Words Of Wisdom From EX CIA Robert Steele

EX CIA Robert Steele Oslo Norway Interview – The Deep State Is Blackmailing Our Politicians

4 thoughts on “Words Of Wisdom From EX CIA Robert Steele”

  1. Key points

    2:45 The true purpose of 1,000 U.S. bases on foreign soil
    24:05 Open Source government
    25:47 War is a racket
    0:15 “it’s just like Khrushchev and Kennedy”

    Close enough. In November 1963 Nikita Khrushchev decided to accept Kennedy’s offer to convert the Apollo moon program into a joint U.S.-soviet project. Both leaders were subsequently removed from office by their own shadow government. The purpose and findings of the Apollo project were never disclosed to the public.



  2. “Trump is the bull in the china shop and the china needs to break”. Yes, I always see it in this way too.
    I agree wtih you, peterpansblog, Robert Steele is an awesome guy. He’s got this beautiful mix of strength, optimism, huge intelligence, great “cutting the crap” remarks and…. joy in life.
    Almost a father Xmas qualitiy, but with eyes that causes spoiled children to blush and cringe lol

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