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We all possess a natural healing power within us that is activated and

amplified through practicing Belly Button Healing.

We wholeheartedly believe that by rejuvenating

the mind, body and spirit of all people through Belly Button Healing,

that this will have a ripple effect to also heal the planet.

The belly button is an important reflexology point at the center of your body that stimulates your intestines and brain at the same time. It can help reduce stress, relieve gut-related problems, low energy and chronic pain.  By using this quick, one-step, self -healing Kit for just 5 minutes 2-3 times a day, you can experience immediate stress and pain relief and more energy. You can easily add this to your daily lifestyle for self-care and well-being.


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At this link you can review how this modality works, review video’s, blog and the FAQ section, then place your order.




Ilchi Lee is a visionary, educator, New York Times bestselling author, and creator of multiple natural healing methods, embraced by millions of people worldwide.

He developed the Belly Button Healing method after nearly 40 years of research into the human condition as a way to heal the body naturally in one, all encompassing practice. His life-long study of the brain, body, and energy principles forged into this simple, powerful way to increase the potency of our natural healing power.


This is one of the products in the store where we offer unique and innovative products that we all have found so helpful.  Any proceeds (ordered only through the above link) help to support the work and website of  Please watch for further products.  Please share this link with your network of friends and family.  

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  1. My last words about the subject here, I forgot to mention it in the former one. To me, it’s evident that when people are participating in some way, in a project, that they’re willing to invest money in it due to being part of that manifestation. The liberation of planet Earth with humanity is everybody’s cup of tea.
    Whether the tea is consumed doesn’t determine the outcome, which, to me, is written in the stars.
    How we get there is up to everybody’s individual choice.

    Donations arrive, due to the ability to relate to what a project is about and feel part of it, in actions, prayer or otherwise. The partners of those working within PFC are supportive when they actively serve their well-being and inspire them to … crack on with it, on a bad hair day. Just to give an example lol.

    My point is, that members of PFC need to be actively involved. First by informing them, present to them all people who are involved in an invisible manner in project PFC and the nature of their role, explain what’s decided upon and the plan of action, the moves, results, finances, etc. etc. Also I think that the Resistance Movement needs to present themselves. They receive numerous letters from PFC members and as far as I can know, no response is returning to the writers directly from them.

    To my standards, from the start, 6 years ago, arriving members of PFC should’ve been given a voice, discussing all sorts of unfolding of plans, the creation of events, group-meditations and in doing that share ideas, visions and the practical details when 3D reality is involved. To me, it seems that a small number of people are working “their fingers to the bone” and carry the load that more easily can be spread over many others’ shoulders.

    What’s the use of publishing so many articles on a daily basis? Who’s asking for it? Who decides?
    Isn’t it important to evaluate how much notice is taken of them and what the relevance of the comments is? At times, the large amount of articles here seems very close to TV news-items, flashing by like commercials. One ear in, the other ear out.

    The active participation of PFC members, moderators and the PFC Council, is what creates a cohesive body, formed by a group of people who dedicate their time and energy to something that they’re clear about, inspired by active engagement, the use of common sense and a sense of humor plus self-reflection and the intention to bring about the fruit of eons of work: the liberation of planet Earth.

  2. I apologize for neglecting the last part of DaNell Glade’s post. There’s no ignorance in me to the work and dedication of many well meaning PFC volunteers and moderators. I am curious though, why decisions like this method of finding financial support aren’t announced here in advance, so that it’s clear to all PFC council- members, moderators and PFC members what the present state of affairs is.
    Also the reason why a path is chosen to solve issues. In this case, attempts to keep the PFC site in virtual space with craft and work-folk both, in space outside or on planet Earth’s body.

    Transparency, to me, isn’t the same as boundless revelations of what’s happening behind the screens or closed doors. As I perceive transparency, as a positive attitude, it’s about being open about the state of affairs in such a way that it serves engagement, progress in teamwork and the success of plans put into action. Transparency works as fertilizer to create solutions and receive them from all nooks and corners.

    As I perceive it, PFC can’t leave those “in the dark” who are participating in its endeavors to liberate planet Earth and humanity. Left out of the decision-making in who, what, why and how. That’s going toward a grinding to a standstill, a loss of dedication and inspiration. The success of a truthful plan depends on the freedom of expression for all, visibility of progress and obstacles, showing one’s true face, with all endeavors fueled by attempts to come from love. And the freedom to remind each other of it, when it’s perceived otherwise, including the appreciation of each other’s work, with a good sense of humor.

  3. Is it April 1 Fool’s day suddenly, did we shift timelines? lol. When the PFC members aren’t allowed to promote their tools and toys as “work for an income” you and other moderators should refrain from commercial advertising, Danell Glade. It’s a wrong mixing of interests here, as I perceive it. That opinion is separate from my view on self-healing, mind you!

    Ilchie Lee may be genuine and a visionary, but so am I and when he’s in need of customers who don’t have a clue about their own hands as tools and their healing-capacities, present as company to serve us at any moment, he’s not very visionary toward human self-empowerment by the practice of Do-In and Shiatsu. Which is utterly strange, regarding his origin, which is apparent in the picture on this page.

    I don’t buy it, pun intended.


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