This is what is being done to restore Earth and Humanity.

This is about Humanity or Animal life. Free-Will or Automation and Deception.

The fallen races use deception to transfer their ‘seals’ onto specific bloodlines on Earth. They use this to take their genetic material into their vessels and then guards them so that they can’t be revoked past a certain point. It’s all free-will based.

If a person unconscious accepts the deception of the fallen then their bloodline gets ‘sealed’ to these animal-hybrid lines and all of their genetic members are literally stuck within that vessel form for ‘eternity’.

The “Father” of Man, the progenitor of the Human Race cannot be altered because all the deception comes from after the influence of the Progenitor meaning that blood remains pure. However, those who falter and accept the ways of the fallen and damage their DNA or simply accept modifications or unconscious contracts with the hybrid entities would be modified into the hybrid fallen forms and the DNA is sealed from being altered from there, meaning it’s eternal.

Only the Progenitor of the Human Race from beyond time has the capacity to alter DNA. Even the quantum supercomputers from the bases cannot properly recreate DNA and there are continual flaws which result in eventual meltdowns. The programming breaks down, the bodies break down, it’s all flawed.

The systems today are owned and operated, literally, through a quantum entanglement, a technological and scalar mind-control system from an alternate dimension that people have referred to as “Hell”. These are hybrid, non-human entities that host a spirit-force or consciousness from the previous universe which collapsed in on itself due to degradation. Basically a black-hole consciousness.

That cannot leave it’s own desire for enough time to avoid collapsing in on itself and becoming its own demise. Humanity has a balance and a life-generation essence from the spiritual-force that enables eternal life. The entire battle which is the ‘game’ of this ‘civilization’ is of the fallen spiritual force and the bloodlines it has generated through modification to convince Humanity to fall into the abyss with it and dissolve into time thus giving it one more nanosecond of existence through vampirism.

It has done this until all the life in that universe was devoured. Now it’s goal is to seek other universes to destroy.

This is being stopped at this universe by removing the vulnerable Humans from it’s grasp and resulting in an immediate collapse of that system.

However, mutually assured destruction protocols ensure that when this happens, everything will happen all at once.

There is only one pathway to remaining Human after this artificial universe collapses and if that is missed or sinned then the DNA of the fallen, whoever has fell, is altered through time so that it was as if they were never ever human to begin with and they are like animals “again”.

Thus, it makes this current timeline look as if some Humans are actually animal hybrids that were modified through a massive genetic experiment-invasion, and that some are the Humans who are being targeted and abused for their genetic material and the spiritual force that is connected.

Good doesn’t mean perfect it means one chooses compassion and truth, harmony and knowledge, self-awareness and free-will instead of evil, ignorance, deception, disorder, and automation.

If you have a conscience, feel regret for hurting others or yourself, then you are ‘redeemable’. These are the teams who have chosen to assist in protecting Humanity and the ascent out of this abyss which is literally a void space being propagated by a cosmic dimensional grinder system and being held open by advanced technology and the intention to protect life.

There is an electric net around the planet, souls cannot escape. When this event begins the planet and the net will be pushed into an offset so the net is obviously open. When that happens, it will seem as if the sky has crushed or split open and the border between the physical world and the interdimensional or “Heaven” will be visible to all. When this happens, there is direction communication between every sentient organism on Earth and the upper layer of the Universe and the physical body and the soul will be divisible with the spiritual force and people will have the opportunity to actively move out of the fallen system. This will happen like a rush of light or energy as each sentient being on the planet that has a Spiritual Force in sync with the Spiritual Force is drawn upwards towards the opening which will be a kind of energetic-consciousness gateway that permeates space, time and consciousness that one navigates towards at the speed of thought and leaves this world behind instead of being pulled towards and devoured which is what happens in this universe.

On the other side is the beginning of the native universe of Humanity which has been referred to as Heaven. All the teams are there now and have begun to move inwards to this universe to stage for the shift.

People must wake up enough to know what is going on. Although in dreams everything has been organized. We have to clear all oaths and contracts with these fallen races.

Out of ignorance can be redeemed. Knowingly serving and selling out Humanity or one’s own spiritual essence for the dark, having no conscience or care, with full awareness is not redeemable. When the polarization fields are activated the darkness in the Heart Chakra renders an unavoidable attraction to the device which will tow the fallen into the deep abyss or the ‘pit’.

It’s quite simple, all one needs to do is avoid allowing that darkness in the heart because it renders the entire energy system polarized towards an entropic, destructive tendency which, when accelerated through a temporal leap, results in a complete ‘shattering’ or obliteration of the energy frequencies that represent the individual’s soul. The truth, the self-awareness, that is the compassion that is not the darkness. The darkness is automation, self-destruction, ego and illusion.



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  1. To each his own, whatever you focus on will rise up and show its face. It’s a law of life on planet Earth and the mechanics of consciousness. The judgments, emotions and belief system we hold inside will determine how that face looks like. To me, there’s too much publication, here and on other websites, in spiritual and non-spiritual communities, of what’s not right in the world today. Isn’t it the seed of complacency?

    I may be guessing in the dark regarding the attitude of many who are present online in silence. Without a sense of direction, choosing a life-buoy that keeps them afloat, without a shore in sight? Although I’m no exception to conditions that are mentioned in the article below, I’m always open to a new way of looking.
    Specially when worries and concern rule over my common sense gut feelings and security of well-being.

    Focusing on what’s not good in the world creates food on our plate that leaves us feeling hungry, without completion. We need food that is nurturing, accompanied by creativity and personal expression in the real world, hands on. Including honesty about our human quirks, tendencies and habits that last long, toward ourselves in the first place and toward others as a next step, so that equality in those challenges, by sharing with other fellow human beings, is a foundation to build upon, together.
    I’m offering this article as food for thought.

  2. To be honest this sounds to me like more fear mongering and convoluted as can be. This is still part of the Illusion. This is more duality nonsense. You can tell by how complicated and confusing these words are and the claim that God is in a battle with anyone and that God could loose “Even indigoes” ???? As though God would surrender anyone from her embrace.

    Even when “the all that is” says the Cabal will be returned out of existence back to the Great Central Sun, they just return back to the pure essence of Love. They return back into the embrace of God. Not hell. Hell is a construct of the EGO mind.

    There are only two states of being, Fear and Love, and the good news is that fear is an illusion.

    The message I received for spirit whom I call “ONE” was given for these confusing times.
    “The answer to every Question is LOVE. If LOVE is not in it, it is not the answer.”

    Do you see the simplicity? Malfeasance is hidden in convolution. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

    This is another hierarchical sandbox (sand trap) you can play the game of duality in if it serves you. If it does not serve you, move on to ONEness which is LOVE.

    These sort of wordy statements appeal to the wordies. Like the Dao Te Ching, these words are manifested from the illusion of 10,000 things rather than the ONE thing. The outcome of this experience is assured and no ONE is left behind.

    I have never heard words more clearly than the words that come from my higher self via my heart, but out from myself the Words of Neale Donald Walsch in “Conversations with God” are clear and simple containing loving energies that uplift. Seek out the story that can be found in Youtube of “The little soul and the Sun.”

    We are all actors in a play and no ONE is expendable. Evil is only ignorance to your true nature.That nature is LOVE.

    Trust your heart. quiet your mind and look inward for your truth. All your truths are true. If this ONE in this article is your truth, it is your choice, then the show must go on! So Love, and Be LOVE! Love and Light . Namaste

    • Transcript from extract of part 26, on human sexuality, in the Seminar “The Heart of Truth” with Neale Donald Walsch, transcribed by Devon SeaMoor

      “For you truly do, then, know, that we’re all One. That there’s only one of us in the room and it changes everything. Then your pain becomes my pain, your joy becomes my joy. What I do for me, I do for you. What I fail to do for you, I fail to do for me. It all becomes very clear and very simple.

      And we wonder why we didn’t understand it with such simplicity before. Then, all there is to do, is to act it. So know this, then, about all the souls in creation. “In my house there are many rooms and in that place we call Home, there are many mansions. Yet there is only one Home, one Being and that is you. Welcome Home!
      Now…. does such esoteric wisdom have any practical function in day to day life?

      Or is it just a pretty thought, a gentle insight, a nice idea? Or can it have some application, in our moment to moment experience? I believe it can.
      The only question then is “What will that action be that we take?” How will we choose to functionalize our new truth? Or perhaps our always present truth, now more clearly understood? Your life lived, will be the answer to that question. But, try not to leave here, in the next few days returning to your old patterns.

      But yet, form a new pattern and a new reality. That we might all together seek and do our work. Because if that is not a worthy activity for the love of us, then what is?
      Human sexuality is among the most distorted of human experiences. We have allowed ourselves to feel so inhibited about it and around it, by and large, if not embarrassed by it, that it has almost become impolite to talk about it in public.

      That is amazing, given that it is the human activity which recreates life itself.
      We’ve created a culture and a society in which violence is glorified and acts of violence are depicted on the screen in such startling reality, that people come running from the movie house in tears and falling apart.

      But God forbid, that we should depict on the same huge screen, an act of love that would allow us to revisit what we went through in an act of love. They say that depictions of sexuality on the screen, have become about as graphic as one could get. Although that is not nearly so, as anyone who has had a real sexual experience as opposed to a screen sexual experience will tell you.

      And yet I would say this “If Stephen Spielberg ever attempted to put on screen an act of sexual love, at the level of realism and detail, the act of violence that is depicted in “Saving private Ryan” he would be drummed out of Hollywood and the movie would be condemned, as being to explicit… far to explicit. If that doesn’t say something about the collective decision we’ve made in our society, then I don’t know what does. I can tell you, if we had a 20 minute love scene on screen with that much detail, we would be… most of us, embarrassed to high heaven.
      Some of us will be ecstatic, but most of us would be embarrassed to high heaven.

      Why we’re not embarrassed to high heaven, those 22 minutes of graphic depiction of violence is beyond me. Because that’s what should embarrass us!
      Of course, the depiction is justified by the filmmaker and by the audience, along the following lines “It’s really needed, in order for us to get, the true picture of the horror of war” And all he was trying to do, honestly and graphically, show us the horror of war. And so we… forgive it, if you will, or allow it, if you please… as a device of realism. Yet even if the same rationale were used with regard to a love scene, if the producer said “I am merely seeking to show the beauty and the glory of love and to do it as realistically as possible, we would say “Sorry, can’t go there.”

      And…. you may want to ask yourself the reason why. There would be pickets up and down in front of that theatre from a great many people. Yet I don’t see any of those organizations that uphold family values, marching up and down in front of the theatre, protesting “Saving private Ryan.”

      You see, our children and our children’s children and their children’s children and…. us and our fathers and their fathers and mothers before them and so forth…. have been taught that violence is okay. Now I know that you say “They haven’t been taught that violence is okay” but with regard to violence we say one thing and do another. The same father who says “Don’t hit your brother” smacks the kid around, showing him that he shouldn’t be doing that… see? (Neale acts as such to make it explicit)

      And the guy who does that, doesn’t even see the contradiction, anymore that society sees the contradiction between saying“Thou shall not kill” and “In order to make sure you get that, I’m going to kill you.” We’re trying to end murder in this country, by killing people. It’s called execution” (end of extract of part 26 audiobook “The Heart of Truth” by N.D. Walsch)

      “The tools of creation, and there are three, are thought, word and deed. As you think and as you speak and as you do, so will it be done unto you. Now, most of us are thinking one thing and saying another, or perhaps saying one thing and doing another. Or perhaps thinking one thing and doing another and saying neither. Or some combination thereof.
      It’s not been easy for us, to get all three aspects of our being together. We are three part-beings: Body, Mind and Spirit. It’s not been easy for us to experience ourselves in this way, given that we have fallen into forgetfulness of who we really are. Now we are trying to re-member, that is to say become members of the same body of God. And so, the way to use God is to use the tools that God gave you.

      Your thoughts, your words and your deeds must be reflections of the highest reality you would choose to experience. When all three of those are together, when we’ve got it all together, it will shock you, how quickly your desired reality will be made manifest in your experience. And the window between your first choice about a thing and your experiencing of it, will begin to close. It’s only you who are delaying the process. So, get out of the way. Get out of the way.

      And…. may I close with this. The grandest tool is knowingness. What you know, is what is so. So leave here in knowingness. Know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. (Extract of end of part 27 audiobook “The Heart of Truth” by N.D. Walsch)

      Here’s the complete seminar The Heart of Truth audio version with Neal Donald Walsh.

  3. Aug Tellez insights into the actual mechanisms at work in our midst almost always focus on exactly what we should know about how the wicked work their ways and how we can maintain our positive powers to survive both individually and as a mutually directed force for good that prevails when the time for this disengagement comes. For all Mr. Tellez has suffered at their hands, he has certainly maintained the strength of great character in remaining integrated even though pressed by the most malevolent entities in this realm of the universe. Thank you so much, Mr. Tellez, for continuing to communicate with us about the leap many of us are preparing to make..

  4. Mr. Edward, I would just like to thank you for this article, much more than an article, for me, and I know for so many others as well, my gratitude! From me to you. I want to assure you I read the whole article at the end in your summary you said to put it simply, your whole article was so enlightening masterfully expressed and really showed a depth of knowledge which I admire and it did summarize for me the whole situation on planet earth and what we as a human species are experiencing on so many levels and dimensions at the present moment. I just wanted to thank you for the insight, the knowledge and the upliftment as well as courage and love with which you express your words. The last month most of the articles were by Ada Shaw my sincere gratitude and admirance and support as well to her and all the good works you do.


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