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What is being in ones Divine Authority? Well, it’s simple enough, you keep your focus upon being centered in your heart – you follow your heartfelt nudges of inspiration and you do not allow your ego mind to run your life. Simple enough but can be oh so difficult to accomplish when our ego mind has been the part of us holding the reins of control for so long. Our egos need to control things is especially strong and wishes to take the reins in those areas where our old traumas and more especially the deductions we made about life because of them, about how we should be, do, act in certain situations to ‘survive’.

We all have a desire to truly reform those well programmed reactions to those old (sometimes many lives old) emotionally challenging situations. Often we believe that we have succeeded in leaving old reactions behind and think “I’ve got it now” – “I won’t make that mistake again”. Yet we continue to find ourselves dealing with these old patterns until we reach a point where we declare, decree and command that we fully accept the guidance from our Divine Family of Light to release those old habits. It can be tough, however when we finally give up – ‘let go and let God’ – let Source within (our I AM Presence) lead the way we find a new way to walk knowing that any and all of those amazing Spiritual Guides are more than willing to hold our hand and follow us all the way into being fully in our Divine Authority. Every seeming setback is just another opportunity to take a new step in the right direction until we are in the Flow.



Who is the most important person in your life? The answer should be you yourself. No its not selfish to put yourself first although most of us have deep deep programming regarding this subject matter. If you do not consider your own needs of rest, time-out, alone time and always feel that when there is time to spare it should be used to support others in some way then you will not be helping anyone in the end. Time and time again you will find that exhaustion overpowers you because once again you have left yourself last in the line of important people in your life.

Our own needs for energy replenishment must be put first. Becoming one with our divine authority demands that  we remove that ego voice reminding us about all of the others, situations, that need help or attention etc.

2 Short Tips

…. for dealing with that ‘ego voice’ which has of course also led us this far and cannot and should not be completely ignored.

  • When you hear that voice carrying on a conversation regarding preparations of whatever kind to control various situations in your life tell it kindly and softly “you know that might be good advice but that idea / concern might not be true at all” and maybe tell your ego “if you would like to keep on this concerned conversation you will have to do so ‘over there’ – point to a chair beside you – on your own – not here.” Or something like that.
  • You can also see your own consciousness as being like a clear blue sky and when these ‘conversations’ appear you simply see them as clouds of conversation passing by and simply note this and let them pass by.

We should not attempt to prevent thoughts arising as this will only create the opposite effect.

We Need to be Prepared Now

There is no time any longer for dilly dallying (wasting time by being indecisive) we all need to be as prepared as we possibly can be for change now. This readiness can be on every level. This site has provided ample information on how to be prepared for change physically like having food in stock for a week and if you own one, filling up the tank in your car when its half full. But more importantly is our readiness now to be in touch with our Divine Authority at this time and no one is more suited to talk to us about divine authority than Archangel Uriel.

Being in our Divine authority demands leaving behind our ego discussions regarding whether we are good enough, clever enough etc. to actually do something to affect change. Instead we follow through when our Higher Self / I AM Presence asks us to do something that will benefit cooperation and unity between people on any level.

Our main thought in mind right now should be UNITY. Unity first with our heartfelt I AM knowing which will guide us to what truly feels right in each situation we encounter.

We might feel an urge to make contact with someone or offer our services in some way or anything that will bring our communities closer at this time is of paramount importance. We are each of us unique and different pieces of an enormous puzzle and when we follow our heart we leave behind any unnecessary consciousness of things like ‘how we might look in others eyes’ or ‘what on earth will people think’ when we feel prompted to take some kind of action that can benefit the whole.

The Light Has Won – Lets Bring Things to Completion Now

Everything is possible. We have unlimited possibilities – together we have unlimited advantages, let’s all use those now, let’s be our own unique piece of the puzzle to create balance in our lives and unite with others to bring balance back to this planet.

Anyone at any time with some moments to spare should send the Violet Flame in the name of Saint Germain and Archangel Zadkiel to the area of the negative energy vortex extending 1000 miles in radius from Long Island. 

For those that might not yet be familiar with Archangel Uriel He is the Archangel of the Luminous Silver Flame, Archangel of Time, Keeper of Time, and He is both the Keeper and Archangel of Divine Authority.

According to Archangel Uriel we are now ready through daily contact with our I AM Presence to both anchor that Divine Presence on Earth and live and exist and act in our Divine Authority. He says;

“Why has Divine Authority become such an important topic, a crucial issue to be addressed in this phase of your unfoldment? Because you are ready. Now, there has been a theme of readiness, and that is not what I am referring to. I am referring past the preparation stage of readiness into the readiness, the ‘ready’ of being in action. You are at a conjuncture where you are able to truly embrace and anchor and be and act in your Divine Authority.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ 16 May, 2017

Video and Transcript

Therese Zumi

First posted on PFC on the 16th of June 2017 at 1911 PM CEST

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  1. Salaam , Namastey, thank you so , so much in all love with the Victory of the light , love and peace forever more.

  2. Thank you very much, Theresa. “Ask and you will receive” that jumps out at me, in this beautiful article. What a sweat to realise I’m not who I thought I was, shedding layers like a snake sheds its old skin, which looks like an exact replica without the snake body in it. Right now I feel I’m in detox of my old self and it feels like being in between touching ground, leaping in the air.

    Gosh, I’m not sure anymore who I WAS before I forgot who I AM. Does it matter really? Due to the storm of sensations, feelings and inner “conversations” my observing is often in “overdrive”. Senior to my being at ease. Oh la la, suddenly I’ve diagnosed my condition. I think that’s the core of what’s the matter now. Thank you. LOL.

  3. Thesa, with this never coming change,… even those who were well prepared are going out of their preparing,… be assured…

    …a bit longer, a bit longer and no one has considering the preparing you endless tell us about…

    • Johns, I like your honesty in expressing your view. I understand very well when you feel weary, or tired.
      In your words: “with this never coming change”. If this helps, it may drive the nail deeper, try to keep in mind, that change is by its very nature a process and not 1 moment in time.

      It helps sometimes, when you focus on your own environment, close by, and see what it is that you desire
      for change, however small and work on that change. It may be a repair job, or a fresh creation. Keeping it simple and practical, you can gain confidence in actually seeing change, made with your hands or by your initiative. Alone or with others. There’s always something that can be done, for a change.

      To me “prepare for change” means living with and moving through the change that is happening right now, within and without. To many, at least, for me that’s a reality, there’s uncomfortable feelings and emotions rising in the awakening at large. I believe that the outside world reflects our inner stance of a longtime programming of austerity and survival mode. For me there’s definitely difficult moments in the waking up of who I am truly and it helps me to be practical, taking care of the space of where I am and the people in my company.

      This afternoon I went for an icecream, in the soaring heat and the shop was air-conditioned, heavenly!
      I asked the lady if I could just stand inside her shop and enjoy my icecream. She welcomed me warmly in the coolness of her shop. I think she was happy with company and we entered a most enjoyable conversation about the value of saying “thank you” and of showing appreciation to those who have a positive impact on our life.

      The process of change happening right now, within humanity in company of planet Earth (when you look around you, you can’t miss the signs I think, unless you live on a remote island as a hermit) that process of change is called by ancient tribes “The Shift of the Ages.” These days, in extreme warm temperatures where I live, I call it “The Dust of the Ages” for myself, for I sense that dust being swept up, whirling around me, blinding me and and bringing me to tears, at times. I’m sweating on it and need lots of swims!

      More than ever before I remind myself of the recommendation, offered in this article here, my choice:
      “You can also see your own consciousness as being like a clear blue sky and when these ‘conversations’ appear you simply see them as clouds of conversation passing by and simply note this and let them pass by”.

      As I perceive it, at this moment these “conversations” appearing within me, go far beyond anything I’ve experienced, including all nooks and crannies of my being or so it seems. Old stories, memories of my youth in great detail, false hopes and unrealistic expectations, sometimes obsessive thought patterns, faces of people I haven’t seen for a long time, also voices of the past.

      My physical body feels more heavy than ever before and when I’m in the sea it’s a relief to float!
      I guess planet Earth is letting me know that she and I belong together, in the gravity and flight of her love.

      Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.


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