By Anna Von Reitz

Satan is a Liar, in fact, he is the Father of All Lies. He can’t play it straight. It’s not in his nature to be anything but crooked, because the Truth is not in him.

And where was Satan cast down, like a comet? Into the sea. So where is his kingdom and his law prevailing? The international jurisdiction of the sea. The Law of the Sea is pagan in origin and it remains pagan to this day.

It is also a law based on fiction — and what is fiction, but lies?

So, there you have it. The Bible told you all this a long, long time ago. Satan’s kingdom, deceptively called the Kingdom of God, functions on fiction — lies — and what are corporations, but “legal fictions”?

Does IBM exist? Point to it. Show me the entity “IBM”?

What happens when you try to do that? You discover that there is no IBM. It’s a fiction. A lie. The most you can do is point to a man, the “President” or the “CEO” of IBM, but it is immediately apparent that he isn’t IBM, either. He is just a representative of an organization calling itself “IBM”.

The same exact thing happens when you are asked to point to the “State of Michigan”. You can point to the Governor of the State of Michigan, but he isn’t Michigan. Again, he is just the representative of an organization calling itself the “State of Michigan”.

All incorporated entities are such lies, and so are their franchises.

The UNITED STATES has a franchise called the STATE OF NEW YORK and it has a franchise called the CITY OF NEW YORK and it has a franchise called the BOROUGH OF QUEENS which has a franchise called “PAUL ANDREAS MOREAU”.

And they are all what? Fictitious entities, operating under the international law of the sea– Satan’s Law, the Law of the Sea.

Okay, so now you all understand what the Law of the Sea is and how it operates via, by, and through fictional entities.

Satan is also called the “Prince of the Air” — while he is King of the Sea, he is “Prince” of the air jurisdiction. The Pope is actually the “King” of the air jurisdiction, but Satan through the Office of the Roman Pontiff, kept a toe-hold as “Prince”.

This is because the global jurisdiction of the air is the jurisdiction of intangible realities, which may be truths or lies— the realm of ideas, spirit, ghosts, copyrights, patents, logos, and dreams.
Just as a dream may be true and belong to Our Father, it can be false and belong to Satan.
So, Satan has retained a primary grip on the jurisdiction of the sea and a secondary grip on the air jurisdiction all these years after he was paid in full forever. Nobody kicked him out.
Until now.

Think about it— if a debt is paid for good and forever, does it accrue again? No. All debts are pre-paid, including the debts of fictitious entities.

It was this fact that Pope Boniface used to create the World Trust in the first place, and a few years ago, the Vatican Chancery Court admitted this to me and gave a Final Order confirming it.
So if all debts are pre-paid, how is it that people are still being charged and worked to death like slaves?

It could only be Satan gumming up the works.

So on January 6 of this year, we pulled the plug in the jurisdiction of the air and issued the Payment Bond. Anyone on Earth can read it and understand what it says and make their claim upon it. The Kingdom of Heaven has redeemed the Kingdom of God.

And on June 29 of this year, we pulled the plug in the jurisdiction of the sea, and recorded our claim as the Paramount Security Interest Holders in the bankruptcy of all the Municipal and Territorial Governments and all their fictitious “citizens”. The Kingdom of Heaven holds all the debts of the Kingdom of God.

It’s over. The Truth has won.

When the Truth comes, what is False must pass away.

This means that we are all going home, both the sheep and the goats, and back to what and whom we are in fact, not fiction. It means that people now have the conscious ability to see what the realm of Satan is and how it worked to enslave them for thousands of years.

You can now choose to be free of Satan’s yoke forever.

People and their governments throughout the world can now choose to live under the three simple Laws of Heaven and give up the millions upon millions of codes, regulations, and statutes. They can even choose to stop fighting over the Laws of the Land and the Ten Commandments given to Moses. Just three laws, all simple enough for a small child to understand.

Many new understandings must come. Many new ideas and revelations. Stay calm in the midst of these changes and have faith. The Good Will and the Love that has stood by you and for you despite all these trials, is with you still.

Now that we are back on the land, the final jurisdiction waits.

The three simple Laws of Heaven– (1) Keep the peace; (2) Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself; (3) Respect the free will of others so long as it does no harm — are sufficient to rule the affairs of men and nations, if you adopt them and keep them and require your governments to do the same.



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  1. Thank you Anna and Edward. A cry of gratitude and understandig.
    May all the world and all that lives on it live in peace, harmony and abundance.

      • “….we pulled the plug in the jurisdiction of the air…”
        “….we pulled the plug in the jurisdiction of the sea…”
        I assume the jurisdiction of the land, is the one to go, Maria.

        To me, I can’t feel anything, when reading this article. The words of Anna von Reitz are a bit
        too much “old fashioned Biblical” sounding, like the heavy religious doctrines in Holland, in the fifties. I’m, a daughter of a Calvinistic minister. I’ve studied Anna’s website a bit and to me it’s a tough nut to crack. I’ve found quite an amount of “am I right or am I right?” coming from what seems to be God’s mouth, transferred by Anna to us.

        Is it possible that Anna is communicating on a level of (court) language, as a judge, that is hard to grasp for me? There’s something insubstantial to what she describes, sort of… too abstract to be “real”. The voice of a prophet in the desert?

  2. Change my life and give me more luck and more success open my better future forever satan i believe you like the king of all’s powerfully so that not one of your childrens go lose his spirit save us in your powerfull name and give us opportunity aroud the worldwide give us everythings we needs cobra thanks.

  3. Yes, Karen Hudes (@karenhudes on twitter) put the Federal Reserve into bankruptcy, and allegedly holds, as overseeer of the Global Debt Facility, all the cards on the Cabal, holding the world’s gold assets against all fiat debt of all nations, liquidating that debt. That much is clear the court documents are a matter of public record including leins on the assets of Obama, Trump and more…
    There was a roundy round between Ms Hudes and Ms Reitz, that is quite interesting on twitter, Ms Hudes declared Ms Reitz a CIA Schill if I recall correctly… Anyone interested in the assertions of Ms Reitz, and the “Republic” or “Sovereigns” as they are often called, might want to investigate Ms Hudes twitter account where she publicly posts everything she says and does, along with a lot more inormation as well…
    I am not in authority to validate, either claim (although I personally lean towards Karen Hudes info, despite, not being, in complete agreement with a few of her ideas, about the future). These days, there is so much disinfo, paid schills, alphabet agency agents, putting out disinfo daily, we are left to turn inward and find what resonates within. I am just providing information here, on the place to access an alternate viewpoint, you the reader should investigate both, and decide for yourself.

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