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  1. 🙂 <3 🙂 Join our Daily Guided 🙂 MEDITATIONS ON THE GO 🙂 to permanently ground the Light in our earthly realm: http://tc.hitart.com/pfc/redirect-a.html

    Meditation SCHEDULE for Sunday, October 8th **Please note that we will have three consecutive meditations starting at 4:00pm UTC (12noon EDT) with the special request meditation for the black alert starting first, then the Ascension Meditation and then the Meditation for Catalonia**

    2pm UTC (10am EDT)
    Expanded Chimera Meditation on Long Island & Antartica Base

    3pm UTC (11am EDT)
    Daily Toplet bombs removal meditation

    3:30pm UTC (11:30am EDT)
    Geophysical Anomalies Meditation for both Puerto Rico and Vieques Hurricane and for Volcano Agung in Bali and now as well for Hurriance Nate now forming at the Gulf of Mexico

    4:00pm UTC (12pm noon EDT)
    Black Alert Meditation https://welovemassmeditation.blogspot.ca/2017/10/urgent-meditation-request-for-black.html
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1T9d4-oAE8 (using the guided audio of August 21st Unity Meditation at the Solar Eclipse)

    4:17pm UTC (12:17pm noon EDT)
    Expanded Ascension Meditation r3

    4:30pm UTC (12:30pm EDT)
    Meditation for Catalonia

    We have humbly been given this task in this Divine window of opportunity and we would be honored if you could join our efforts to herald in the light for the New Age that is about to commence!
    Your support and participation have an ever-lasting effect, so this is a grand Return Of Interest on your highly valuable investment of time and energy!
    Victory of the Light! <3

  2. will not play,it has been BLOCKED mavin beggers blocked it for copyright laws,not for people who live in the uk anyway,shame on you.

  3. I would certainly love to see this video on “The Event” however I am unable to open it as it claims: “This video contains content from (Merlin) Beggars, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. I live in Canada. Can you please provide an explanation? Thank you so much.

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