he real goal of the corporate-run media is to suppress human knowledge and prevent a mass awakening of humanity.

The corporate-run media is not about informing, uplifting or educating humanity. It’s not about connecting you with important world events or bringing you insightful analysis on finance, medicine, technology, politics, science or the environment.

Instead, the corporate-run media is all about distracting you from the things that matter while indoctrinating you with falsehoods that have no basis in factual reality. The sinister agenda behind all this is to keep humanity dumbed down, scientifically illiterate, and cognitively redirected away from anything that might lead to greater awakening or freedom to think.

The mainstream media, in other words, is the soma drug of the modern era, designed to numb your brain, retract your senses, assault your curiosity and ridicule your awakening. The programming by the media is intended to mandate your obedience, conformity and intellectual homogeneity.

It’s all under the umbrella of “info-poisoning” which is a far more dangerous assault on your psyche than even the threat of chemical pesticides on your brain. Yet those chemical assaults also exist in the form of prescription medications, mercury in vaccines, aluminum in the food supply and pesticides on your lawn. It’s a full-on assault against your consciousness, your mind and your freedom to think. And it’s being waged every day by CNN, NYT, WashPo, MSNBC and other freedom-crushing propaganda outlets for the simple reason that the most dangerous thing in the world (to the status quo) is an individual who can think for herself.

I’ve explained this in more detail in my Health Ranger Report podcast. Listen below and share everywhere (also check out the We Are Change video below, which explains how the Huffington Post fakes the news…)

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Source: http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-03-20-the-real-goal-of-the-mainstream-media-is-to-suppress-and-destroy-human-knowledge.html


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  1. I apologize, I got over zealous in my comment. My mistake Hamilton was not the President but it was during the same time frame. He was one of the founding fathers of America is what I meant to get across as my point.

  2. Exactly Edward Bearnaise in the 1920’s book Propaganda and the movie in 1976 Network explains it all.

    What they are hiding is that all the southern states in the 1880’s wanted to leave the Union of States and succeed to be their own Sovereign nations again, as before the Union started in the 1770’s. Lincoln and the Elites were furious and started a proxy civil war disguised as freeing the slaves. Lincoln was not a hero at all, he was actually a tyrant to others Free Will and Sovereignty, and killed hundreds of thousands of Americans who were not complying.

    Also, President Hamilton was a traitor as well, in selling us out to the Rothschild banking cartel in the early 1800’s and that is why he allowed the War of 1812 and the burning of the White House and Libraries to hide to the truth. Then President Andrew Jackson in 1828-1836 during his presidency, he ordered his Vice President Arron Burr to assassinate Ex-President Hamilton who was still interfering with Jackson quest to destroy the banks. He did and it was National News also! Which he actually did and demolished the worldwide debts we had with everyone. We were actually fiscally solvent and making profits as a nation and everyone was happy until the 1860’s.

    I can keep going on and on with the truth, for now everyone needs to research it on their own to see it and make the changes needed to win this final leg of the battle!!!!!

    much love,
    jeff arto

  3. la liberación completa no parcial de la información es nuestro derecho y como tal de nosotros depende exigir que sea liberada, se trata de nuestra evolución y por muy difícil que pudiera ser el organizarnos se debe hacer un llamado a todo aquel despierto a firmar un documento legal donde se exige la revelación absoluta de información como esta, sin esperar a que los gobernantes quieran o crean que así tiene que ser y si es el 1% de la población mundial, este derecho nos corresponde exigirlo aún más, si todos los informantes por fin se unieran sé que todos los que seguimos su información, nos les uniriamos. Es probable que crean que esto es una utopía, pero las utopías no son fantasía a menos que nosotros así lo querramos sin buscar el mínimo esfuerzo para que estás se conviertan en una realidad.


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