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  1. Personally, I have been targeted very, very harshly. I have over and over wished for Cobra to stay safe in his current position. We do not need every one to be attacked and badly influenced to prove anything. It is as it is. I know I am helping in the way that I signed up to help. I AM Light Warrior.
    I AM sorry for any suffering of Cobra and his family ….
    as I would anyone.

  2. All IS Well! operating, or say, allowing ONE’s mood to be completely reliant on any Intel person even COBRA misses the point. All of US are pieces of a very large but simple puzzle (Integrating Light and darkness back into it’s raw form of LOVE high frequency energy) and does not matter where the intel person falls fall down on, the Light, or the dark. Do Your part Shine your light, Love your neighbor as yourself, for they are yourself, and set your intention to a very positive outcome. Use your imagination to manifest this intention. Do the mass meditations. If you are new to meditation practice in your quietude, in time you Will connect with your higher Self, and the Ego will be subdued. brought into balance, not destroyed. in fact Love up your EGO but take control and integrate. In time after you seek and seek to find the quiet within yourself. You will realize you are and already have been there all along. Eventually you will dis-cover that your Life IS your meditation. The Outcome is assured. and so it is. Namaste – ONE

  3. This is quite difficult but folks please consider these words, our situation and how this might relate to the Cobra Event narrative

    I believe The Event will be even more spectacular but I think that Cobra is false light in all likelihood

    ‘the Alcyone Pleiadians have accrued a Karmic debt to Terrans by participating willingly in assisting in the creation of the Veil technology and the modification of our genetics to introduce religiosity and other harmful things. Among the New Age set, some of the biggest proponents of so-called ‘DNA activation’ are the Alcyone Pleiadians and their Terran tools. However, what is actually being performed is not a DNA activation of any sort, but an attempt by the Alcyones to destroy the evidence of their tampering in the people who take them up on their ‘offer’ (often paid at the cost of the person getting the ‘DNA activation’, no less). This is not a genuine attempt to rectify a harm done, but a disingenuous, self-serving strategy to attempt to evade consequences for their crimes against us. (Please note, the ones they are trying to hide the evidence from are other members of the intergalactic societies that the Alcyones have voluntarily joined. Their actions here are against many laws in those intergalactic societies. The laws of the intergalactic societies are not what creates the Karmic debt – their oppressive actions towards us are. Hiding the evidence does nothing to relieve that Karmic debt.’


    • It could be that the information that you provide here comes from some dark cabal channeling or suchlike: Some ‘major players’ in the area of so called channeled information are absolutly Jesuit agents. I actually have not read this post where you are commenting. Just happened to see this comment. Have you met Cobra? If Cobra is a false light then I too must be a complete idiot to fall for him and his work. I have a totally open heart and all of the work that I do is inspired by the highest of values and belief in Love. There are very few reliable people channeling the truth about our Galactic Family. 3-4% !!! would be totally reliable. Regarding DNA activation Cobra has time and time again said that the focus on physical DNA develpoment is not feasible now, the complete development of our DNA is taking place on an etheric level. Namaste TZ

      • How does one proclaim Victory of the Light, when one’s identity is always hidden in darkness? Fear of attack or death is the answer I hear from others (never Cobra since he always hide from my questions), but if you live in fear and deception, I will take your ultimate message with a grain of salt. Just look at others who are brave enough to spread the truth regardless of the risk or cost. Spreading remnants of a destroyed planet is another issue I have with. When I meditated on this I had visions of devout spiritual people encircling a black square stone, but they turned out to be demons when I looked at them closely. Not to say we are demons, but we are influenced by chaotic energies. And this whole Event timeline is constantly extending, now it’s what, up to 4+ more years? I have been following this galactic soap opera for close to two decades, It’s almost comical. One love.

        • Dear simple human,

          You are being way too harsh on Cobra. Resistance movement operatives (and sadly also their love ones) get viciously attacked in the physical & in the non-physical planes often.

          I understand it is difficult for a simple human to fully understand this concept but it is a constant sad truth to all RM personnel. Specially since those who they are protecting are the ones who criticizing them the most.

          Cobra’s needs prayers not criticism, his wife died today, she was attacked by the Dark Brotherhood and fell ill this weekend. Unfortunately she passed away today:

    • Mike this is what you are saying “‘the Alcyone Pleiadians have accrued a Karmic debt to Terrans by participating willingly in assisting in the creation of the Veil technology and the modification of our genetics to introduce religiosity and other harmful things.”
      My Source’s tell me that there is no truth behind this statement. The article here where Cody Snodgres testifies to what he was a part of – well what has your statement here to do with any of this?? The Cobra Event narrative as you call it is most likely the most largest spread info about the Event available online. You say that you believe that The Event will be even more spectacular. Obviously you have not read all of the information about the Event thats available these past 5+ years from Cobra and the allied websites which includes this wensite PFC. What I am trying to say is that if you have negative opinions about Cobra and his work then this is NOT THE PLACE to try to spread that false info. It is simply not welcome here. We are NOT a forum for calling Cobra’s information ‘false light’. TZ


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