Caveat: as this is a channeled message I am advised to ask for reader discretion.

When the transition takes place –  when the Veil is finally gone the need for healing will be enormous and the Divine Feminine aspect of our beings will need to be in the forefront. I listened to a channeled message from Maria Magdalena {referred to as MM from now on} and took many notes which I would love to share with you now. I would point out that these are notes and not a complete transcript of the show which I will add here when its available.

Prior to Mary Magdalene coming through, the channel Linda Dillon and the host Susanne Maresca discussed experiencing a feeling of emptiness after the solar eclipse meditation which gelled immediately with my own experience.

When MM came through she explained that we were emptied for a reason. She suggested that we should fill this space with the feminine energy. We are at a point where the next chapter will be the fulfillment of our mission and if it is ‘crowded inside’ of us it is hard to know what is required of us. She suggests that we should “Breathe pink and let it be”.

MM goes on to remind us that we are living on Gaia a feminine planet and how this advice she brings is not about Ascendency but about bringing forth the way of living in the feminine and not of course discarding the Divine Masculine. She reminds us that the egoic power hunting ways of masculine energy have been present for so long and are equally distributed around the planet.

A key ingredient of implementing the Divine Mothers plan for the various institutions and governments etc. are that they become loving institutions and that so far, those power structures have not shifted enough to include the feminine. We all of us must be physical anchors of the new Divine feminine energy.

Time of Transition

It will seem as we move forward that the energy of the one element the divine feminine will be made stronger and perhaps even disproportionately. It is vital that the energy of the Divine Feminine becomes strong in both sexes. This needs to happen and is taking place because the earlier dismissal the disregard for the Divine Feminine is being eliminated.

Recent Solar Eclipse

MM reminded us of the example that our feminine moon has just overshadowed our sun although it is bigger and brighter. This overshadowing has not harmed the sun it reappears shiny and bright. We now need to allow the divine feminine to sweep through us. Mothers plan is that we should be feeling empty at this moment because we are being recalibrated on every single level.

At the same time, there has been an upsurge of that old negative masculine energy of the usurping of power. But it’s going away – it’s going down the drain.

It cannot be overexaggerated says MM that we hold the sacred space to birth the new in balance and cooperation. We should walk in balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine. When Mary Magdalene and Yeshua were here they walked side by side to birth the new. She explained how women had earlier played a background role which was the template of the time. She tells us that Yeshua elevated her, knowing the fullness of her person, her mission and purpose which was mutually interbalanced with His.

The new energy is so strong that small egoic reactions will dissipate as the divine feminine in form is birthed is born.

Then MM speaks about the people we struggle with like the murderer, thief, etc. and reminds us that Yeshua never said to anyone that they could not be there because ‘you are not of our belief system’ He knew the truth of their hearts and He welcomed them, he never wavered, all were welcome aware or unaware because He knew that our Love would penetrate them, and they returned again and again.

In this transition phase of action, we need to remember that men specifically have been programmed to believe that they should be strong, exert leadership power and take control. Otherwise they are often considered to be ‘less than’ sissy etc. even cowardly. All of this is absurd and men can also cooperate in smooth loving ways and leave behind the old powerful usurptive ways.

Archangel Michael – Archangel of Peace and Warrior of Love encourages us to find the balance of deep peace anchored in the deep fiber of our hearts so that we play our part in anchoring peace on Earth. Finding that deep peace which in part is based on trust is not gained easily and demands hard work of letting go of many lives where control has been a necessity of survival.

But MM reminds us that even when we find that peace within it does NOT mean that we allow others to trample on us. Sometimes the divine masculine can be forceful (I recall now Yeshua driving the money makers out of the temple} “this is not the path I choose – go away”. So, the divine masculine is forceful at times but not constantly. If we try to live in that level of forcefulness it will deny the male and female the joy of love, the joy of being nurtured. MM says that nurturing on both sides is a necessity born of love in ways that are kind and considerate, where there is give and take, and the give and take, yes, is a reflection of necessity, but it is also born of love.”

Our new governments and institutions will need something that has been very lacking – ‘without soul’ what we will need is simply kindness and consideration.

What Are You Feeling Right Now?

MM gives us very good advice about knowing how to give and take in balance. Knowing when to advance and when to retreat. The point is to know/do in balance because if you wear yourself out then you as implementers of the new will end up with no energy. Also, She points out that we will have denied ourselves the fun – this work is not tedious it’s fun. At this point Susanne Maresca makes a point:

Suzi: It does feel more like fun once you get to a point of trust, but getting to that point of trust takes a lot of personal work.

Here MM gives some very important advice to anyone who may be still struggling with feelings of any kind that deny us the feeling of trust and calm as we move forward in our divine authority as true sovereign beings.

She says ask yourself what are you feeling and then pull the plug and let it go!

“What are you feeling?” and pull the plug! Pull the plug at the bottom of your heart, pull the plug out of your root, pull the plug out of your crown – and let it go!

And if you need help of a support circle of any type, then do so! Because the one thing each and every one of you have come with is an overload, an over-abundance of determination. That is why you are here!

You are not here, particularly not now, to experience the sadness. Are there sad things upon your planet? Yes, not to experience the desperation and despair. Are there desperate circumstances and people and despairing things upon your planet? Yes. Do not carry it, let it go, and be the love – and in that, you are doing your work! That is the most essential work you will ever do in this or any lifetime!”

Her Final Words

Suzi: May I ask you, with potentially multiple millions of people around the planet meditating for world peace and unity and harmony and a world that works for everyone, would you say, would it be accurate to say that from here the dominoes will be falling quickly to get us to where we want to be?

MM: Yes, absolutely! And think of it in this way – and your example, sweet one, of dominoes is perfect. Are your meditations received and acted upon? Of course, they are. That is what all these energy downloads to each of you are about. But the joint meditations and the prayers for peace, for change, for the Nova Earth, you are also communicating that – not just the dream but the readiness, the excitement, the enjoyment of being in this unified field of love.

It is being communicated to each other and exploding – implosion, exploding outward to the rest of the planet. So, one group creates the domino effect, the next group picks up speed and so on until it is literally the dominoes, the hundredth monkey, the tipping point – you are there. You are there!”…….

Just as I was finishing my report of Mary Magdalena’s advice I discovered that the transcript had just come in so here is the transcript of this entire message from Magdalena:

For those who would like to listen here is the link to the audio:

First posted on PFC 1st September 2017 at 1607 PM CEST

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  1. To me, this channeled message shows how human coloring can bleed through and even covers up what’s always been eternal and essential in Mary Magdalene’s approach and work, as I’ve found in historic documents and experienced as in my own life. Love is a verb and in company of wisdom we’re capable to transcend the 3D world of duality and judgment.

    Mary Magdalene’s message, to me, is the recommendation to experience and feel emotions, feelings, and perceive them as way-showers to who we are, in our hidden parts, to our inner space, where our light is in hiding. As human beings we don’t receive education about how to BE with emotions and feelings.
    It’s a deliberate cover up, called TABOO, in sync with 3D conditions on planet Earth. That cover up is a deliberate attempt to move us away from our inner treasure box, as I perceive it.

    Emotions and feelings hold our truth, when you assume for one moment that darkness is where light is in hiding. They can be felt without identifying with them. That’s what stepping out of the Matrix means.
    That discernment is the key to an alchemical process that reveals the truth on both sides of the veil and on both sides of our individual human skin.

    “You are not here, particularly not now, to experience the sadness. Are there sad things upon your planet? Yes, not to experience the desperation and despair. Are there desperate circumstances and people and despairing things upon your planet? Yes. Do not carry it, let it go, and be the love – and in that, you are doing your work! That is the most essential work you will ever do in this or any lifetime!”

    The recommendation to “be the love” isn’t substantial and informative to me, without clarification of practical WORK. That sort of statements are phrases that any toddler can speak, that is, when born from a New Ageing Mother. Speaking phrases containing the words love and light, without embodying these qualities, is an immature attitude. We’re all in a toddler state, only growing up if we choose for it consciously. As humanity on planet Earth, we’re in a fast forward mode when we dare to BE with our inner world, turmoil and storms, all included and dare to see them for what they truly are.

    As I often perceive it, too many Lightworkers are floating in a mist of arrogance, perceiving their fate as signed, sealed and delivered for a one way ticket to eternal bliss. A waiting game for The Event won’t do, for those who’ve lost touch with their creative powers. That needs to change, for it adds more veils to
    The Veil that keeps the truth from eyes and ears ready to wake up, see and listen.


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