Although drastic action was taken, the situation with directed energy weapon attacks upon Lightworkers and Lightwarriors is far from being resolved and the following article still needs to go viral, translated in as many languages as possible and posted on blogs worldwide:

Here I need to repeat again that the main reason the Light forces do not intervene more directly are plasma toplet bombs:

As plasma strangelet bombs have already been removed successfully, so will be plasma toplet bombs and that will lead to the Event. As soon as the presence of plasma toplet bombs falls below a certain threshold, the Light forces will address the directed energy weapons situation very drastically if it does not get resolved more peacefully until then.

On top of those weaponized attacks, a massive disinformation campaign against the key Lightwarriors on the planet has been engineered by the etheric and plasma Archons, manipulating personality weaknesses of certain people, “suggesting” them to attack. It started immediately after I published this article about directed energy weapons:

A certain individual that „has no idea of what he is talking about“, has released a public attack against me, and there was enough awareness to quickly put that into perspective:

To put it again very simply: I have released the directed energy weapons article to bring awareness, NOT to spread fear. Only awareness can transmute such situations. Denial will not make them go away. In fact denial which led to passive allowance is the main reason why concentration camps in World War 2 were even possible.

A few days later, a similar attack targeted Corey Goode and that was quickly put into perspective too:

It is true that Corey Goode and David Wilcock were not very open to cooperation, but they still did a huge contribution towards the planetary liberation. Although together with my network I am powerful enough to positively influence the planetary situation, imagine what we could do all together if we would cooperate!

To help clarifying the issues, the Resistance has asked me to briefly provide my perspective on Corey Goode’s intel.

Through my sources I can confirm: existence of secret space programs, spheres in the Solar System, extensive ancient ruins throughout the Solar System, ruins in Antarctica (and also in Amazon delta, gulf of Aden, bay of Bengal, north of Long Island…), giants in stasis

Through my sources I can NOT confirm: existence of Anshar, Corey Goode’s recent experiences beyond the surface of this planet

I also know beyond any shadow of doubt that main Atlantis civilization was in the middle of Atlantic ocean, with precise location revealed in this post:

All this is a lesson for many people in the Lightwarrior and Lightworker community to start using discernment. True discernment is not possible on mental level, it can only appear when you make contact with your Soul, your higher self. Then you simply KNOW.

Until then, the following two articles can help:

If we focus again on the planetary situation, the North Korean conflict node still needs to be dissolved:

I would also like to bring massive abuse of basic human rights in North Korea to public awareness:

There is now a strong worldwide campaign to expose the Cabal. The following genuine testimony has reached over 1 million people:

Evidence about a child abuse ring extending all way up to UK royal family has been recently released:

Also, Russian mainstream media now talk openly about Trump being controlled by the deep state:

Jared Kushner is identified as being his handler:

Probably you already know that Kushner owns this building:

But most likely you did not know that 666 Fifth Avenue is the home address of Rockefeller Grand Lodge, the main masonic lodge of the Rockefeller faction of the Cabal (link in Spanish, you can google translate):

The Eastern Alliance is now speeding up their preparations for the Reset:

Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong and Zimbabwean Dollar are NOT the key currencies in the coming financial Reset.

People are becoming more and more aware that taxation is theft:

The idea of universal basic income is getting more and more support, and now even Cabal is considering using it in their own version of the partial, fake Reset:

Needless to say, only full Reset with abundance to all humanity is an option.

Victory of the Light!


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  1. Victory to the Light !
    We each live here, we each dream here
    We each are emissaries of light:
    Wisdom, ethics, nurturing, healing
    What ever we do , energetically,
    Impacts this world, internet or not….
    What does your actions do?
    Add light? Inspiration? Love?
    Live by your spirit first, it is the
    Energy that ties us to all life !!
    There are dark forces that trick people
    Into serving it to harm others….
    Are your own hands clean??
    Are you clean of being a puppet
    Of the dark??
    If you are government servant, law enforcement,
    Military or banking institution, you have some soul searching to do !!!
    Start looking on statistics for sum total of direction!!
    Are the numbers and statistics showing crime, homelessness, joblessness &
    Death going up or down???
    Is it not insanity to continue same actions again and again and expect a different
    Soul search !! Come clean!!
    Join those that dare to follow proven successes out
    Of broken societies !!!
    We each make a difference!
    Come clean!
    Victory to the Light!!

  2. The fight for earth is being held among several groups that have their own representatives providing information and disinformation to humans –

    I find very strange that people who are pursuing the same objective and working for the same goals, DO NOT EVEN KNOW THEMSELVES and HAVE DIFFERENT SPEECHES?

    I have been following David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Cobra, Barbara Marciniak, the New Age population and there are different versions about the same facts which reflects a lack of consistency and therefore different actors pulling the string. Otherwise I would say there is a lack of communication and organisation that does not inspire trustfulness. I would like to bring your awareness on this facts.

    For what I have experienced, there is a strong Illuminati influence behind the scenes and is very easy to be caught in the trap as they have so much power and resources to position as the goodies without even been noticed – Judging by facts, we are supposed to be loving, forgiving, feeling compassion for every body including the darks – We are supposed to be here on a mission to learn from suffering – We are our own Gods with no power – This is a typical manipulating speech that only tend to maintain slavery.

    Meanwhile the infrastructure in our society keeps IDENTICAL and seems to be gaining power as the laws become tougher for us diminishing the chances to be creative or free –

    It seems to me that time is an issue and that some-one is trying to gain time to get something done behind the scenes and this could be the case of the establishment that is getting more and more ready to maintain the control over the population until there will be a non-returning point because they have set massive destruction weapons to control not only the earth and humanity but the whole universe.

    GOD SAVE THE UNIVERSE and we collaborate with him!


    • luz Pardo, this part of your comment inspired me to respond:

      “The fight for earth is being held among several groups that have their own representatives providing information and disinformation to humans –

      I find very strange that people who are pursuing the same objective and working for the same goals, DO NOT EVEN KNOW THEMSELVES and HAVE DIFFERENT SPEECHES?”

      The part of your comment in capital was what I asked myself in amazement too, in 1996. I’ve learned how in Holland, in touch with real people in 3D, a large group of people became inspired by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles work “The Mayan Dreamspell.” Me included.

      What’s significant in the process of “spreading the word” and expressions of art-work, all related to the Dreamspell knowledge, is the numerous little groups each “inventing the wheel” and not joining hands in attunement and efforts to “sound as one voice”.

      I was perplexed and horrified, observing the separate initiatives, the jealousy, the stealing of materials, some moving into attempts to play God, with several “cult-members”, as I perceived it, returning to their past life stories as Mayan priests, corrupted and fanatic. The same old tune was played: “Money makes the world go round and power is the mechanics turning it” Or the other way around, for it’s that same old question “Which was first, the egg or the chicken?

      Competition, jealousy, bickering about puny details for the sake of bickering, it all was pretty much similar to the attitude of many Calvinistic church-members I grew up with, as a minister’s daughter, in the 50’s in Holland.

      The games of power and money are played now with stern faces, for it’s felt as a battle for life or death. Those at the table invite the company of advisors who know all about attacks, distortions and delusion, creating a boiling cauldron with clouds of sulphur leaving the sizzling broth. In all of this it’s to me the great value of discernment that counts, just like Cobra points out here:

      (Quote) “All this is a lesson for many people in the Lightwarrior and Lightworker community to start using discernment. True discernment is not possible on mental level, it can only appear when you make contact with your Soul, your higher self. Then you simply KNOW”.(End of quote)

      In all that jazz, it’s to me a sword of truth, we must not forget that in the whole wide world, inevitably, due to the change of vibration that is reaching planet Earth, our Solar System moving through the photon belt, many people are waking up unto the “Flowering of Consciousness”. Embodying our soul in a physial body is another way to describe our human-galactic being birthing process, in my opinion.

      From an objective point of view, despite the sparking of opposition, sabotage and attacks, the unveiling of LIght is happening as we speak. It’s happening in our inner world, in each person and it’s happening in the world at large. With assistance of many beings, in spirit and in the flesh. Whatever happens, the part of you that is most true and awake is the part of you that lives forever. Practicing discernment is equal to befriending that part and in that light all will be well. I’m doing my very best.

      It’s how I perceive our yellow brick road, a golden road, making planet Earth go round and whole. Aymen.

      Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.


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