciousness I assume.


    • My article “Ascending The Densities of Consciousness” http://divine-cosmos.net/ascending-the-densities-of-consciousness.htm might help with understanding where you stand in the levels of consciousness. More on this topic in the near future follow my blog at http://divine-cosmos.net/#follow to stay tuned. 🙂

  2. I highly disagree that this was a game of separation that we designed
    this was a hostile situation n which the dark side was trying to harvest this Universe
    Light was not in control of this
    we need the actual truth on this matter otherwise we’ll fall for it again

  3. My choice as a sovereign being Marian is not to be compelled to play these games – i will not blindly follow the grand opera. Clarity, love and truth is found within not through external pretenses. Namaste

  4. Great article, thank you very much! Love is the greatest transformational force in the Universe and it shows that it shines on planet Earth 🙂

  5. This ‘Earth Game’ isn’t to every awakened/sovereign beings liking – i for one discern more unnecessary trauma to release over eons of time… yes it’s a great article; equally, i consider myself a soul who has awakened enough to discern that the constant references to us humans, solely, manifesting our present situation via our collective consciousness is a false-hood – NO we did not. We can not consciously manifest that which is preconceived/preordained by others. The game was manifest and afoot already… we’re the scapegoats for a game of ‘separation’, which has gotten out of hand; and i refuse to accept sole (soul) liability. Period!

    • At least you could give it a try, to pretend that we play this grand opera.
      For the sake of trying something new, Log Cabin. It won’t hurt, you know.
      And if it does, you’ll find clarity about making a choice that suits you.

    • Yes, Heaven exists in the High vibrational frequencies of the Geometric fields of the Higher dimensions (5D & UP), Hell as some call it exists in the lower vibrational frequencies of the lower dimensions (4th & lower)

      • Thank you, Edward, for rubbing it in. So, we live in Hell 😉
        What puzzles me, this question came up again, when I read your comment, is how highly evolved beings can end up, engaged in a game of power on planet Earth, with their physical manifestation present in the 3D illusion and accompanied by an ego, living in conditions that are fully in opposition to the nature of their being.

        Or is it possible that there are highly evolved beings, highly skilled in service to self? Present in the lower dimensions? (4th and lower) I’m a bit puzzled, wondering what highly evolved actually means and if it’s all in relation of the level of consciousness and a heartconnection?

        I may be mistaken by thinking that a highly evolved being is highly evolved in a moral sense as well. This may not be the case at all.

        I know of a person, living on planet Earth, I assume at least that this person is still alive, for I’m not in touch with this person anymore after a short virtual meeting, finding evidence of that person’s game, who’s highly manipulative, extremely skilled due to being empathic, reading other people’s mind and abuse that ability. I’m told that this person is hardly in touch with his spirit being and ruled by 4D entities that choose service to self, in resonance with this person’s game. What came first, this person’s choice or the entitities’ choices I’m not sure. The tendency to move into service to self may have attracted these entities, I presume. Like saying “Hello, we’re here to help you, isn’t that nice?”

        This person seems to be heavily damaged, the cause is unknown to me. This person has a highly evolved spirit being, but this person chose to park most of the unsolved issues on the other side of the veil, before incarnating in a physical body. The purpose of meeting this person was a trigger of my core issues in need of surfacing and healing, so that I could move on and evolve. I was heavily under attack, on an astral level, for one and a half year and I had to cling to walls.

        With much help of wise women, confusion was replaced by understanding and that awareness caused the whole charade and powergame, between me and that person, to shift from bitter medicine to ambrosia. I chose it to be that way, for I had made a decision that this ordeal must bear fruit that makes me feel proud. Also I learned that before I came into physical form, I had chosen to solve my core issues.

        I can now say, in all honesty, that this person offered me the best medicine to cure my soul-illness, the gap that was present in my energy system was filled and that space is now embodied by me.. I’ve walked away and never communicated the outcome of this experience with that person.
        One of the wise woman told me “Once you begin to see what the gift is, in this experience, you can let go of the package” meaning that the emotional attachment would fade away.

        Isn’t it miraculous how life at times shows up with mirrors and dramatic props? Is this maybe the answer to my puzzledness, that souls can choose to play the devil in order to wake people up?
        I’m truly interested in your and other people’s views on this subject, thank you!

        • Dear Mariam, you have answered your own question. There is a group of interdimensional physical & non physical of highly evolved & skilled beings and entities in service to self Present within the lower dimensions (4th & lower) Just like some humans who are highly evolved in some ways chose to serve the darkness, e.g: High satanic Priest & priestess of satanic covens & the ruling members of the 13 Illuminati families that rules this world. Unfortunately most human beings chose directly (greed, fame,etc.) or indirectly (ignorance, comfort, fear, etc.) to walk this “Path MOST traveled”. We call this group The Great Dark Brotherhood (GDB) In planets like Earth ruled by duality this group always have fist right against humans, therefore why we perceive that darkness always comes first. Because it always comes first.

          When we have acquired sufficient wisdom to differentiate fiction from truth ( hence the reason for this blog), when we are spiritually ready and strong enough to endure such distractions, temptations, pain, ETC. and when we finally make the conscious decision to continue our journey though the “Path LESS traveled”; It is until then when we start receiving protection, guidance and help from our spirit guides along with other higher vibrational spiritual beings from the higher dimensions who are here to monitor the spiritual evolution of humanity. This group of benevolent beings is known as The Great White Brotherhood (GWB). Unfortunately only a minority of humanity eventually pursues this option & only after many, many, many reincarnations on Earth…

          • Thank you, Edward. That’s most helpful to ponder and good food for thought. Your response reminded me of the numerous black magicians in our world, past and present, that know how to manipulate energy and matter, for their own good and the enslavement of human beings ignorant of such skills.

            I’m experiencing the protection, guidance and help from spirit guides, increasingly since the start of this year, without breaks and with gears to choose from. It’s what I tend to describe as “As soon as I wholeheartedly say “yes” to life, life will begin to respond with “yes” to mine”

            Offering an easy and pleasant footpath, synchronicities and serendipity in meeting kindred spirits, during trips. In the bus or train, in a pub or at the beach. And not in the least important, sending an invitation for support with an amount of healthy havingness. Receiving in freedom is at times as hard as giving in freedom 🙂


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