Perpetual Wars, Perpetual Lies, and Perpetual Deaths (Video)

1 thought on “Perpetual Wars, Perpetual Lies, and Perpetual Deaths (Video)”

  1. The OPENING paragraph stated by John Pilger says it ALL about WHAT people should feel about “Government” MEDIA….”Professional Liars”
    The USA is nothing more than a “CHEAP Thug”, working for The “Satanic” Vatican’s interest…Making American GREAT?!?!….AGAIN?!?…GIVE US A BREAK!!! PLEASE!!!
    This country will NEVER be anything but a BAD Joke, and PERFECT example of what NOT to do!
    It was STOLEN from the REAL Americans( Africans/Indians) a long time ago…They even celebrate a holiday called “Thanksgiving” as proof of how EVIL it is…Anyone that has done REAL research KNOWS that holiday NEEDS to be removed.
    FAKE JEWS actually run this country along with their mother “Babylon the Great”….THE VATICAN.
    I didn’t even finish watching this crap, because I already learned about this country’s MASSIVE hippocracy a LONG time ago.

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