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  2. It’s unbelievable that the good people in England – and there are many!! – are still in disbelief and denial about all the horrible despicable crimes their ruling elite classes are committing for decades and decades! Look at Saville, look at Mountbatten, look at Ted Heath!

    What will it take for the good people of the UK take action themselves and stop this crimes?!?!!

  3. A ‘PIR’ detector only needs two passive infra-red transistors. All they do is detect movement. BetaBatt Inc. manufacture batteries to power Oil Well Sensors. Each tiny battery measures 2.5 micron cube. 4,000 in a row would measure a centimetre. So a sugar cube volume would contain 4,000 x 4,000, x 4,000, or 64 BILLION Battery Cells. enough to power 16 billion sensors. These sensors must be small enough to flow with oil through porous rock. They have a life=span up to 40 years. A million ccs is a cubic meter. The Military are very interested in the movement of people, Where they go, and who they assemble with. The Military now have this entire planet covered with countless billions of motion sensors. They are invisible to the naked eye. Health and safety, aware that these microscopic sensors would inevitably be ingested, insisted that they posed no human or animal hazard, and would automatically be expelled naturally. To ensure these safety concerns were met in full, these specifications were met with flying colours. We live in a secular Godless Society. Few people today believe in an ‘all-seeing and all-knowing’ Godhead. So believing they will never be detected, they misbehave with abandon. The deployment of Nuclear Ordnance, has lead to God-Like Hyper Surveillance. In order to preserve our essential ‘Privacy’ a natural Human Right, Hyper-Surveillance is conducted by Machine Intelligence, and machines, even though they are currently more intelligent than humans, ((Soon millions of times more intelligent, because this technology is from a Highly Advanced Aiien Civilisation) Nuclear weapons placed into the hands and control of people suffering acute psychosis, is a potential existential threat for all life on Planet Earth. These extreme safety measures, are NOT open to debate, they are mandatory. Humanity now needs to fasten their seat-belts, because Technology is about to enter “Warp-Drive” and will soon defy mere human comprehension. This Universe will never tolerate Godless Secular emergent level one civilisations. A Godless Society is a Level Zero Civilisation. The first step, is to know with 100% absolute certainty, that every action, movement, spoken word and thought is monitored for permanent record, 24/7/365 for the full duration of every sentient creatures entire life. That alone makes the Secular formulary, both erroneous and perfectly ridiculous as well as dangerously foolish. punishment and Hyper-Surveillance may not be separated. and ‘punishment’ must have a rehabilitation’ component. It is NOT about ‘revenge’. Machines do not think like that. This Universe is an artefact of a Universe Full Immersion Virtual Reality Simulation. Read Plato, and the allegory of The Cave, to discover how old this knowledge is. Older texts than Plato, affirm the same thing. A Simulated Universe is used to design a real Universe. Psychotic behaviour, is something a Simulated Universe must cope with. Just as an Aircraft Simulator must simulate storms and natural disasters, floods and earthquakes at airports, not to mention countless mechanical failures that a tranee pilot might encounter in real life.

    • Here’s a picture of the Elite Network ruling Tavistock Institute and also what Wikipedia offers about it:

      John Coleman presents more about the Tavistock Institute on YouTube. Tavistock Institute is in essence about mindcontrol and that’s linked to the practice of Satanic Rituals, where the children in the videos were taking part in. Also mindprogramming is applied in the practice of espionage combined with sex-enslavement. What better way to get in touch than under pretense of promising a night of fun?

      Celebraties in the world of performance, like pop-artists and popular bands, were and are approached with invitations to take part in mindprogramming, in exchange for promotion and fame, or to keep them in good form. Meaning keeping a contract in good form as well, with money involved.

      These celebraties are for example programmed to switch on a screen-personality on stage, so that the audience is captivated. They’re used as messengers to bring their audience in a certain state of hypnosis or delusion. Lady Gaga and Marina Abramovich are both examples of a celebrity being used for this. Marina Abramovich is in her own free being not an evil person, but she’s lured into that shadow world with the promise of fame, sadly enough.

  4. Thank you all for responding, it does seem like it needs to be investigated further, when she talks about all of the parents being involved, like many, many people that seems a bit outrougous, but many of the details should be able to be investigated rather easily, so it is hard to know the real truth. I do understand that all the people that were mentioned should be investigated to know if there is any truth in any of it. If I was one of the people, adult or child named, I would want to clear my name, and she does give some specific details that could be easily proved or disproved. We have heard about these allegations happening in our government where they are making polititions do certain things or vote certain ways because they have dirt on them about child sexual abuse, and I believe that it is true, but I would like real proof, and not just throwing people under the bus with no real way of refuting the evidence because it is not investigated properly. Miranda Marmoreal, I think you make valid points and have more information than I do. I also think that people watch a few minutes of the Alissa interview and get all upset, it is upsetting without really watching it all the way through, so I am not real sure how I feel, because it is just as bad for all of the people who were accused of improprieties and have death threats made against them, especially if they are not true. Thanks for the people who responded.

  5. If you watch the whole interview with the policeman, the 3rd video, the child recants the whole story saying she made it up. That Abraham is abusing her and telling her to tell lies about her father. She says that she got the ideas from the movie Zorro, and some from a friend of hers, Sofia, she showed her the fake willies and the knife. The mom said she is in hiding for fear of her life, but if you watch all of the videos, Alissa says that none of those things happened at the swimming pool, the church, Mr. Hillcrest’s, her teacher etc. that she made it all up because she was afraid of Abraham, not her father. It just doesn’t make sense to me why you would say it is true, the sexual abuse, the hitting when she says, Alissa says that she made it all up, am I missing something? I watched all 3 videos, and was shocked at the end when she says she has never been sexually abused by her father. She says he is a good father. Explain please.

    • The videos came out couple of years ago or so, the kids have been taken from the mother and now the system is covering up by making the kids tell a total different story.

    • You can’t prove a negative wrong, but you CAN prove you don’t have tattoos, birthmarks and piercings. None of the dozens of people named and described by the children in extreme detail have done this.
      It is only natural to think: “This just can’t be true” at first. It sounds too horrible to wrap ones mind around. To realize there ere no proper investigations and the official explanation makes no sense, is a stressful and painful process. It means we, the good people of this world, who could not even imagine these things before, are in big trouble.
      If you think this was made up, ask yourself the following questions:
      1. Why has none of the named people has come forward to prove they don’t have these identifying marks?
      2. Why was there only one suspect who could leave after having a nice chat with the police? The children named dozens of people who allegedly murder, sodomize and rape children, kick them in their privates, hit them and commit countless other crimes.
      3. Given the fact, the detailed testimonies are about a cult who allegedly murders and rapes children and threatens anyone who speaks out with death, HOW could the “retractions” alone end the investigations by the police?
      4. If this was about custody or access to the children, why would the mother include all these details about tattoos, birthmarks and piercings that could be dismissed easily, if non existent by at least one of these dozens of people. Either the children have seen all these people naked to describe their privates like that, or it’s made up, which would be easy to prove. Which hasn’t happened in almost 2.5 years, although “the innocent people of Hampstead suffer so much”.
      5. If the mothers new boyfriend was the abuser here and had forced the children into these allegations, why were there two non molestation orders against the biological father made in 2010 after he turned violent against the mother and the little girl?
      6. Why did the father have major psychological issues and was treated in the Tavistock institute, as well as the children? That was from 2010 until 2013, a long time before Abraham even entered their lives.
      7. Why do Hoaxtead Research and their trolls here on yt do not get tired to mention the fact the children were given raw hemp, but “forget” to mention they were forced to take white powder by Dearman, among alcohol and tablets?
      8.The “retractions” lack details and contradict each other. One of the children says a class teacher (who plays an important part in this) is best friends with the father and that they are even living together(!) The other one says the father and the class teacher don’t know each other at all, not even their names. How can this be explained, without admitting at least one of the children can not have spoken the truth in the retractions?
      All the information mentioned here and many more heartbreaking and stomach turning details from all the interviews can be found in the hampsteadtranscripts. It also contains the fathers police interview and has a useful search function.
      “Believe the children” is a group on fb, with a lot of information about this complex case, for people who believe the children spoke the truth in their initial statements and were forced to retract.
      The comment section of the videos, as well as the cover up distraction site Hoaxtead Research prove the existence of a cover up. Proof of cover up is proof of guilt.

      • Proof of cover up is proof of guilt, very true, Mirana. It’s almost too horrific to inform oneself about this subject, I’ve seen these videos 2 years ago and was deeply shocked. My experiences in real life with this cover up are indirect. and I’ve met 2 victims of child abuse in a Satanic family, in person, on separate occasions, unexpectedly. That was about Xmas 2014 and springtime 2015.

        A former landlady who is a counceler in the UK began to receive clients that reveal these experiences to her, related to Project Monarch MK Ultra, as she called it. These clients have gone through hardship by being denied treatment by regular psychotherapist in the UK.
        They’re accused of a personality disorder creating false experiences to draw attention to them.

        I was able to inform my landlady about the existence of these mindprograms and institutes, offering her testimonies of victims on YouTube and a little bit about the purpose and background.

        I decided to not go into the concept too much, but rather give her a better understanding in order to find a sensible approach to be in a counceling session with these clients.

        Knowing that she deals with heavily traumatized people and in that way she was able to find if she actually felt she could be helpful for them. I’m not sure if I’ve given a clearer picture here,
        but the cover up of this practice in the UK isn’t going to last forever, I’m sure of it.

        Though many people will be shocked and in disbelief at first. This snakepit needs to be smoked out, burnt clean and be removed from planet Earth and it will.

    • Ms. Peterson, I haven’t done a lot research yet but supposedly there was a medical exam and the findings were consistent with abuse:


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