The warmup act for a full-blown American fascism and orchestrated race war is taking place in immigrant and marginal communities across the United States: Racial profiling. Random police stops. Raids at homes and businesses. People of color pulled from vehicles at checkpoints. Seizures of individuals with no criminal records or who never committed a serious crime. Imprisonment without trial. Expedited deportation hearings and removal proceedings that violate human rights. The arrest of a beneficiary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Daniel Ramirez Medina, 23, who along with the program’s other 750,000 successful applicants had revealed all personal history to the government in applying for DACA status. Parents separated, perhaps forever, from their children. The hunted going underground. The end of the rule of law. The abandonment of the common good. The obliteration of a social state in which institutions and assistance programs—from public education to Social Security and welfare—make justice, equality and dignity possible.

White Europeans who are undocumented are not being targeted. The executive orders of President Trump are directed against people of color. They begin from the premise that white Americans are the true victims of neoliberalism, deindustrialization and falling living standards. The Trump orders are written not to make America great again but to make America white. They are an updated version of the Nazis’ Nuremberg race laws, the Jim Crow laws, the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Naturalization Act of 1870. They are intended to institutionalize an overt racial hierarchy in the United States, one already advanced by the miniature police states in which marginal communities of color find themselves. In these impoverished enclaves there is no right to trial or due process. Militarized police kill with impunity, and the courts lock people away often for life. Rights are treated as privileges that can instantly be revoked. The poor, especially poor people of color, have been exempted from moral consideration. They are viewed as impediments to social cohesion. And these impediments must be eliminated. This is the template for what will come. Jews—their community centers under threats of violence and their graveyards being desecrated—will be persecuted. American fascism will be cemented into place by uniformed and heavily armed paramilitary squads clutching the flag and the cross and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer.

“Little or no prospect of rescue from individual indolence or impotence can be expected to arrive from a political state that is not, and refuses to be, a social state,” the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman warned in “Collateral Damage: Social Inequalities in a Global Age.” “Without social rights for all, a large and in all probability growing number of people will find their political rights of little use and unworthy of their attention. If political rights are necessary to set social rights in place, social rights are indispensable to make political rights ‘real’ and keep them in operation. The two rights need each other for their survival; that survival can only be their joint achievement.”

Presidential chief strategist Stephen Bannon, in his public comments and his films such as “Generation Zero,” has embraced a historical determinism worthy of Karl Marx. He posits that Western culture has been contaminated and is being destroyed by darker races and barbaric religions and belief systems. His conspiratorial view of history and society sees a global war between the white race and the lesser breeds of the earth as not only inevitable but one that will reinvigorate and purify America.

Racists and conspiracy theorists such as Bannon, Michael Anton, Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka constitute Trump’s ideological brain trust. Gorka goes so far as to argue that the failure to understand the evil of radical Islam stems from a “systematic subversion of the national security establishment under the banner of inclusivity, cultural awareness and political correctness.”

In a 2014 speech, Bannon said, “I believe we’ve come partly off-track in the years since the fall of the Soviet Union and we’re starting now in the 21st century, which I believe, strongly, is a crisis both of our church, a crisis of our faith, a crisis of the West, a crisis of capitalism.” (He delivered the talk via Skype to a group of other right-wing Catholics gathered in the Vatican. For a transcript posted by BuzzFeed, click here.)

“There is a major war brewing, a war that’s already global,” Bannon said. “It’s going global in scale, and today’s technology, today’s media, today’s access to weapons of mass destruction, it’s going to lead to a global conflict that I believe has to be confronted today. Every day that we refuse to look at this as what it is, and the scale of it, and really the viciousness of it, will be a day where you will rue that we didn’t act.”

Bannon, as Micah L. Sifry points out in The Nation, is a proponent of the theory popularized by authors William Strauss and Neil Howe in their books “Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069” (1991) and “The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy—What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous With Destiny” (1997). This theory holds that roughly every 80 years, roughly an average human life span, the country goes through a cataclysmic crisis. This crisis unleashes genocide and other killing that last a decade or more. In its aftermath the social order is rejuvenated. Strauss and Howe highlight the American Revolution of 1775-83, the Civil War, the Great Depression and World War II as examples of how the cycle works.

“Inside each 80-year saeculum, Howe and Strauss argue, there are four turnings, each a generation long, and each as inevitable as the coming of the seasons,” Sifry writes. “In the first turning, for the generation that survives the prior catastrophe, the newly restored society reaches a collective apex of social order and economic power. Think of America in the post-war boom of 1945 to 1965. Then comes the awakening, as the first new generation of post-catastrophe children enter adulthood and, unlike their traumatized parents, let loose with their emotions and take risks that their forebears would never have imagined. Hello to the long 1960s. Then comes the unraveling, as the once robust order starts to fall apart, people question the eternal verities and institutions weaken. The fourth turning is kicked off and punctuated by ongoing crises, out of which a whole new order is born.”

Pseudo-intellectuals such as Strauss and Howe play the role that Paul de Lagarde, Julius Langbehn, Arthur Moeller van den Bruck and Alfred Rosenberg played for the Nazi Party. They give an intellectual veneer to racist conspiracy theories, a virulent nationalism, a hatred for culture and the lust for domination through violence.

I share Bannon’s distaste for globalization, free trade agreements, the failure to put Wall Street bankers in jail, the bank bailouts and crony capitalism and would even concede that Americans wallow in the moral swamp of a culture of narcissism. He is right when he attacks the two major political parties as the one “party of Davos.” But his solution to the purported crisis—total war by the white race to regain its ascendancy—is insane, as are the causes he cites: a New Deal that turned citizens into whining dependents; the permissiveness of the 1960s; white guilt that made the country cater irresponsibly to African-Americans by giving them social service programs and undeserved mortgages that led to the 2008 financial meltdown; an intellectual and a liberal class composed essentially of traitors; and the “new barbarity” of “Jihadist Islamic fascism.”

Racism, misogyny, the inherent cruelty of capitalism and the crimes of empire, from Wounded Knee to Vietnam and Iraq, simply do not exist in Bannon’s mystical nationalist worldview. He insists that the white male aristocratic elites who formed a republic that enslaved African-Americans, exterminated Native Americans and denied the vote to women and white men without property created “a church and a civilization that really is the flower of mankind.” This is what he wants to recover.

Fritz Stern, in his book “The Politics of Cultural Despair: A Study in the Rise of the Germanic Ideology,” wrote of the early fascists in Germany, “The movement did embody a paradox: its followers sought to destroy the despised present in order to recapture an idealized past in an imaginary future. They were disinherited conservatives, who had nothing to conserve, because the spiritual values of the past had largely been buried and the material remnants of conservative power did not interest them. They sought a breakthrough to the past, and they longed for a new community in which old ideas and institutions would once again command universal allegiance.”

Bannon shares these fascist yearnings. He excoriates leftist and liberal elites for supposedly poisoning the minds of young people, a point he luridly makes in his film “Occupy Unmasked” (2012). A new generation, he says, has been brainwashed to see America as evil and the status quo as repressive. His mythical past will return through a crusade both domestic and international. All forms of coercion, from torture to murder, are justified. Any suffering along the way is the price that has to be paid for this white, Christian paradise.

The central tenet of fascism is always that war cleanses society and that the “virtues” that war inculcates in its combatants and survivors provide a new moral vigor. Bannon knows no more about war’s reality, which I endured for two decades covering conflicts in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans, than he sees in Hollywood movies. But war for him, which will come in a confrontation with the Islamic world and perhaps China, cannot arrive too soon.

This clash of civilizations will be prosecuted in the homeland, too. Within the United States it will spawn the darkness endemic to all wars—sadism, hypermasculinity, blind obedience to authority, a belief in the efficacy of unrestrained violence, racism, hate crimes and the use of the organs of internal security and wholesale surveillance to crush all dissent and eradicate groups seen as opponents of authority. Those who orchestrate such crusades ultimately sacrifice themselves and their nations on the altars of the idols they worship. The conflict desired by Bannon and those around him could mean the extinction of the human race.

The paramilitary forces of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which will hire 10,000 more agents, and the Border Patrol, which will hire 5,000 more agents, along with the Homeland Security Investigations unit of the Department of Homeland Security, have deputized local and state police to function as their auxiliaries. These paramilitary forces will not disband once they have finished terrorizing and deporting some of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. They will turn on their next victims—Muslims, African-Americans, Asians and dissidents.

The paramilitaries relish their power to kick down doors while wearing body armor and pointing weapons at terrified women and children. They are not warriors, as they imagine, but goons. They have few actual skills. And they intend to remain steadily employed by the state. The for-profit prisons, reopened for business by Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, a man named not for one Confederate traitor but two, intend to remain full. The state will make America and the global community inhospitable for people of color and all those who attempt to stand with them.

Trump is stoking the darkest and most destructive strains of the American psyche. Congress, controlled by the Republicans, is unlikely to use impeachment powers to stop him. The courts are spineless subsidiaries of the corporate and security and surveillance state. The elites will not save us. If we fail to build mass protest movements, ones that cripple the ability to govern, we will be enslaved.

Sebastian Haffner (1907-1999) in his book “Defying Hitler” describes being a law clerk at the Prussian Supreme Court. The courthouse was raided in March 1933 by Nazi thugs. They grabbed the Jewish judges and lawyers and hauled them outside; never would the jurists return to their posts. A Jewish attorney, a former army captain who had been wounded five times and lost an eye fighting in World War I, resisted. He was beaten. “It had probably been his misfortune that he still remembered the tone to use with mutineers,” Haffner wrote.

“I put my head down over my work,” Haffner went on. “I read a few sentences mechanically: ‘The defendant’s claim that … is untrue, but irrelevant. …’ Just take no notice!”

A brown shirt approached him and asked: “Are you Aryan?

Haffner shot back, “Yes.”

“A moment too late I felt the shame, the defeat,” he wrote. “I had said ‘Yes! Well, in God’s name, I was indeed an ‘Aryan.’ I had not lied, I had allowed something much worse to happen. What a humiliation, to have answered the unjustified question as to whether I was ‘Aryan’ so easily, even if the fact was of no importance to me! What a disgrace to buy, with a reply, the right to stay with my documents in peace! I had been caught unawares, even now. I had failed my very first test.”

Haffner left the Kammergericht, Prussia’s highest state court, and stood outside.

“There was nothing to show that, as an institution, it has just collapsed,” he wrote. “There was also nothing about my appearance to show that I had just suffered a terrible reverse, a defeat that would be almost impossible to make good. A well-dressed young man walked down Potsdamer Street. There was nothing untoward about the scene. Business as usual, but in the air the approaching thunder of events to come.”

‘Donald Trump: Mexican Immigrants are Drug Dealers and Rapists”



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  1. If the illegal immigrant protestors returned to their homeland and demanded that their own government serve the people, then we would truly have agents of change all around the world. Spread democracy anyone?

    Communist China is a great example. We can all agree that “communist” is becoming a mere vestigial reminder. China has become a global player and their standard of living has drastically improved in the past few decades. Like the Japanese of the 90’s, the Chinese billionaires are buying up real estate all over the world. But, it was only 30 years ago the world witnessed the horrors of Tiananmen Square…yet, the strife was significant to humanity. The Chinese people awoke to the idea of democracy! Yes, China still has much more work to do but no one can deny their achievements since then.

    Cuba is an unfortunate story of failed resistance…BUT, the US has leniently welcomed the Cuban refugees under the “wet foot, dry foot” program. Which OBAMA ended prior to leaving office.

    In the case of the Mexico, I think we’re seriously over looking all the positives of what the country could offer the world…only if the Mexican government is forced to clean house. Mexico is a beautiful country with wonderful people, great culture with ancient sites and great food! People flock to Mexico for vacations…and it’s very affordable and it would be a great place to retire. Mexico would be RICH from all the foreign money! I only wish that the will of the Mexican people would force their government to serve their people…rise up.

    So, in my view, it would be counter productive to take away people’s opportunity to rise against corrupt governments by simply absorbing their problem into our communities. If people have the will to protest in the US, then they must have the same will to protest to their home government, no?

    Finally, allow ME to call out the Mexican government for their corruption; allow ME to call out the mislead illegal Mexican immigrants for their cowardice to call out their own government. You might brand me a racist but I know who I am…

    • Great Comment Marie, you are not being racist but right on point. Mexicans are hostages of drug warlords and their Government have completely been taken over by the Organized crime. We need o exercise tolerance to the millions of victims who come to the USA running away from such broken system.

      • *** I feel that we are all victims of this cabal controlled world. And I demand that the beings from the higher dimension(s) release us and take us into the Event now! I shouldn’t have to work on enlightenment, meditation and loving myself and everyone else…I don’t want to do any homework and I want my dessert now! Why in the world would these beings withhold mercy and not save us?!!! How arrogant…are we not worthy? I demand to enter their realm right now! Gasp…do “they” have rules on when/how we can enter? ***

        It’s not heartlessness to prevent anyone/everyone to enter the US. There are other ways to assist change…it might take longer and it might be harder, but in the end, it’ll be a true change.

  2. luz Pardo wrote: “As an employee or in any official administration procedure, one has to specify the ethnic origin.” What he does not understand is that this requirement is part of “affirmative action,” which means discriminating against whites, and FOR just about anybody else. So yeah, there’s racism in America, just not in the direction he thought.

  3. This is not something knew or specific to the Trump government – America has always been a racist place. As a foreigner when I went there I felt the racism immediately. There is a physical separation of communities based on the colour and origin of people so that they do not mix with other ethnic groups. They live in the same racial and cultural community. By being Latin-American one is considered stupid and low class. I could felt that, so evident and painful. As an employee or in any official administration procedure, one has to specify the ethnic origin. I understand the politic against illegal people and terrorism has been initiated with a drastic application – Could be a bit softer I agree however, drug-dealing and terrorism are hard corruption to eradicate and that “allows” such measure which I hope is temporary .

    There is a hypocrite attitude regarding this issue. On one side, Americans would love to have less delinquency issue from foreigners and live in a more secure place, on the other side, the politic is judged racist as evoked in the text.

    What seems to me much of a horror is the number of people killed by the USA all over the world through WARS because of the military power exert over other countries. I have never seen so many people manifesting against war, as on the day Trump took his mandate. Is a man in power more important than the life of so many innocent people? after all the president was elected in what is “called” democracy but apparently the democrats do not accept democracy when they lose the elections?? Is totally absurd as it was the manifestation of “women” in a country where women have liberated so much to the point of become a commercial object, which could I found very chocking when I first visit USA. Nothing more unpleasant and painful that going through an abortion and there were American women fighting and defending the right to have an abortion as a sign of freedom!

    There is a corruption issue going on in America at present which is called “human traffic” “children sacrifice” “Paedophile”. This issue has been initiated by men on the alternative media. This issue is classified as “Fake News” as pizza gate involves hollywood personalities and political figures. I commented this issue to an American friend who said to me “No body in America believes that story” ! There is nothing to believe but to understand: who creates and supports this type of corruption and why the victims have seldom succeed in getting justice?? The witness are there and there is more than one fact that leads to another……However, American women DO NOT STAND FOR THEIR KIDS – They do manifest for the right to have an abortion!

    Fake News has always been the case for the majority of control-mass-media that only inform about what they want and not the reality around the world or facts in our society. The question is why a political figure as John Podesta uses a pedo-jargon in his exchanges by email (published by weaky leaks)? why he collects paintings with kids expressing suffering in captivation? seems weird to me!

    Where do the majority of USA president come from? – with the exception of Jimmy Carter, Regan and Trump? – From secret-societies – John Perry and Bush comes from the same one. They admitted it during an interview on TV. What is the trend of those masonic, secret-societies? SATANISM! Hitler was one but many other have followed that path since then.

    Their members are educated as such and are placed in every single strategic position of our societies that will suit their purpose – Nothing to do with the well-being of the population but the manipulation and control of the masses. I let you the question why there is so much corruption in our societies and who creates and support them? Drug-dealing, human traffic, children sacrifice, economic crises, show bizz, contamination of the earth, water, champtrails, racism, etc etc etc.

    Is time to wake up in order to understand our reality – Each one of us is responsible for the people we elect …….If we want to live in a better world, we need to awaken our consciousness and stop covering and defending those who are manipulating us. What is happening now in America could lead to a civil war if you keep living with a veil. Don’t follow the crowd and try to see behind the scene because these people have two faces and the public one is used to manipulate!

    Blessing to ALL!

  4. I don’t think removing non citizens who have had how long to apply for citizenship back to their home countries. How long can I stay in Japan if I’m not a citizen and continue to work? I hate to learn families are divided, this all makes me even more anxious for the Event to happen. We all know Hillary is cabal, the only other choice we had was Trump. If he prosecutes those involved in pizzagate and ends the Federal Fake Reserve, will that not be a step in the right direction? Again, it shouldn’t matter as we just need Trump to stop any nuclear exchange until the Event. Peace

  5. This Edward Morgan is very obviously a piece of work. He is a grand-master artist working in the medium of a natural fertilizer product of bovine origin. He seems to have achieved total perfection in the condition of being wrong. Everything in this article is completely false or is a good truth being misrepresented as a bad one.

    Now, all you illegal residents of any and all of the 50 United States have an an almost perfect escape from all of the awful things that Mr. Morgan writes that you could be subject to from the US Government under the Donald. You can simply travel on your own volition back to your home countries where you really belong anyway. The only way that such a plan could go wrong would be if you put it off too long or get apprehended en route. Think of it! Out of the shadows of illegality and into the bright sunshine of Mexico or wherever you came from. Bon voyage!

    • How quick we forget that except for the Native Americans, Aztec & Mayan indians we are ALL immigrants here. But we the White European descendants “Nationalists” don’t like to think about that because it is a remainder of the 100 million plus natives we had to slaughter in order to be called the now proud “US Citizens”. Why can’t we see it’s all an infinite loop of separation? A game of Divide and conquer? We the people keep falling over and over by the same tricks & traps placed by our rulers …Quentin? Holt? Edward? Morgan? don’t sound like natives names to me, the question is why the White’s men hate towards the brown skinned true native American people? some call it “BIGOTRY & RACISM”.

      Native American Man Owns Racist Anti-Illegal Immigration Protesters: ‘You’re All F**king Illegal!

  6. The quote is not accurate and the entire article is inflammatory. I appreciate a reasoned disagreement. Yet I adamantly disagree. The situation, especially in many major American inner cities is especially terrible for Americans of color. The only answers are in rejecting the status quo and pulling out of globalist agenda. Rebuilding America is a job for all Americans. We already had a fascist ruling class when Trump was elected to make change.


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