(c2c0113) John – – Cobra Welcome
COBRA — It’s wonderful opportunity to extend our mission to the next level because there are so many things about to take place and the general population of this planet needs to be prepared.
John — You just start wherever you wish.
COBRA – So first question, is my voice modulated. (Yes it is). Very good. I’m going to begin with the general plan. I will not reveal the whole plan I will just reveal as much as I can at this moment because there are still many elements which are not yet to be disclosed, (understood) but there is a general plan for the planetary liberation. There are very strong and very powerful forces of light working behind the scenes to change the situation on this planet and I think most people are aware, quite aware that there is something wrong especially with the financial system and how the system is created and how it is set up and this needs to change. So basically I would just give you a brief descriptor of the positive forces working behind the scenes to change the situation and then I’m going to give a few outlines, a few guidelines what every person can do to assist in this process. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – Very good. I’ve been thinking Cobra, as far as the capitalistic system goes, we have pretty much run out version 1 and we’re about to have version 2 hoisted upon us. So..
COBRA – What is going to happen is so called financial re-set. This is going to totally transform the way the finances are done on this planet. Because as the financial system we have now, there is a tight control by a very small group of people who is controlling the planet through the financial system. Actually this financial system was imported from the Orion constellation thousands and thousands of years ago. The General principles of how to control our population through finances was developed in other place throughout the galaxy a long time ago. It was practiced many times and this has been introduced in Sumerian times on this planet and then expanded through the Roman times. And now this small group is controlling people through their finances but their control is about to be over. Simply because the critical mass of humanity is becoming aware of what’s going on and this is the key factor here. If a critical mass of people a certain number of people becomes aware of what is happening, the control can not go on any longer. And therefore there are certain forces working behind the scenes that have already created an alternative financial system that will be activated at the time of The Event. This new financial system will be much more fair to everybody involved. But as you know basically human nature on this planet is not perfect and this is one of the reasons for those delays. Because even the positive forces, people inside the positive forces have their own motivations, their own agenda’s and all this needs to be harmonized and when it will become harmonized, this is one of the factors for The Event – for the final factor for this to Happen. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – The Event – what will that feel like to everybody.
COBRA – I can now first speak briefly about The Event so you’ll have a basic idea of what is coming forward. The Event is the final breakthrough of the light forces on this planet and it has many aspects. It has the physical aspect and it has an energetic aspect. The energetic aspect being the vibrational breakthrough on the planet because we don’t have just the physical plane, we have the higher energy planes like the etheric plane, the astral plane and there are also controlling factors, controlling beings existing on those planes and controlling humanity spiritually and the light forces are making great progress and there is a certain point there will be an energy breakthrough on the energy planes which will then manifest on the physical plane as the re-set of the financial system. At the same moment when the reset of the financial system happens, there will be mass arrests of those people who were controlling humanity. Those people will be taken into custody and will be given fair trial but they will not be allowed to have any access to any positions of power in their life any longer. (c2c0113)
(c2c0113) John – Now, how is this tied in to. . . these ones who are going to be doing the arresting, are these earth people, are these, are they part of the Resistance or are they the leaders and therefore set above the Resistance or are they just part of it.
(c2c0113) COBRA – I will explain. There were many positive groups involved in this operation so I will just briefly describe those groups so you’ll be able to understand the complexity of all this. Basically we have people inside the military – in the military all around the world, in US, in Russia, In China especially there are people who are called the positive military and their motivation is to bring justice back to humanity.
John – Tell us again what are they called.
COBRA – Positive military – positive military – so like a description of this group. They are basically beings who have incarnated in positions of power with a purpose to transform the way the military operates on this planet. So these are the ones who will be in the background when the arrests happen. Then we have positive people inside the police forces which will be the ones making the arrests around the planet and it will be a coordinated action at the same moment everywhere around the planet. This operation would not be possible without a tactical and intel support of the RM (Resistance Movement). And I will just briefly describe now the RM – I will speak about that more in detail later. So basically there is an underground civilization living in the crust of this planet there are actually many underground places and cavern systems and this positive civilization has connected those cavern systems and underground dwellings with their very high speed trains. They have advanced technology. They are connected physically with the Pleiadians and other ET races. Some people have called this underground civilization the Agartha network. It is known as the Agarthan network, but there were some reinforcements made lately so the RM is actually giving humanity. . . first they give humanity spiritual support. They are stabilizing the situation on the planet and they are giving humanity physical support. They are the ones who have been preventing many negative scenarios from happening. They were the ones who were actually preventing WWIII. They have cleared the nuclear threat completely from humanity. They have cleared the threat of biochemical weapons from humanity and they are the ones who are actually ensuring only the positive time-lines for the future of the planet are now possible. So this is one of the great Victories of the Dec 21, 2012 activation. All the negative time-lines, all the negative future timelines for humanity have been erased, so there is zero possibility for WWIII, for any type of nuclear exchange and any type of chemical exchange of a mass level. This will not happen. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – Can you tell us how they are preventing this. We know Alien craft show up around these bases when tensions escalate. Are these entities in these craft that show up around these bases.
COBRA – OK I will explain. The craft that were seen around the nuclear missile bases were basically Pleiadian. Pleiadian’s had a technology to block most of the nuclear weapons. I would say they were able to block maybe 90% of nuclear weapons but they were not able to completely erase the nuclear threat therefor the RM ground crew, their agents, their field agents on the surface of the planet have infiltrated those nuclear facilities and have de-activated the nuclear weapons in a way that I am not allowed to describe right now. Basically the Cabal, the controlling forces are not able to activate any of the nuclear bombs. It is not possible. (Amazing) They don’t understand how that works. Basically there is technology which is far beyond the understanding of the controlling forces (understood) and the RM field agents have disabled all the nuclear weapons in a way that the Cabal can not understand. (c2c0113)
(c2c0113) John – Rob – do you have anything to supplement this with. We’re going to adjust the modulation.
Rob – I can say that what Cobra is saying is exactly in alignment and atonement with my information that I have been receiving for many years that I knew that this was going to be taking place, that the power of the technology of the Agarthan network in conjunction with the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) is capable of doing this, the details of making this happen on the planet was very alluding to me. I kept wondering why it wasn’t happening. As an earth human living down here, why don’t you just do it. There is a divine thing that is taking place, it’s literally a holographic insertion of time-lines and that’s the projector technology and all of these things that go beyond into the quantum field. Their technology is very high and they are working from an astral plane. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – We’re speaking with Rob Potter and Cobra. I can not disclosure Cobra’s location. It’s emphatically stated that this can not be done for reasons of security and therefore insecurity, you know that one. I can tell you it’s no where near here. No where near here. The other part of the problem is we want to disguise his voice. We didn’t want to – he wanted us to. It’s causing a little technical problem here or there. When we come back with Rob Potter backing up Cobra, I’m going to get him to speak slowly so we can hear everything that he has to say and we’ll get Rob to help clarify certain points here and there while we in the meanwhile maintain the disguising modulation feature of this particular line. We’ll be back. Alright Rob Potter and Cobra are with us. We’ve been talking a little bit about The Event, The Resistance, which is supposedly people from planet X. Perhaps you can explain Planet X and also just let us know why is earth in this great big vast expansive space, why is earth so important or so it would seem.
COBRA – I hope everybody can hear me clearly now. I will first answer the second question. Planet earth is in a very special position because it has been chosen from on high to be the conjuncture point for the cosmic drama of reality. The cosmic drama between the interaction of light and darkness and it was always a paradise paradise. It was a very special planet and the light forces have chosen it as one of the primary stronghold and the dark forces have chosen it for the same purpose. For the last thousands, many thousands and thousands of year this was how the primary areas of conflict between the light and the dark and basically the last battle is happening right here. All the rest of the Universe has been already liberated form the dark forces and this is their last stronghold. Therefore, all the attention of all the light forces throughout the galaxy is directed towards this tiny little planet. As we are going toward this process of planetary liberation, this last planet will be liberated and it will actually be a fulfillment of an old galactic prophecy that there will become a time when the galactic network of light will become completed and darkness will become no more. And we’re about to enter this time now. This was written in all the old prophecy about the golden age, about __ Yuga, this is all coming into manifestation in our very life time. We are right now in the process of manifesting this in the last year 2012 was a major breakthrough in this process. The activation Dec. 21, 201 was the milestone, the turning point in this process and now it will be much easier to manifest this golden age, to create the final liberation of the planet. And then finally join the galactic community, the galactic society as an equal planet. Finally we’ll be able to join the galactic forces of light. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – Now who are the, who is the Federation. Who are the light entities.
COBRA – Basically you see the galaxy as the galaxy is structured, there is always a central sun in the middle and double spiral of stars rotating around the central sun and usually what happens is this central sun is the source of higher evolution. All the races and civilizations that develop near the central sun are usually the most advanced and this same thing happened in our own galaxy. The Milky way galaxy. And those races that reached a certain level of development have connected with other and made Galactic Confederation. It is a loose confederation of advanced races that have chosen to live in peace and harmony and their objective is to create a galactic network of light where every being in this galaxy will have the same stand, the same light and love existence.
John – When you say every being in the galaxy, do you mean every life form, (yes), or just the ones you would call people. Animals?
COBRA – Every life form in the galaxy. We’re speaking about animals, humanoid life forms, non-humanoid life forms. Actually the Galactic Confederation (GC) is the overseer of evolution in this galaxy and many representatives of the GC have gathered around this planet in their motherships. Actually there are actually many motherships of the GC right now at this moment orbiting the planet on the physical plane but they are cloaked so that they can not be detected by the Cabal, they can not be detected by the spy satellites, by the military forces, by the negative military forces, but they are here waiting of the right moment to intervene on the planet. But before they can do that certain conditions need to be met. (c2c0113)

J (c2c0113) john – Let me ask you this – if they do not intervene on the planet, what would happen.
COBRA – They will intervene on the planet.
John – But I mean if they did not what would the fate of the planet be.
COBRA – Basically what they (GC) were doing already is stabilizing the tectonic plates, they were stabilizing the rotation of the earth around it’s axis and without their intervention already there would be drastic cataclysms taking place. They have been preventing nuclear war many times over, so basically without their assistance and intervention humanity would not be alive. This species would be extinct at this point. (OK) And they continue to work behind the scenes with their energy fields with their technologies and they are waiting for the right time, for a more open intervention. A more open intervention can only happen when the controlling forces (negative) are removed because the controlling forces are holding humanity hostage. So if the light forces of the GC would make an intervention right now the Cabal would in retaliation would create a lot of violence worldwide and this is the reason why the first contact has not happened because everybody has asked this question. Why the GC doesn’t show up. Simply because the humanity would have to pay the price by the dark forces. (understood). This problem of those dark controlling forces have to be resolved and only then the GC will appear. The Pleiadians have said to me directly, personally, they will not appear en mass before the Cabal is arrested. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – Before the Cabal is arrested. Rob are you there? What is your understanding of these technologies similar to those given to Dr. Bell and you that are supposed to be used for healing the planet. Focus on that a little bit.
Rob – Technologies that we develop and if you read my site there, I talk about the portal light healing chambers, basically what we’re doing is we’re interacting with the mother earth’s grid forces on the planet. There’s a very high technology called scalar fields and tachyon energies. We create feedback loops utilizing crystals, lasers, sound and color to the level that we’re able to with our technology. You’ve got to realize that ET, the GC have tremendous technology that are way beyond ours. If they were to intervene with too much, again we would get reaction, so it requires a stealth of us down here. Cobra has much more wonderful information to share in regards to this, but I can tell you there are many different forces here around the planet who are working and they are . . . we’re not the only individuals, we’re not special, I’m very human, I get angry, we all have our foibles, Cobra’s a human, we’re just working very hard the best we can to help bring this about and to prepare people and the more people are aware the more we can make this go forward. Cobra could probably talk about the tachyon energies and some of those vortexes and the Archons and the stuff on the Astral plane which I think is very important for people to understand. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – If you would care to approach that subject a little bit, I don’t want to minimize Cobra’s time but we’re having rough time understanding him.
Rob – I’m hearing him quite good. (working on modulation now). I’m going to go ahead and continue then. I’ll tell you that Cobra has indicated to me that he’s going to be revealing some other things here very shortly that he hasn’t been able to reveal in the past, so I was afraid this might happen. I was really hoping it wasn’t. I can tell you that Semjase, Commander Valiant Thor, The Andromidans, (there are many groups here) they will be presenting themselves in the future and I know that Cobra wanted people to understand that within the etheric and astral planes around the planet, there is a free floating type of reptilian life-form, if you can imagine like the little dust particles that are floating around. There’s like these little amoeba-like horses in the astral plane which have the ability to attach themselves to the human aura and they actually work in concert to create conflict in the emotional feeling nature of individuals. Now we have the power within us and to enter into the silence and through controlling our consciousness energy fields to reject these types of feelings and these thoughts and to live harmoniously with each other. So believe me John, it is a slippery slope and it’s tilted against us by the nature of the technology. I’ll also say that Cobra has revealed that these negative forces have controlled the incarnation grids of the planet. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – The incarnation grids – what is an incarnation grid?
Rob – An incarnation grid is basically how people incarnate on the planet. They literally control it, the dark forces so that. For instance if you want to control the money you reincarnate (if you’re a reptilian) with this ability and understanding you would incarnate into the Rothschild’s again and again. You’re the same being amassing the massive forms of wealth and you have the ability to remember your past lives and go through certain types of understandings and you wake up on your mission which is planetary enslavement and control of the planet. That’s how they span it through centuries and thousands of years. People think Oh, it’s human nature. No, human nature has been manipulated, corralled and controlled by these forces by creating systems that are designed to utilize humanities weak spots. Now there’s a group ___ Most of these have been cleared from the planet now. There’s only a few left and they are in human bodies and they are called Archons. They are very powerful, they live behind the scenes, they live in what’s known as the Black nobility of the planet. They’re the major players. A few of them are in the political structure and various places around the planet but most of them are well hidden in the Jesuits. They like to use the religions because that’s been part of their mind control cults. They like to set up on the vortex sites around the planet, churches where they control the people. In fact the Rothschild’s have been financing cell phone microwave mind control towers in the spires of churches around the planet which are on vortex points. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – Is that true, that sounds like quite a stretch. (re: control towers in the spires of churches around the planet which are on vortex points.)
Rob – It’s true. There’s lots of things that people don’t understand so what we do, a life force is activated around the planet and spiritual consciousness and we’re utilizing these pyramid ascension type of chambers or healing fields that will access. We create artificial time-warp zones event horizons where we throw in a feedback loop between the consciousness in your thoughts, you utilize the crystals and lasers and you can amplify your thought forms. Now you have a human with the natural organic technology that can overcome this (controlling) technology. I wish Cobra would come back because I know he’s got some great stuff. Is he ready. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) COBRA – Yes, I’m ready. I’m waiting to be invited. I have many things to say and I hope the voice modulation has been successfully adjusted.
John – We’re adjusting it as well as we can but unfortunately. . . this is the first time that I can remember we’ve had to use it. We’ll do the best that we can with it. So go ahead, of course you are invited to do this but I want to make sure people can understand what you’re saying.
COBRA – There are a few things I’d like to speak about. First I’d like to describe who the major positive players are on the planet. People will begin to understand who is working behind the scenes to improve the planetary situation. So first again, we have the Galactic Confederation (GC) The GC is not presented openly on the planet. They are working from their motherships which are cloaked. They use 5th dimensional vortexes of light which are used to stabilize the energy grid around the planet. They are working to stabilize the tectonic plates and they are basically ensuring that we will not have any drastic cataclysms on this planet. The transition will be smooth thanks to the Galactic Confederation. The 2nd thing they do is send spiritual energy to humans so the humans will awaken to their soul presence and to awaken those who have been incarnating on this planet from other star systems, so called star seeds. Those are beings who have been incarnating many life times here, but are not originating from this planet and the GC is awakening them to their missions because each of those ET Human beings who are now incarnated in various positions in various life situation has a certain mission to do in the planetary liberation process. And again apart from the GC we have many races, many ET races who actually belong to the GC but also have a very strong involvement with human population. The first among them is the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians have been instructing human race for thousands of years and they have also contacted me many many years ago. They have given me certain information a certain mission and I’m now carrying out this mission. I’m in contact connection with the Pleiadians. This is not a channeling connection It is a certain other type of connection communication which is very secure and they give me intel for the planetary liberation and I’m allowed to reveal part of that intel to humanity. It is very important to understand that the reason I have to cloak my identity is to be able to release that intel. I would of course be able to release everything about myself today but then I would not be able to speak about what I know. That’s a choice I have to make. Some of this intel is of a sensitive nature and actually you would find very few people who are really speaking of what is happening behind the scenes. There is a lot of dis information out there. There is a lot of speculation out there. But very few people will have a real contact with real positive forces of light which go beyond this planet. So apart from the Pleiadians we have the Resistance Movement (RM). I will now briefly explain the story of the RM. Actually the RM had started in 1975 when there was a certain being with the code name Michael, this is not his real name. I am not allowed to reveal his real name, but his code name is Michael. He was fighting against the Cabal and they were after him. He was running for his life to get away with this small group of agents and he discovered a maze of tunnels inside New York underground system, so they entered those tunnels and they went deeper underground in the deeper layers of those tunnels and they have encountered the Agarthan network people. And what they did was create their main command center about I would say a few hundred feet below the New York’s underground railway system. What they did there re-grouped and connected with the Agarthan network and discovered some old Atlantean technology. They have managed to get in contact with the Andromidans, another positive race. They have grown with their technology and more and more people joined them, but actually they were pretty much involved into a very strong fight with the underground negative forces that were present at that time, so they needed reinforcements. Those reinforcements came in 1999 from planet X. (c2c0113)

John – OK, here’s the thing Cobra, my problem with this I am able to understand you quite well, however, your voice being routed to me is different from what is being routed out to the satellite. So wait what we’re going to have to do is make a decision. And the decision is this, now and the time we come back from this break, because I really looked forward to talking to you as I’m sure our audience is, but it’s not happening. We have a decision to make and when we come back from this break, we’ll either do it without voice modulation or we’ll have to conclude our interview with you because it’s just not translating to the audience and I can’t put it through any further. Rob you may have to carry the rest of this thing. Or we’ll open up the phone lines. . . . People are not able to hear it. We’ll be back with Rob Potter. (talking, comments)

(c2c0113) John – Hey Rob . . . I would be very interested to know why Cobra must remain hiding like he is. Let’s talk. Let me ask you this. What’s the cloak of secrecy? He is awfully keen on staying hidden and he came out in the open for the Egypt things.
Rob – I’ll explain that to you. The situation is as I’ve explained this, it’s on my website. I know people who have had attempts on their lives, Dr. Frank Stranges, Billy Meyer had 12 attempts. It’s very difficult for the RM the G Federation to protect the people around contactees. People have died trying to get free energy out with this information. Cobra is very high in integrity. He is not going to jeopardize his position. When they tell him to keep secret they do. (Who are “they”) Fred Bell had the exact same situation. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – When “they” tell him to keep quite, who are they?
Rob – The ET’s in the RM. They’re the planet X people. I’m going to finish his story because I know it.
John – What kind of time table are we on for any kind of action. We had this atonement on the 21st (Dec 2012) you were there in Egypt . How far off are we from seeing something or is it just going to go on behind the scenes and we don’t get to see it.
Rob – It’s happening behind the scenes dimensionally, it’s going to come forward into the public, eventually here, but I want to finish this story. Michael was a RM member, a military guy, a white hat which was fighting the Archons, he ended up going into the underground NY tunnels and connected to the Agarthan movement and eventually Planet X came in 1999 because the underground groups of the Agarthan networks were under attack from an invasion of the dark forces. Now the 70 Million individuals from Planet X – which is a planet that circles the sun every 850 years or so. So we go around one year, they are WAAAAy out there. They do not come in. They are not Nibiru. They have helped to liberate planets behind the scenes. Many underground military bases have been cleared. The reason Cobra can not come forward is this time it’s because he’s been told to modulate his voice. He’s not going to jeopardize his position and violate that trust. Other individuals have done that. No amount of money, no amount of cajoling or fortune or fame is going to take precedence over the directive of the Ascended masters and the Agarthan network. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – In that context that makes perfect sense. Can you dwell on these underground bases. There’s been numerous reports of shrieking noises, unusual earthquake activity and there’s been reports of underground nuclear explosions that are taking out bases. This stuff is all over the place. Is that what this is.
Rob – Yea, There has been . . underground bases have had various things. This is hidden to the public at this time. The shrieking noises and all the kinds of things I don’t know exactly what these reports are but I can tell you that for thousands of years there have been civilizations beneath the earth many people have gone down there and have never come back. They have taken their whole families. In ancient times many groups have gone to these underground civilizations. These underground civilizations came under attack. (I’m Skyping Cobra.) He wanted to say a few things here. #1 – there’s a website for healers. ethericliberation.com He also has a product site explaining Tachyon energy called tachonis.org His e-mail is [email protected] and our Laguna event where people if you really want to know about this, Cobra is going to be appearing in Laguna beach at my conference that I coordinated, it’s kind of . . . The New Society. It’s going to be talking how we can actually partake in this beginning of revelation and renaissance on the planet. His main website is: 2012portal.blogspot.com and that other website was going on. I also wanted to let you now that we’re spearheading a media conference afterwards on the 28th and were asking for Hollywood contacts, people who are serious who are willing to come forward and bring this message of hope, peace and prosperity upon the planet. And what we’re doing is we’re going to be doing a press conference in LA and we’re going to be inviting genuine physical contactees and people with positive messages relieving with information about the financial system that’s taking place. I know some other people behind the scenes you may be interested who are talking about the nuts and bolts of this. (c2c0113)

John – What kind of turn out are you expecting for this Rob.

Rob – The press conference the main stream media to ignore us to a certain extent. Where there’s an underground media now in the internet which is most people get their information from the internet. They have their ear to the pulse of the planet.

(c2c0113) John – Let’s recap a couple of things. (go ahead) I’m slow and I need to review. What exactly is an Archon? Where do they come from and why are they here and when are they going to leave.
Rob – The Archons came here as the other planets were cleared of negativity. This was their last bastion stronghold and they came here and have taken the planet hostages about 26K years ago in a hostile take-over.
John – Where are they from
Rob – Mostly from the Orion system. That is part of the Draco reptilian. Now they have incarnated. They are taking over human bodies and they have puppets and extremely powerful technologies of mind control and magnetic influence. We have people asking me – How do we get rid of these negative beings. These are psychic people asking me these questions. They ask What am I going to do, what am I going to do. We all have to control our thoughts. We can starve these astral energies these energies that are attacking us and we’re looking for large scale distributors for these Pleiadians technology. Contact Cobra or through my website. g-mail or you could contact me. We’re looking for people who can help get this technology out as well as understanding this spiritual process of liberation through meditation. I offer initiations into meditation techniques. There’s many other light workers around the planet doing this. He’s going to be revealing because he couldn’t release it tonight because of the sound thing he’s going to be releasing a lot of information on his blog because he’s going to be talking about some of the things he’s allowed to talk about: planetary ascension, and things he’ll release about the RM and the Archons. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – What is planetary ascension
Rob – Planetary Ascension – there’s a personal ascension.
John – Please don’t assume that we know what you’re talking about.
Rob – There’s an individual process because this planet has been enslaved and we’ve been cut off from our divine source as I spoke a little about last time, there’s a process whereby we can connect with our minds with the mind of almighty creator and the life-force and we can actually realize ourselves as part and parcel of the creator and be one and in harmony with all life. There will be no illness. This is all coming soon to the planet. It’s going to be inevitable, the dark forces can’t stop it but at this point in time we need help and it’s very difficult. The true teachings have been kept hidden. That’s what we’re going to be bringing forward in the near future – this information’s going to come out for us. This is what . . . after The Event we’re going to bring forward artifacts (not we specifically) from these underground repositories of the Agarthan network, underneath the Sphinx there are 3 UFO’s. The spaceship which Jesus Christ Ascended in will be found. They’re going to bring out technologies . . (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – The space ship JC ascended in? That’s kind of strong brother. Im all attention.
Rob – Yea. There are actually records in the Nag Hamadi indicating this – this is being kept from the public. Unfortunately it’s under the Jewish authorities and Rockefeller foundation they have very advanced chambers in Jerusalem. When they started releasing dead sea scrolls, 250 translators quit because they wouldn’t release. There was talk about open contact during biblical time. UFO’s have been part of our history. They’ve been hiding this. They don’t want us to know. The curtain is coming down and they can’t hide this any more . It’s coming forward. If not through Cobra, if not through me, through other people. There are many other wonderful people who came before us and other light workers who are sharing this information It’s important for people to just be patient. It’s a process and the more we can get together and follow meditation practices and if we gather in these groups, these portal activations that we’re doing, these conferences. We may be having one in ___ in July and August (’13) which is another vortex sight. If people go to cobra’s sight, he’s having conferences in Rome, Hawaii, Thailand. I maybe setting one up in Sydney for him. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – When he goes to these things, does he disguise himself, or what.
Rob – This is the way it works people before he appears, people sign non-disclosure agreements. No one is allowed to take pictures. You can see him, talk to him, shake his hand. His voice is unmodulated. He must go by the directives of what the Resistance and the Pleiadians.
John – You know him pretty well. You’ve known him a long time.
Rob – He’s a very clear and a very concise brother.
John – How was he contacted. How was he given this commission to bring this information forward.
Rob – He had a similar experience to me. He was contacted. He was a bit younger. Contact time period was bout the same. My contacts were about ’75-80 among certain individuals. Me because I was close to Dr. Fred Bell. What happened with him was his experience took place when he was very young. He was take on board, they took him out of his bed physically. He was taken aboard a spaceship and was taken to an underground base where he went on a tunnel train from where he lives underneath the earth, underneath an ocean (not going to say which one) and he ended up in NY and he met Michael, the code name for the CIA agent Mi6, NSA I don’t know who he was for who’s been working on this plan to take over the Cabal. Because of his integrity was backed up by the agarthan network Andromidans, and then the Pleiades and the GFL and now the RM. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – So you’re saying that we’re getting some help inside the security services.
Rob – They’re keeping coordinating. They’re keeping very secret too. You think Cobra can’t talk, those guys are major light warriors and the earth will owe a great debt and does owe a great debt to these wonderful servers of the light who are in the military forces who maintain integrity. I personally met one myself and I told you that experience in our first contact. If people go to my website www.thepromiserevealed.com. All those interviews I have there, there’s lots of information that I’m revealing that backs up this information. I have some transcripts, galactic connection.com, American kabuki,. ET talk, Stephen Greer group Costas, been working with a lot of groups, same effort here. If people go to the website research these things, look at Cobra’s website, sign up for his conferences they’re going to get this information. I’m really sorry he wasn’t able to release this but I know everyone, if you want to hear more go to his website 2012portalblogspot.com. Sign up, get the contact forms ad he will be releasing on his blog, I know because he couldn’t’ get through tonight. That’s what I respect about Cobra. He’s not going to come on here for fame or for money. If he’s told not to do it, it’s important that it happens at the right time. No individual is important in this particular thing. It’s not about an ego thing about someone coming out and doing something. It’s about the truth coming to the planet. But I can tell you the Archons they exit in the P2 Lodge, the Nazi’s the Jesuits the various military, pharmaceuticals and members in finance. There’s a major whoop ti’ do in the Vatican some months ago and that’s one of the major Archons was arrested. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – Wow, this is unbelievable man, Jesuits, Nazi and the Vatican in one paragraph.
Rob – That’s how they’ve infiltrated us. They work in a very concerted effort. Their technology is very high and they are working from the astral plane and they attack people and ___?. utilizing Pleiadian technology on those websites that I told you before you can Stabilize your field. We’re all not Superman. Not everyone will be a saint or a sage and have these . . . if you lived in India with great teachers who have practiced these lineages and you’ve developed it yourself to a high level of auric vibration where you can leave your body and go beyond these negative forces in a powerful way, but the average person. . . we’re down here we’re assailed by tremendous negative technology. We have heavy metals. Dr. Horowitz has Zeolight, There’s so many technologies. We have our teeth are decaying. There’s new technologies, all this stuff can happen for us if we get together, we start supporting these things. Stop buying Monsanto food. We need to take wake up to the planet. (c2c0113)
(c2c0113) John – I want to know about White Nobility, Renaissance, Operation Dreamland.
John – I’ve got to tell you. One of the things that impressed me most, actually changed the way I think about things, an old star trek. Kirk and Spock, everyone up there on the deck and they’re having a problem, they’re getting sucked into this black hole. Kirk says, it’s time we need to have more power in reverse or we’re all dead. I’ve got it on reverse as high as it will go, if I put it any more, the motors will pop. Spock turned around and said, the more power we put on tin reverse we go in the hole, and Jim’s like yes Spock. Spock goes, put them on full forward. They look at each other like (thats a radical idea) they’re going to go into the black hole and the faster they go into the hole. They go full forward and start backing out of a black hole. That’s sometimes what you got to do. Anytime the planet is in jeopardy let’s talk about it. Anytime the planet is about to be redeemed or salvaged, let’s talk about that. Nothing tickles me more than bringing information to you that is intelligible, credible and applicable to our daily angst over, I’ve said it before, where are we going and why are we in this hand basket. So I’m going to turn it over to you for the final hour. (talk) (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – We’ve got Rob Potter back on.
Rob – Cobra had a few things to relay – so they understand, in the Astral/Etheric planes there is these forces that work inter dimensionally. They have some magnetic grids. They have a network and they actually influences and jams people’s frequencies in the auric and thought patterns and it’s an assault. He said that in the recent days there’s been some major movement towards this. They have a major computer main frame and there’s some positive things have taken place from the light forces. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) Rob – Now he told me also that he’s in contact with what he calls the White Dragon society and they have factories in secure locations to develop free energy. He said people can contact him if they have free energy devices, these will be given a manufacture. Why can’t the resistance help with this and give their technology. He said at this point it would be dangerous for humanity. When are they just going to give it to us for free. We already have it, but it won’t be released until after The Event. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) Rob – Operation Dreamland is the process whereby we’re going to be doing this press conference on May 28, 2013 and we’re looking for Hollywood individuals and people in the intellectual league to create a new Renaissance to bring forward the positive truth and teachings in all forms of media. One of the things that have held up the release of this information has been the control of the mass media being controlled by them, by a type of sensors. Anyone that gets there their phone gets hacked, TV stations go down. They’re telling the truth you have this type of problem. You’re attacked. Most of the e-mail responses that I get from people are positive, every now and then people get very upset. I’ve had quite a few attacks in my life but since I’ve been on your show it really brings out some really disturbed people who want to attack the messenger and are not willing to hear the message. The message is one of peace and truth and of hope at the same time we need to understand the illnesses that are taking place and a lot of them are not all human nature. This is not natural. The universe is a beautiful place is being thwarted and manipulated here.
He’s also asked me to say that the Operation Dreamland that’s going to be coming forward is going to develop humanity to be part of the solution by gathering in groups and start networking with individual in very positive solutions amongst ourselves. The ET’s will come here eventually in a mentoring process for us but it’s absolutely going to be up to us. We get to choose what we’re going to do and as our consciousness evolves and our awareness and ability to understand these simple truths are going to be very easy after The Event because people will believe in it and understand it John, because the TV will tell them so. There won’t be any censorship . Truth can come out. These positive white hats in the military and in the RM are working day and night behind the scenes and there is hope. Now the dark forces have a lot of ammunition and if you have technology but you said there’s been great strides have taken place. (c2c0113)

I also want to, if I could I wanted to share his website that he had here again. He thought that was important that people know that they can contact him at [email protected]. If anyone has any free energy devices they’re keeping him from contacting people. He’s been under surveillance and attack. It’s . .

(c2c0113) John – I’ve got to tell you something Rob. And I’m not being adversarial. If I hear this term “free energy device” one more time I think I’m going to freak out. Do these things actually exist. I keep hearing about free energy device, you can build this motor, nobody wants you to see this, send x number of bucks for the plans. does any of this stuff work?
Rob – Right – There’s no money involved. It’s going to be offered and given for free Here’s how it works John.
John – When pal.
Rob – That’s up to us. When are people going to get behind it and make it real and make it happen. We have to stop supporting the system. I’ll explain the basic principle of a free energy device. And the government has them. I have pictures on my website. Go to my space thing. I was in contact with a guy with a company, I can’t name him and they have hadron colliders that fit in the palm of your hand. (c2c0113)
John – Don’t get me wrong, I completely believe they exist, but I’d like to see one.
Rob – It will spark tremendous reaction. Do you realize that if everyone gets free energy what that does to the financial structure, the Cabal and their control.
John – It like turns it off overnight. (c2c0113)
Rob – Major, major forces of liberation on the planet and it’s gonna happen, I promise you that. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – (talking over.) Now we know how Hans Solo felt when he was flying the Millennial Falcon on what was left of Alder-on. Look out for that one it’s headed for the windshield. Let me ask you this, has Cobra or any other source provided you with any idea of what will be the governing structure after this awakening, this renaissance occurs. How will order be established. It can’t just be one common Borg like mentality. That would be a little strong for those people. And I’m thinking many people will resist it even though it’s undeniable and irresistible, they all still resist it.
Rob – Everyone wants, everyone senses something’s wrong and they know that the system is messed up. Most people are oppressed. As the final last end move by the Cabal to escape the planet through these intense FEMA camps and all these different things they had planned fell apart, the pressure is lifted off. People are waiting for the truth. And it will be given to us. We’re trying to be given out to as many people are sharing this with the world. But I’ll tell you how it’s going to happen. As we’ve said before, first the arrests take place. Once that takes place we’ll have control of all the satellites, we’ll have control of all the media. The truth can be revealed. There are many many military people on the disclosure process. People working in dark project that have had their lies threaten and didn’t want to haven’t been able to come forward – in droves to give testimony of the populous of what’s been going on. The financial system will be re-set. All the bad guys will have zero money in their accounts and won’t be able to go anywhere. They won’t be in position’s of power. What will happen then, we will have an intern temporary government and then the people will have elections very shortly after that at some point and then what will happen is that we will gradually be introduced and prepared for first contact and this determines by how quickly humanity can assimilate this process. The jaws are going to drop when they recognize what’s been taking place. I mean, people are getting vaccinations and believing this is real. This is genetic altering. Read Len Horowitz ‘s book. All of these things you’ll find out people are just going to blow their minds when they recognize that we have had free energy. When it’s proven that the government has had space programs since the ’50’s. I told you before I knew Howard Menger and he built a government UFO in 1951 – they said thank you very much, he came back down and sent him home and tried to steal the plans from him on the way home. They tried to hit him with a hypodermic needle. So they’ve landed on Mars in 1962 let alone the moon. So there’s been a Secret Space Program (SSP). They’ve been corralled now. The ET’s and resistance forces have taken away their space fleet. They’re confined to the earth now They only have satellites. They have very little, they don’t have any of the space ships any more. They’ve been removed. They don’t have biological weapons and nuclear power. Most of the programming that’s going on now and the negativity that we’re feeling is we’re running on auto pilot and some MK Ultra people. They do have advanced technology in the etheric planes that are utilizing against us and these are being brought down, as well as they have just people believing that this is the system and the financial structure . . . When we wake up, right now what’s happening John, is the herd gets spooked. First all of a sudden someone pokes their ears up and looks around. Right now most of the herd is going baaaaaa what’s going on. They’re starting to get information. David Icke, many other people are telling the truth in their own way. Alex Jones is saying his particular way, Max Kaiser. There’s a girl named Heather, there’s Steven Greer, Sheldon Nidle. There’s many other well intentioned spiritual groups around the planet, the ____ society, all of these different groups are all sharing the same information. Cobra happens to be revealing the mechanics of the dark side and it’s inciting a lot of hostility. They attack through people’s emotional feeling nature on the astral layer and people react. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – Oh, man my head’s blowing up. I’ll tell you something. Let’s have somebody join us on deck.

(c2c0113) q – Really really interesting night. I had a couple questions regarding the Christ consciousness grid. I haven’t heard you mention anything about that, but from my studies it’s obviously there and it was put in place to help us connect with that higher God within ourselves and the Universe, so I wanted your take on that. And also what your thoughts were, you said that all of the negative entities were sort of confined to the earth, so does that mean that the moon is now basically in control of the light workers and the galactic confederation.
Rob – The moon there’s various bases have been on the moon and the dark forces have been kicked out, the government has been kicked off. The only problems literally according to Cobra, and I believe the brother, we had spaceships over our group and I can tell you from my experience it’s real and I believe this man, but I’m not in contact with them on the level that he is. But I can tell you that I have good great faith in the feeling and the hope and a consciousness is true that the only negativity that exist that is existing is on the earth and with the 8 mile atmosphere of the etheric plane which is most of the energy causing the problems. Most people are very spiritual and when this negative hum is removed, (it’s an electronic grid) it will be easier. . . The natural forces this brother said, the Christ grid, the Universal God Force or the )))))) by the Hard Krishna – the Nirvana white field. All the different religions will be bolstered by the message of truth and the secular differences will fall away as the essences of the teachings come forward and are revealed historically to come from the same source. (c2c0113)

John – Thanks a lot Stewart, thanks for the call

(c2c0113) p Part of the programming is to separate us. A muslim must attack a Christian, a Jew must attack a Hindu. Everyone’s divided to Separate instead of to unite. That’s what we must do.
John – That’s a pretty tall order.
Rob – Remember it will become a lot easier. It’s an individual choice. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – It’s too bad about that line thing with cobra. I could hear him fine. But he just was not getting out on the air. I had so many people say something is going on. How come you don’t have to maintain the same level of secrecy that he does. You must be out on the close line pretty much where he is.
Rob – I’m not really that far out there because I’m not in direct contact. The way they work with me, I’ve had some experience. I was going out of my body in the ’70’s. (Rob talks too much) (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – what happened to Fred Bell
Rob – The Pleiadians could protect him but couldn’t protect him from himself. (talk) Fred Bell had heart attack.

(c2c0113) q – 2 things to ask about. What’s being done to our money – something there doing to the new money where it has the pink coloring on it. To the right of the picture, an eagle or a star and if you put your finger on that symbol if you do kinesiology testing their arm would go down but when you write 3 numbers. It cancelled the negativity. Do you know anything about the money.
A Sister in law who knows nothing about meta physics and she has a feeling almost longing about Orion.
Rob – The whole monetary system eventually will be changed. there’s stories of very innocent sweet people who were driving down to Florida to get an eye operation and they can read how much money you have in your car – looking for drugs if you have lots of money. I’ve head they’ve been changed by little nano-microchips and this is to track money as very possible. Some of these technologies are being dismantled. they’ve had microchips in vaccinations. Good news about money – all the world’s gold Gold’s molecular structure is a pyramid. The gold stores have been removed by the RM. Taken to underground shelters. Gold is healing and to line the temples. have a wonderful healing time. Gold has been used to mis-use that energy and life force in greed. People say “you charge something” I’m charged for everything at my conference. World runs on money now. It will change. Money system is a necessary evil. As humanity is ready to put it down. We will go to a cashless society – so transparent that no one will question it. No one will be allowed to take their personal agenda and steal money. If you’ve earned your money legally. Debt forgiveness. Free energy is here and when it’s really here, everything is going to be cheap. Value of money will go down. Eventually we’ll learn the universal laws of harmony allowance and service to others. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – How far off is something like this.
Rob – What I tell people is It’s up to us. When the grids are taking down it will all be different. What’s happened tonight. I’ve been getting a lot of negative e-mails. This type of information influences the astral plane. They take it personally. Someone’s talking about liberation of the planet – does not compute, attack the person. Ah oh he said cashless society – attack that person. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) John – Have you gotten any insight into who actually built those pyramids.
Rob – King from Osiris. I’ll tell you how they did it. The powers that be have been chipping away at the records but there are still ancient pictures. Basically an Atlantean (an ET being, very tall, elongated heads) from these other planets, one particular race, this one particular race, they would hold an ankh. This ran off a free standing wave – Put the beam on a rock which was cut by a laser exactly and they would make it just light enough, make it like 20 pounds, and 2 people would guide these rock and stones into place. The Great pyramid is a little different. It was done with high technology. It’s beyond the understanding and capabilities of us at this time. I keep saying the future, the future. Very few people get this type of information. Cobra said the negative forces have made so much attacks, the modulation situation, he was disappointed and eventually he’ll be able to de-modulate his voice. I’m fearless. I’ve been wanting to get this out for years. I’m very honored and grateful to you to have the patience to go through the drama of this night. (c2c0113)

(c2c0113) q I was hoping to get through to Cobra – For the right reasons this is going to sound negative. There’s a lot of upset and very disappointed and pee-od people right off this blog. I’ve been following Cobra a year and feel let down the garden path. people who have been listening on his blog. Very poignant posts etheric Archon grid – this continued tsunami wave of obstacles is hurting your credibility. Another obstacle seems to be conjured up. There was no real plan. If the positive ET’s that are surrounding this planet with their mothership and are ready to make a change, why is it just a handful of the Cabal. Archon means master in Greek. They’re parasites. Why are they continuously having the upper hand. The good guys are no match for the bad guys.
Rob – That’s a valid base understanding. There’s a certain thing in the eternity in the life of a soul, there are certain principles won’t be violent. One is being responsible for violence. The bad guys violate, the good guys won’t. Cobra’s not responsible for your enlightenment, and though these archons have powers to manipulate us, we have the power to bring peace to this planet. We have the power to bring peace to this planet. We have power to withhold our conciseness. It’s slippery slope and it’s made of glass and covered with oil. How are you going to get to the top. Very few people reach that summit. It’s a difficult path. It’s a very nasty situation here. Cobra’s been telling different things. Sheldon Needle’s been telling us these things for years and years. It is happening. If you don’t’ want to believe it, it’s a Trump card – but when it gets played everyone will get recognized it. In the mean time stop complaining. Quit complaining, do something. I want to give you a slap and a tickle. Let’s all do something and move forward. (c2c0113)

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  1. Shashwat Pranam dear Cobra, thank you always , always for all the amazing, mind, body and soul transforming information’s with the victory of the light love and peace forever more. Salaam, Namastey

  2. I would love details of the Laguna Beach conference you mentioned. What are the dates and where is it being held? I have several conferences in the area in July and would like to attend this one but need the dates to

    • go to: http://galacticconnection.com/cobra/ All the notes are there. The Conference was from 2013. We posted this transcript so it would be and link to the interview under the Cobra tab, internet interviews.


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