“The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Wake up before it’s too late!”

by Larry Tomczak

Soon we “celebrate” the 12th anniversary of former Vice President Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth” revealing the “grave” threat of global warming. On January 26, 2006 the Washington Post stated Al “believes humanity may have only 10 years left to save the planet from turning into a total frying pan.”

My Tennessee neighbor won an Oscar and Nobel Prize for sounding the alarm in book and film as a Climate Control Caped Crusader.

Al crisscrossed countries waving his arms, passionately declaring, “We can’t wait… We have a planetary emergency… the future of human civilization is at stake! … Global warming  is the greatest challenge we’ve ever faced!” This is no exaggeration.

In an article highlighting his tireless service for humanity, The Washington Post labeled him “the world’s most renowned crusader on climate change.” Wow! And remember he almost became President of the United States were it not for a few “hanging chads” that didn’t go to his column.

President Obama subsequently picked up the “crisis” telling world leaders that “climate change (not Islamic terrorism or skyrocketing, unsustainable debt) is the number one issue facing us today.”

At the recent Global Paris Summit he pushed this agenda with urgency. The cost of his United Nations Global Warming Treaty came in at $12.1 trillion or $484 billion dollars yearly according to Bloomberg.

Al’s efforts made him an environmental hero but took a tragic toll on his marriage. His marriage of 40 years to Tipper ended in a shocking divorce.

Today, 68 year old Al alternates residence in two gorgeous, spacious homes in Nashville and California. He now has a youthful, wealthy girlfriend.

Al Gore’s Electricity Bill Reveals He Consumes 3,400% More Power Than the Average U.S. Home

Leaving his V. P. office with assets of $2 million, Mr. Gore now has wealth estimated at over $[2]00 million. Al’s movie cost $1million and brought in $50 million.

He hauls in $175,000 speaking fees, is tied to at least fourteen green-tech firms, sits strategically on certain (take a guess) boards, plus benefits from Obama grants and millions in tax breaks. He’s on his way to becoming what one congressional leader called “our first carbon billionaire.”

Al Gore Made Nearly $200 Million from the Global Warming Scam — Likely to Become the World’s First ‘Carbon Billionaire’ 

Here’s the Deal

Masses of people are misinformed or misled on issues like physician-assisted suicide, marijuana legalization, unrestricted abortion, wholesale immigration, socialism, a “war on women”, “free” entitlements, and “pandemic” Wall Street fraud.

Similarly, people are manipulated and deceived regarding dire climate change/global warming reports.

This hysteria and apocalyptic fear mongering reminds many of the 1970 Earth Day predictions that fizzled like a firecracker:

  • End of civilization in 15-30 years
  • 100-200 million deaths to starvation yearly for 10 years
  • A new ice age by 2000

The good news is that many people are wising up! Because of long standing behavior that is suspect to say the least, multitudes view as con artists multimillionaires like Al Gore, Michael Moore, the Clintons and others who prey on the gullible and get rich off causes, advance their fame and live lavish lifestyles off the backs of the unsuspecting.

Hillary told us they were almost broke leaving the White House and this week she’s on Time magazine’s cover saying, “I know what it’s like to be knocked down,” all the while she and her husband have amassed over $120 million in speaking fees alone.

A January YouGov poll of 17 countries found that 91% of Americans are not concerned about global warming. Their number one concern – global terrorism. A recent Fox News poll revealed that today only 3% are concerned about global warming!

Patrick Moore, the legendary, past president of Greenpeace says:

“There is no definitive scientific proof through real-world observation that carbon dioxide is responsible for any of the slight warming of global climate which has occurred during the past 300 years.” He rejects the “science is settled” and “the debate is over.”

Recently even the Supreme Court weighed in with an extraordinary rebuke to President Obama’s attempt to control carbon emissions.

This is not to say that we should be unconcerned or uninvolved regarding legitimate environmental concerns.

Christians are compelled to be good stewards of God’s resources and the earth. We should all make a quality decision to reasonably conserve energy (it’s why we keep our thermostat low in winter/high in summer; turn off the faucet while brushing teeth; etc.).

As Christians we seek to obey His directive to care for and develop the earth’s resources while using them wisely and unselfishly (Gen.1:28; Ps.8:4-8), especially to help the poor and underprivileged.

We do not need to succumb to fear by doomsayers and scientists contradicting God’s promise to maintain stability in seasons and oceans (Gen. 8:22; Gen. 9:11; Jer. 5:22).

People grieve God when they fail to acknowledge His ultimate control of changing, cyclical weather patterns. In Jeremiah 5:23 – 25 God issues a strong rebuke for people not acknowledging His ultimate control over the weather.

The Truth About Global Warming: We’re Not Causing It, But We’re PAYING for It

Gore’s Predictions Fall Flat

12 years after Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” guilt/fear producing predictions, let’s close by examining just how accurate his “science” proved to be on his way to the bank.

1. Rising Sea Levels – inaccurate and misleading. Al was even discovered
purchasing a beachfront mansion!

2. Increased Tornadoes – declining for decades.

3. New Ice Age in Europe – they’ve been spared; it never happened.

4. South Sahara Drying Up – completely untrue.

5. Massive Flooding in China and India – again didn’t happen.

6. Melting Arctic – false – 2015 represents the largest refreezing in years.

7. Polar Bear Extinction – actually they are increasing!

8. Temperature Increases Due to CO2 – no significant rising for over 18 years.

9. Katrina a Foreshadow of the Future – false – past 10 years, no F3 hurricanes; “longest drought ever!”

10. The Earth Would be in a “True Planetary Emergency” Within a Decade Unless Drastic Action Taken to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses – never happened.

Awhile back, the Washington Post stated in an expose’ that, “Al Gore has thrived as a green-tech investor.” Coincidental?

Was it also coincidental that at the recent Climate Summit in Paris, there was a red carpet debut of a dynamic new film “Climate Hustle” just down the street?

This groundbreaking film exposing the junk science of global warming will be seen on Capitol Hill, in theaters, then on DVD soon. Check it out: Climate Hustle.

Another excellent and humorous documentary I’ve enjoyed on this topic is “An Inconsistent Truth” by talk show host Phil Valentine of Nashville. It’s fascinating when Phil goes to Al’s gated home! Check it out on YouTube for a hearty laugh.

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. told us, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can.”

It’s films like the above and videos like those being seen at Bullseye Challenge (along with the Bullseye book) that are dispelling darkness by truth that’s only inconvenient to those refusing to listen.

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  1. I always thought that the earth was warming since the end of the last ice age. However, it seems that hoaxers have using this ruse of “global warming” since the 19th century: http://hoaxes.org/archive/permalink/the_global_warming_hoax_of_1874

    • Climate appears to have an approximate 60 years cycle while climatology defines climate as 30 years. The warnings change back an forth for political purposes.

      The 30 years cycle would be like starting to observe the amount of daylight starting at midnight and concluding at 8AM that light is increasing and by 6 PM everyone’s retinas will be destroyed.

  2. https://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/

    The five warmest years on record have all occurred since 2010.

    We are lucky enough to have evolved our civilization to have advanced technology to detect this issue. And yet instead of coming together to save humanity, we must instead deal with propagandists and deniers. Your distractions aren’t helpful.

    • “I believe in NASA”: NASA started as a surveillance service. It’s charter includes controlled dissemination of propaganda about space for reasons of national security. Take everything from that alphabet agency with a truckload of salt.

    • I’ve never worried about our Australian Winters before and don’t even own an overcoat. The last four Winters have been absolutely freezing for me and now don’t notice the Summers and I’m one who would normally feel the heat. Much hotter when I was a child, a very long time ago.

  3. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reset the clock. We have been given another 12 years to give the government and the UN trillions more before the truth will be known. If you can’t trust a former bartender from The Bronx to make accurate predictions, who can you trust?

  4. I guess NASA is lying and is part of this conspiracy: https://climate.nasa.gov/vital-signs/global-temperature/


    • Yes. Yes, they are. The NASA web page you provide is full of debatable global warming nonsense. If you read some of the foot notes, they cite science from pro-global warming theorists, not their own scientists. NASA can provide measurements that they collect, themselves; but, they cannot leap to explaining the data – the cause. In fact, every global warming model has failed to predict actual observations. Much of the measurements cited on the NASA web site are not from NASA. Why?
      Do you believe that everything the government tells us is true? The cost of your healthcare will go down $2,500, for example. The government never has ulterior motives, right? No plan to raise taxes. Is NASA controlled by purely honest scientists, or bureaucrats and politicians. The truth is that NASA isn’t any better than any other bureaucracy in our government It is very capable of making mistakes or even lying to us. NASA is, in fact, controlled by politicians.
      Blind trust in any government entity is fraught with peril. Besides all the notable lies our government has told us, look at NASA’s record. They have failed frequently. Most notably are the events resulting in multiple deaths: Apollo 1, Challenger, Columbia, and multiple trainer jet deaths. They have lost several satellites, multiple Mars missions failed or lost, to the tune of billions of dollars. NASA is a bloated bureaucracy and can’t be trusted to do it’s primary mission any more, so they are getting into other science, like global warming, in an attempt to be relevant and get funding.
      Be skeptical. Think for yourself rather than blindly picking who you believe because that fits your world view. Think for yourself. Question both sides of the debate, but at least have the debate.
      The fact is, man-made global warming is a “theory.” A theory is a possible explanation, not a fact. Science is done by scientific method, not majority rule or consensus. Skepticism is the foundation of all science. All theories MUST be harshly challenged and criticized. Real scientists WELCOME criticism of their theory in an effort to determine what is true. When supposed “scientists” declare the “science is settled,” that should be a red flag for us all. Curiosity and skepticism are the foundations of science.

  5. Biggest ‘Ponzi Scheme’ ever perpetrated on the American People & the World! Global Warming/Climate Change is a Socialist Agenda/Propaganda to bring down Capitalism & America & an attempt to usher in a One World Government! a FACT!! Changes in weather has always existed! FACT! THERE IS NO THREAT TO MAN OTHER THAN ADVERSE WEATHER THAT HAS ALWAYS & WILL ALWAYS EXIST!!! FACT!

  6. All wrong, but it made Al and friends billionaires, so he could care less, he’s out their pushing for more right now. He lives in a huge mansion, has large SUV’s, a private jet, and lectures us all about global warming, then when they found out the globe wasn’t warming, they changed the name to climate change, a name most con men would love, who could argue with that name ? The climate has changed for millions of years and will continue to change, not much we’;ll do about that, and the next volcanic eruption or meteor strike could change the climate for years to come.

  7. So while in general I do not believe in global warming, some of your stated facts are blatantly incorrect.
    I quote “Katrina a Foreshadow of the Future – false – past 10 years, no F3 hurricanes; “longest drought ever!””
    There have been at least 2 that hit Florida, 1 that hit Texas and 1 that hit NC in the last few years that I know of thay were 3 and above. There have been numerous 3, 4 and I believe one 5 that never made landfall. So please explain this obvious discrepancy.

    • No major Atlantic hurricanes hit the US mainland from Aug 2005 to Aug 2017; only two reached 120 mph sustained winds (Irene in Aug 2011, Eduoard in Sep 2014). Irene peaked over the southern Bahamas, but was only Cat1 when it hit Puerto Rico. Eduoard never actually made landfall, but did cause two to drown in rip currents off the coast of Maryland. Sandy (Oct 2012) max’d out at 115 mph winds when it hit Cuba, but only Cat2 when it flooded NYC & damaged NJ. Harvey flooded SE Texas in Aug 2017, ending the 12-year drought of major hurricanes not hitting the US mainland. Maria hit PR as Cat5 in Sep 2017. Major hurricanes must be Cat3 or higher at landfall.

    • http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/tcfaq/E23.html

      This page shows all hurricanes from 1851 to 2017. I see no notable pattern, just by looking – but a computer model may find something. You are correct, there were two Cat 4 hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, in 2017. But if you look at the numbers, it appears the frequency of hurricanes is decidedly down since 2006 when Gore released his movie. I certainly don’t observe an increase in hurricane activity.

      My whole problem with the man-made global warming theory is that nothing proves a cause/effect relationship between CO2 in the atmosphere and a minimal change in measured temperatures. The fact is, the raw data of the temperature observations over time was lost (or destroyed) by East Anglia university. So, I am not even convinced that the temps have increased over time. It all depends on how they are measured. Hour by hour, day by day, average of high and low temp, at what altitude, etc. The database was corrupted, so it is all suspect. But even if we believe the temperature has increased 1 degree Celsius over 100 years, can we say that is a “trend”? Hardly. Well within margin of error or normal deviation. Can we assume the cause? Certainly not. All the scientific models which link CO2 to temperature have failed. Every one. They ignore real influences that could have caused climate change on earth before man, such as solar activity and earth orbit. It is highly likely that the sun plays the main role in earth’s climate, but those trying to profit on the carbon theory ignore solar activity completely.
      Put the whole theory in perspective. CO2 has increased over the last 100 years from about 280 parts per million to 400 parts per million. OMG, that’s a 42% increase in CO2 in the atmosphere! Put that is something we can grasp, like a football field 100 yards long. It would be like going from 1.08 inches from the goal line to 1.44 inches. That’s correct. 400 ppm is 1.44 inches on a football field. No one has ever proved that such a small increase in CO2 in atmosphere does anything to impact global temperatures. If anything, such a minimal increase has been noticed to improve and increase plant life. Plants need CO2 to live, and convert it to sugars in photosynthesis.
      As the author says, we still need to be mindful of polluting our environment. But man-made global warming based on minuscule increases in CO2 is an unproven and highly unlikely theory. All the models based on CO2 as a greenhouse gas to predict climate have been proven wrong.

      Never mind the facts when there is money to be made and the government can tax carbon.

  8. I am not remotely religious ever….And I was educated at one of the best set of schools ect ….I am well travelled over the entire planet over many years…I have always known that the global warming hype & attempt to panic ,,,, was a political hoax in order to get politicians to hand out taxpayers money to the “so called green” devemopment and technology companies……So take it from me ,,,, I have witnessed similar scams to this one ,,, as I am 57 years of age….This scam was devised and impamented to get at our large amounts of our taxpayer money gathered by our country’s governments world wide…. Many people have been fully brainwashed and sucked in by the “so called green ” hype & panic ……It is past the time when people need to relax and think about things deeply and propperly ,,, before they act prematurely into spending trillions on failed “green projects like large wind turbine grids…ect…Which do not make any positive contribution at all….only to line the green movements pockets……Do not allow yourself and others to be continually conned……cheers neil g ☺

  9. Global warming a money minting hoax. Which we common people has relised, after they have they have laughed all the way to their bank with billons.It is good that Trumph has stop funding agencies like the UN..

  10. This article is not just inaccurate, it’s BS propaganda. The ones getting rich on the global warming ‘scam’ are the producers of dirty energy, especially coal. “Clean Coal”?? There is no such thing. Less arctic melting? BS ! There are mountains of satellite imagery that proves otherwise. The “scam” is propagated by republicans and the coal industry , and is unbelievably accepted by uninformed and undereducated Americans. The term is “false science”. Inform yourself and follow the money.
    I can’t believe I just wasted 10 minutes of my time replying to such nonsensical crap. Dropping out of the Paris Accords has made the USA a laughingstock. The person who wrote this is a pathetic loser and who probably denies evolution.

    • Wow… there is a sucker born every minute and you Patrick are living proof. They sure hooked you into their pile of global warming crap. The weather is cyclical. It has been that way forever. Check out an organization called The Friends of Science. They have just as many scientists and professionals that will show you another scientific opinion that there is no global warming. We are both entitled to our opinions but based on your comments you have not looked at both sides of the argument. So my opinion is that until you do you should keep your opinions to yourself.

    • Co2 makes up .004% of earths atmosphere. 4% of that is manmade. Methane is .00017% of earths atmosphere it is 30 times more effective as a greenhouse gas than CO2, which makes it more of a problem, I dont hear people banging on about that. Water vapour is only slighttly less effective than co2 but makes up 4% of the atmosphere no one gives out about this.

      • Stephen: CO2 is 400ppm, or 0.04% of earth’s atmosphere. As you noted, humans now emit about 4% of total CO2 emissions (30Gt/830Gt=3.6%), but this is only the last few years. In addition, 98% of all CO2 emissions are taken up by nature each year, so humans are only adding about 0.6Gt of CO2 per year over the past few years. Geometric growth in CO2 emissions by humans has not changed this rate of uptake. Average net annual human CO2 emissions would be less than 0.3Gt, but let’s use it to be generous to Warmist doomsayers. Over 70 years, the total CO2 attributable to humans would be 21Gt out of the total atmosphere’s 3200Gt, or 0.66%. All atmospheric CO2 is credited with just +1.65C of greenhouse gas warming (the rest is due to water vapor), so human impact on global mean temperature would be an increase of 0.66% x 1.65C = +0.01C. This is not measurable. Think about that: all human emissions of CO2 since 1950 could not have raised global temperature by a measurable amount! Projecting forward 100 years with average net human CO2 emissions of 1.5 Gt (75Gt emitted, 73.5 Gt sunk by nature), yields another 150Gt, or just under +0.1C. ALL of the Warmist analysis requires this tiny bit of alleged CO2 warming to drive water vapor warming through positive feedback in the climate system. But this is sheer nonsense: ask any electronics engineer or sound board operator what happens in systems with strong positive feedback: such systems are unstable and consequently do NOT model earth’s climate system accurately. Earth’s mean global temperature has remained within +/- 1K for over 100 years! That’s a variation from 285K to 287K (+/-0.35%), which is an extremely STABLE system. Therefore, CO2 cannot and does not drive global climate change.

        • Johno, good points, but even more convincing when we look at something we can grasp as an analogy. Convert that to a football field. The “crisis” is explained by a 42% increase in CO2. OMG! Over 100 years, we went from 280 ppm to 400 ppm. The sky is falling!

          Converting that to football field analogy, we went from 1.008 inches from the goal line to 1.44 inches from the goal line. That’s right. 400 ppm is like 1.44 inches on a football field. Hardly enough to cause a global catastrophe.

          In fact, the scientific models that are based primarily on CO2 as a greenhouse gas have all failed to predict actual observations over time. The truth is, the theory has been disproved by their own models.

          The more likely cause of climate change over millions of years, before man showed up, is the sun. Solar activity changes over time and pretty sure the earth orbit is not perfectly circular. There are better theories of climate change with more accurate temperature predictions based on solar influences. Ask any meteorologist what causes our whether and he will say “the sun.” Not sure why global warming models ignore the sun. I take that back. The government can’t tax solar activity. And scammers can’t get rich on solar flares.

        • Applying Popperian falsification, none of the CC/global warming claims, on the data put up, would pass the ‘beyond doubt’ test, or even get a good grade on the ‘degree of likelihood beyond doubt test’ (null hypothesis). Currently the IPCC synthesis statement puts human caused GW at “extremely likely”, i.e., p = 0.95+ …a figure not supported by the studies producing contradictory results. Unfortunately, alarmist clamour has replaced rational thought and ‘denier’ taunts only deflect away from the truly verifiable facts, not just common data. Too much of the science is corrupted by ‘data’ elevated to ‘fact’ status. They are not the same; and the modelling treats them as if they are.

    • Pattycakes is free to donate and waste as much of HIS money to help other countries pollute less but keep your socialist hands out of my pockets, commie!

    • Patrick’s response is not just inaccurate, it is BS propaganda. Arctic Ice melting hasn’t really varied much from normal levels and it certainly isn’t “Ice free” as Gore predicted. Overall the Antarctic Ice has remained steady and increased somewhat over the last 50 years. Patrick talks about “false science” yet doesn’t realize that that is exactly what he is being led to believe. You won’t find the truth about Climate from activists (overly zealous activists rarely are accurate in their rantings), or Politicians or Journalists. Even scientists with a specific agenda will manipulate “facts” to support their findings. The generally accepted truth about “climate change” is that the climate always changes and is currently changing within normal bounds; “Green House Gasses” have an overall warming effect on atmospheric temperature; Carbon Dioxide is one of the “Green House Gasses”; and human activities are adding somewhat to the atmospheric Carbon Dioxide levels. Beyond that there is no observable (not computer modeled) information that shows that the human Carbon Dioxide contribution is more than very minor and perhaps not even measurable with current technology. Alarmism is unfounded and anyone accepting it does not realize how much their thoughts and beliefs are being manipulated. .

    • Great name calling:
      BS, scam, BS, scam, unbelievably, uninformed, undereducated, false science, nonsensical, crap, laughingstock, pathetic, loser. Wow, childishly entertaining but not convincing of anything.

    • Patrick’s response is intriguing. The article clearly shows how much our noble Al has made from his stance, and there is no doubt there have been vast amounts of money earned by subsidized renewable energy purveyors. Even the poorly paid scientists at least are employed in droves and paid and granted from the billions of dollars of government ‘climate funding’ to keep seeking and analyzing data to ‘prove and uphold’ that ‘which is already widely known and clearly understood’ (at least, according to the Patricks of the world).

      Yet every bit of technology he uses, including the computers and internet he communicates with here, and his nylon socks and his detergents to keep em clean, and the vast array of scientific facts which we all interpret and espouse to each-other: only exist due to that ‘dirty’, cheap, widely distributed and available energy he so despises.

  11. It’s a farce just as I have said for years now, global warming is a money making scheme and Al Gore and friends have become billionaires from it, and some if the money was used to promote globalism

  12. Quote from OP that reveals all that one need know about the mentality of the writers:

    “We do not need to succumb to fear by doomsayers and scientists contradicting God’s promise to maintain stability in seasons and oceans (Gen. 8:22; Gen. 9:11; Jer. 5:22).

    People grieve God when they fail to acknowledge His ultimate control of changing, cyclical weather patterns. In Jeremiah 5:23 – 25 God issues a strong rebuke for people not acknowledging His ultimate control over the weather.”


    • Most Christians never realize their book was created to fit a Roman agenda centuries ago; they must realize the Church wrote it (remember, Orthodox), and didn’t even go through the Marcian, Arian, and other early Christian heresies. The Gnostic gospels as well!

  13. Criminal fraud. Deception beyond negligence. He should turn over his wealth to victims of normal weather debacles. Unforeseen tragedies and loss.

  14. Al Gore is a nobody trying to get his millions by trying everyone to believe this climate hoax. It’s a hoax!!! The North Pole grew 200% 2015 and the oceans are still at the same levels. Al Gore is a nobody who is trying to sell you this lie, scam, this hoax.

  15. I sound like a broken record: “Al Gore and his global warming hoax ……” How much money does he stand to make out of the bureaucracies this hoax will create?

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