GoldFish Report #79
“Ascension Roundtable, Uniting the Light”

Cobra • Rob Potter • Benjamin • Alfred Webber
Marie Batchelor • Mary Rodwell • Duncan

(gf0217) Louisa – We have different ideas of what Ascension is. We have the biblical definition of ascension and I don’t think that is what Ascension is. I’ve asked our guests to do is prepare a 5 min. status from their respective field of expertise and research – what their research is showing and personally give any kind of personal experience of Ascension. I’ll start with Cobra – Cobra, you have very extensive work with Ascension obviously and our viewers are quite familiar with you. Cobra, can you give us a little idea basically what the status is of Ascension and what exactly are people experiencing. How can we validate that. What evidence do we have that this is actually happening.

Cobra – There are 2 things happening here, the first one is the planetary and cosmic Ascension process which is a result of a big cosmic change which is happening because of the completion of certain huge cosmic cycles and the completion of those cosmic cycles reflects in the whole universe. It then reflects through out the galaxy with increased activity of the galactic central sun and it reflects throughout the solar system and through our planet. One aspect of this huge cosmic change is the purification of all darkness. The second aspect of this cosmic change is an influx of new cosmic energies which are actually preparing us for the real Ascension process. The real Ascension process can not start before this planet is liberated from the darkness. So what we are now actually experiencing is the inner purification in which all inner and outer darkness needs to be purged. At the moment of The Event we start the proper planetary Ascension process. This Ascension process is not the same as many races have been experiencing in the past simply because this global ascension process is actually the end of all darkness. It is an Event of cosmic importance. This is one aspect of the whole story. The other aspect of the whole story is the individual process. Each individual being on this planet will go through individual experience. For some individuals this will culminate in Ascension. Individual Ascension is actually a co-relation of the transition between the outward personality based Being into a soul based Being. Transformation of consciousness from 3rd or 4th dimensional consciousness to 5th dimensional and beyond which means that those of us who will complete that process will no longer be just mere physical beings, but we’ll be beings of light which will manifest that light through all thoughts, emotions and connections. So the individual Ascension process proper will start at the moment of The Event. Before that we are in preparation phases. Many of us have done a lot of spiritual work, our own techniques, meditations. Many people have had strong spiritual experiences where a tremendous amount of inner transformations, release of all ?? belief systems. All of that is just preparation for the real thing.

Louisa: What evidence really do we have. So you’re saying that people have their own individual spiritual experiences. Can you comment on. . . Are people having more OBE experiences like in Astral or something like that. Is that what you mean.

Cobra – People have a variety of experiences that includes OBE, spiritual visions, their perception is expanding. It is basically an expansion of consciousness. It is not an intellectual understanding only. It is something much deeper which goes beyond intellectual understanding itself. This is something that is happening globally and people regardless if they are living in the center of a big city or if they are living in the desert somewhere. They feel that something is going on. Something out of the usual, something out of ordinary is going on. That feeling is just a reflection of this new influx of cosmic energies that is taking place. (gf0217)

(gf0217) Steve – I can only say that . . .on 2 levels. On my professional level as a musician I mix with sensitive people who are performing music all the time and the other level I meet audience members or people on the street and there is a . . . for me there is a divergence in consciousness. One group of people is desperate to do therapies and change themselves. Then there’s another group that is becoming even more grounded in negativity. What would you say to that Cobra

Cobra – Actually what is happening is there is . . . this energy is exposing and enlarging everything that is. So whatever has been neglected before is now being brought to the surface to be seen. So it appears the light is getting brighter and the darkness is getting more intense because this is the final polarization phase and it is happening everywhere.

Steve – So polarization is a word that you also use. I use divergent but people are becoming more enlightened or maybe becoming more negative on the other, is that correct.

Cobra – They are not becoming more negative, it is simply the negative that is always there is now being exposed. There is many I would say, suppressed emotions and negativity in the energy fields of most human beings which have never been triggered before and now they are being triggered all at once because we are reaching expansion before the breakthrough.

Steve – so the simplest way is we improve ourselves, or we move ourselves forward, clean ourselves of negativity and it helps others as well.

Cobra – Actually I would not say release all the negativity, I would say that we’re trying to remove as much of this as possible and the final breakthrough of The Event will assist us in removing the rest.

Steve. Thank you. (gf0217)
(gf0217) Louisa It seems like we’re starting to see more of the arrests, some of the arrests happen, what you’ve been speaking about for quite some time. It seems like it’s a little slow but do you see this expediting in the near future.

Cobra – What we are seeing now is not yet the real thing, I would say the beginning of acceleration of the process. Because when the real thing happens, when there is a breakthrough things will happen extremely fast. People then ??have to experience that. People will not be saying this is taking too long, because when the cabal are arrested, things will happen in a matter of days and maximum of weeks and things will be over, but we’re not there. What is happening now is the battle for the energy grid around planet earth and when this is complete those changes can begin to happen. What I’m speaking out, the removal of those exotic weapons, those toplet bombs, these will need to be completed before the major arrests would happen because the Cabal has support of the Chimera group and they have support of the negative E.T.’s and all of this needs to be cleared completely. We need to avoid collective wars and scenarios on the surface of this planet so this needs to be dealt with first and then we can have the breakthrough. (gf0217)
(gf0217) Louisa – thank you for that. Update on Ascension and Evidence Rob.

Rob – Personal and Planetary Ascension is raising vibration or getting higher. There is a science to this that has been hidden to humanity. There are break-away groups/initiatory group who have kept contact beyond the veil and have kept who we are as luminous beings who have developed techniques to raise vibrations. What are we ascending to – ultimate graduation into the soul. We go beyond death. Who are we as living words of Gods.

We have 7 levels to the physical plane – solid, liquid, gas, ionic and the 3 ethers – These 7 levels are repeated on each plane or frequency above that. Lower dense physical body, we have a Soul – I AM Presence, light above the body which extends into physical self/body (violet flame) – . It’s like a Wi-fi from soul to body but the frequencies are jammed. We are responsible. We are covered with Veil energy of our own making. We have to remove negative thinking and use our consciousness to focus on light to transmute our thinking and raise our vibration. We keep ourself so limited in negativity and dense thinking. We have to raise this vibration. Understanding who we are as a light being and with the chakra’s, the magnetic centers responsible for our feelings. we have to use the science of the still-breath (Kria yoga) to analyze our breath and purify and invoke the light in 3-fold flame and invoking the rays and masters and we all must learn this on our different levels. We’re luminous beings and we have energy things we’re learning on. Judgment of others is not a good thing. We need to focus on ourself. Duality and this solar pulse and being protected by the sphere beings and this increase in light has been planned for thousands of years. The earth is a being. This planet was acting as a hospital for laggards or souls to transform themselves but the inmates took over the asylum. In conjunction with violations of galactic treaties and such. Those things do influence human affairs. Planetary Ascension is moving forward and we don’t control that except our own contribution by raising our own vibration. It’s planned like a Swiss clock. It won’t end in violence or outer warfare on the physical plane. Incredible amount of secrecy that’s held around this information is also – about the secrecy about the human soul. Go into focusing in themselves and releasing the intellect and go into the direct knowing of the intuitional body.

7 bodies – physical, astral, lower mental, buddhic (intuitional), causal, atmic, logoic

We have all these bodies that rest within us now, like Russian dolls. Transmitting bodies into light. Ascension is the transmuting of physical bodies into light and the remembering of our souls. The higher planes of Logoic or Atmic emanations that we can infuse into our body will preclude our Ascension. It’s an individual thing but no one is Ascending until the planet does – there’s a pause on that. We’re moving forward on a planetary level and individually we have to ignite our God-flame through awakening to the truth consciousness and doing everything we know that is good, right, beautiful and true.

Louisa – Cobra, any counterpoint to add to Rob.

Cobra – Ok. What Rob described is a very good description of the individual constitution, how we are composed of different images and different vibrational bodies . This is part of the individual ascension which is part of the global cosmic process. (gf0217)

(gf0217) Louisa – 12 genetic, 12 ET races. We’re a culmination of the 12 ET races so why wouldn’t we have this ascension which is all the DNA being activated. Why wouldn’t we feel a combination of all those races. Cobra, could you comment on that.

Cobra – Basically what is happening here, many people who are now incarnated as human beings have been having experiences in all different star systems before they came to this planet. When their vibration frequency reaches a certain level they tap into the memory from the time of when they were in those star systems. This is the start of a global awakening and it’s taking place now and it’s not just the 12 star systems, it’s much much much much more. (gf0217)
(gf0217) Louisa – If Simon parks were here he would be explaining Ascension is the connecting the DNA that was manipulated and disconnected. Could you comment on that Cobra

COBRA – It’s not just about DNA. DNA is just the physical manifestation, the physical transmitter of light from the light body but the real source of this is the consciousness of the soul within the light body. I would not put too much focus on the physical body and the DNA structure. What is far more important is the connection with soul presence, the I AM PRESENCE within the light light body. (gf0217)
(gf0217) Louisa – I wanted to ask Cobra if you could comment on something Marie had said about pharmaceutical and Ascension.

Cobra – The pharmaceutical industry has been created by the cabal for a few reasons – first to extract more money from people which were made ill artificially. 2nd to give to human beings, human bodies in stress in biochemical stress in order to prevent the raising of the vibrational frequency. It is true that certain pharmaceutical can help in certain cases to relieve some symptoms of a certain illness but in the vast majority of cases illness is a manifestation on certain inner blockage or a manifestation of artificial intrusion in the human body. The new medicine which is being born right now throughout the planet ? space or vibrational frequency of human being and the relation of human consciousness with the physical body and this is the key to restore health and ? energy here is the plasma plane and key to restore health to the human body. That is the answer to the first question. (gf0217)
(gf0217) Louisa – this concept that Alfred was talking about, about these Avatars- what do you think, do you have anything to add to what Alfred about soul can occupy more than one avatar.

Cobra – Basically a soul, a fragment of the soul gets incarnated into a body that can be termed an avatar and the key here is to reconnect that fragment that was incarnated with the whole soul consciousness. The perception of time that we have in a way at the time have points of which means that it points from the back into the future also the higher dimensions. It is extremely difficult to have more soul avatars at the same moment. It is true the source which has fragmented in many souls has chosen to experience various aspects of creation through all those avatars, all those bodies that we see throughout the universe. (gf0217)

(gf0217) Louisa – what Benjamin said is right – the process has been taken too long.

Benjamin – The fundamental function of this duality and all this suffering is how do we know what we want unless we know what we do not want. We have been shown very clearly what we do not want. How do we move forward into the next level of what do we want. Collectively. What do we do. How do we get there. Now that we know what we clearly don’t want, how do we actually get there to the next step when so many people are so brainwashed . . . what they don’t know. …what they don’t know.

Cobra – First I’d like to say you need to know what we don’t know in order to know what we want. If we’re in contact with ourself we know what we want. Our inner voice knows always if we are within ourselves and we know what we want. The key to manifest that is to follow that vision, follow that dream. Be courageous enough to follow that dream in our lives regardless of what the world is telling us, regardless of what our boss and job is telling us, regardless of what the school monitor is telling us, regardless of what the Cabal is telling us or the media is telling us. If we are following that dream we will manifest and we will manifest. (gf0217)

(gf0217) Louisa – Cobra has said this in the past, go within and find our true purpose, your true soul, your true identity – that’s how people can help

Cobra – – Yes, of course because. . . because if you know who you are Be who you are. You can change the rules

Cobra – I would not complicate things. Know who you are. Be sincere of who you are and you will know who you are. (gf0217)

(gf0217) Rob – you had mentioned in one of your situation reports about the brutal attacks. I have to tell you I have been. . . I don’t know if other people have I have been lying in bed at 2-3 in the morning. Is this true for the general experience this. populous. I hear “you are a mess, why are you even on the planet, why don’t you kill yourself”. Tremendous purification going on. Can you talk a little bit about this scalar attack that’s taking place.

Cobra – there are various layers taking place. One layer which is the most complex at the moment are targeted attacks on the most powerful light warriors and light workers and those attacks are extremely severe in the last few weeks. It is because we are in the energy battle for planet earth right now. This battle, this war is going through a peak right now and this ? is why the other side is using all these weapons, all these electric energy weapons, all their scalar technology weapons as much as possible to stop us from what we are doing. They will not be successful. Those attacks are extremely unpleasant, they are brutal it is not easy to survive them.

Louisa – Why aren’t light workers getting more support Cobra.

Cobra – This is one of the most difficult questions. The reality of the situation is we are still in the hostage situation. All people on the surface of the planet are hostages to the demonic forces at the moment. The light forces are progressing but have not been able to penetrate fully to the innermost layers close to the surface, that’s why we can’t have full protection. We need to do whatever we can to strengthen our immune system and keep in balance as much as possible and to protect ourself as much as possible to go through this challenging period before the breakthrough happens. (gf0217)

(gf0217) Louisa – do you see many more set backs

Cobra – Basically what I see are not setbacks. I see this final decisive battle. I do not know how long this will take but we are now in this period of his final battle. I don’t know how long this will take. We are in the process. (gf0217)


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  1. Rob, you are not alone with the severe attacks in the early morning hours. Anxiety/fear and negative energy projections. I’ve never had these problems in my life until the past few years. They are consistent and daily. I am nobody. Just a middle aged woman struggling to pay bills and feed myself and my dogs. It’s very defeating. I can’t see an acceptable future. Thxs for the interview.


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