Our source within the Alliance, who we have been calling Arthur, recently briefed us on Trump’s controversial statements on the second amendment, the Alliance’s headquarters which he calls “the real White House,” Trump’s tactics on forcing the CIA into compliance, Trump and Putin’s escalation of pressure in Syria, FEMA camps and WWIII, the crackdown on pedophile networks, the threat of Artificial Intelligence, victim mentality, and Arthur’s own personal safety in this unfolding saga.

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I have also posted a video Q&A where I answer your questions regarding Arthur, so if you have questions please check that out first and hopefully it will provide you with the answers you are looking for.

The following is a transcript of Arthur’s briefing with me.


What is your take on the statements Trump made about the second amendment today?

Arthur: “Trump really slapped around the House and Senate today. He says, “Okay, you guys don’t want to give me a border wall, you want to play lots of games, I’m for all types of gun control. I’m for confiscation. I’m for putting you in a bus and setting the bus on fire. You won’t give me a border wall? Now deal with my recommendations on gun control. You can’t get it passed the NRA, your voters will kill you for it, but I’m all for it. Now you deal with it.” He threw the Congress and the Senate right under the bus. He said, “I’m for assault weapon control, I’m for outlawing black guns, I’m for changing the age to 21.” Listen to me right now. NONE of that is going to happen in America. Period. He knows how to apply pressure.”

Everybody is freaking out because they are using this as an “I told you so” moment and that Trump is actually going to confiscate guns.

Arthur: “No. Not happening. You don’t put 5 generals and 2 admirals on your staff unless you are going to go to martial law. We’re headed that way right now. You already know that on December 21st, he signed into law the executive order declaring a national security threat. That’s one click below martial law. Congress didn’t even pick up on it for 60 days.

Under a national security threat, if he wants to take it to martial law to finish draining the swamp, all he has to do is sign his name. Congress didn’t do anything for 60 days. He’s working on removing the 200 foot anaconda out of the swamp in Washington. It’s coiled tightly. Right now, he is smoke-screening the Deep State. He’s seeing who wants to come out and play.

McCain was the one who delivered the dossier to the Democrats. Lindsey Graham and [inaudible] were the ones who delivered it.”

I’ve heard a lot of plea deals are being signed right now. There’s a lot of loose lips in Washington and it’s causing the dominoes to fall.

Arthur: “Sessions is gone. Trump has been calling him Mr. Magoo because he looks like the cartoon character. Trump said he has to go.I discussed this with my think tank first a year ago and then again six months agoand then again one month ago and I said, “Look, Sessions is just being tooled.”

The real White House has nothing to do with the White House in Washington, D.C. I know the location, but I won’t say anything. The real White House has no reporters in it. Nobody visits the real White House. The real White House is what is running America, and it is rife full of generals and admirals.”

[Phone begins crackling (not static), grows in intensity for the next few minutes]

“Trump flew a bunch of helicopters from the Marines – they were loaded and ready to insert. He told the CIA, “You come under my authorityor I’ll smoke your building.” That’s because the CIA has been running rogue doing its own thing. The CIA is now under military control.”

What’s interesting is the line started crackling just as you began going into deeper detail. It was a crystal clear connection until you started talking about the Alliance meeting behind closed doors and running the show.

Arthur: “I told you who I am. They’re on me 24 hours a day. “Hey, if you guys are confused, you can play this at the White House. If you miss anything and want me to fill you in, I’d be happy to.”

[At this point, the crackling gets overwhelming and we cannot hear each other so we pause for a few moments]

“I told you, this happens to me all the time. They must have us live in Moscow. [chuckles] Hey boys, you are the worst people who’ve ever tapped phones. Learn how to do your job, or maybe I can teach you.”

I’ve never heard it this bad.

Arthur: “You know what they are trying to tell me? They’re telling me to get off the phone.I’m divulging too much to you. That’s what this is all about.

Look up the Noahide Laws which state that there are guillotines all over the United States and if we go into a New World Order martial law, they have trains with thousands of shackles in the train cars. There are 40 FEMA stations all over the country for people that are dissidents. If Trump hadn’t gotten in, Hillary Clinton would have us in FEMA camps by now. They have plastic coffins by the millions.

I knew a contractor – I know his name, rank, and serial number – he built a building or buildings 40 feet high, 100 feet long, and 20 feet wide. He told me that before he got the door on it, they were bringing in body bags. I asked him how many, and they calculated that it would hold 2 million. Maybe I am remembering the dimensions incorrectly, but I’ll never forget the number 2 million.

Barack Obama tried to make Putin an offer he couldn’t refuse. He told Putin that he wanted him to participate in a New World Order. Obama told him when he got in office for his second term he would “straighten everything out.”

Putin turned to Obama and said, “Kiss my ass. I’m a Christian and I don’t want a New World Order.” Then Putin said to Trump, “You better run for president or get someone honest to run for president because Hillary and Obama are going to implement a New World Order with the pedophile gang, the Treasury, and the Federal Reserve.” Putin told Trump, “You have one shot.”

What do you think is going on right now with Trump pushing into Syria?

Arthur: “Trump and Putin are on the same side. It’s all a smokescreen. It is all to drag the big anaconda out of the swamp.”

I remember back in 2010 when the Earth Alliance was only BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Since then, I’ve heard different numbers but supposedly over 170 countries have signed on. Obviously, I’m referring to the white hats within these countries, not the governments themselves. I guess my question is, do you know exactly how big the Alliance is right now?

Arthur: “The Alliance is so big right now, [pauses] that we are looking at World War III. And I don’t know which way it’s going to go. Remember what I told you a long time ago? Take care of your food, take care of your water, take care of your safety, and quit worrying about the rest of this shit. Focus on your immediate situation. You can’t worry about this. What’s going on right now is a war between good and evil, God and Satan. Trump is the messenger of God. There are as many as 60 priests a week in the White House praying for the President’s protection.”

For all of Trump’s flaws, he’s human. I think about Joseph Cambell’s work, and how we identify with the archetypal hero. If Trump was a perfect character, he would be harder for most Americans to identify with. The fact that we have a hero who underneath it all is an average guy, is more inspiring at the end of the day.

Arthur: “You could say that Satan presented the world with Obama. Great speaker, eloquent, suave, handsome, never said anything too provocative, never got in any trouble… He screwed everybody with a smile on his face. Now, here comes Trump. Stumbling, yelling, tripping up… that’s God’s man. He’s human. He has sinned, but he doesn’t deny it.

What hasn’t registered on people’s radar yet, is what is focusing everything else that you’ve ever thought about, all your life. What most people are not getting is that everything now has to answer to Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is our biggnest adversary. We are at a point right now where we have to contemplate the ultimate philosophy, the ultimate system of economics, the ultimate form of society, and what we want as a planet. Unfortunately, it’s all rolled up in Artificial Intelligence. We’re there right now.”

That’s why I have asked you about Artificial Intelligence in the past. I’ve spoken about it on my channel at length, because I see AI as the ultimate adversary in the universe, above the Illuminati and above the malevolent ETs. It’s a war between the natural and the artificial, both literally and figuratively.

Arthur: “Where do you think Artificial Intelligence is at right now, Adam?”

I think it is light years beyond what is in the public domain. I think you could be having a conversation with a person standing right in front of you without even realizing that it is an artificially intelligent robot. Emery Smith says they’re called PLFs or Programmed Lifeforms.

Arthur: “They’ve visited you in your store. [Editor’s note: I work in a health food store] What you have just described has been in your store. Remember when I said that there are five generations of technology beyond what is publicly known that I used to see? I won’t say anymore. Don’t comment. Leave it alone. Do you understand where I’m going with that?”

Believe me, I’m out there. Most people find me unnerving, offensive, or insane. You get it because you’ve done your own homework. I’m a little abrasive for most of the planet. I want to be abrasive enough to wake people up, but for most people, you are probably easier to listen to. I never want to be derogatory, demeaning, or turn people off. I want to let people know there’s a problem, but that they can solve it themselves.”

There’s a lot of wisdom in people helping themselves. Don’t expect someone else to do everything for you.

Arthur: “They can’t. It’s absolutely impossible for me to fix you. I can give you options, choices, new methods of thought, I can show you how to rebias your words thereby rebiasing your experience thereby putting you in control. Instead of being a victim, you could be a victor. I can do these things for you, so to speak. But you have to do the work. I can only show you how, you must do the rest.”

I think that of all the things you can offer someone, from diet and nutritional help to relationship advice, the most powerful medicine you can offer someone is the truth they need to change self-perception.

Arthur: “Intellectual material is only half the equation.”

What do you think is happening regarding the crackdown on systemic pedophilia?

Arthur: “Trump declared the national security threat because of the pedophilia ring, which is in both the House and the Senate.”

It’s so pervasive. Throughout my presentations, I’ve reported on its infiltration of law enforcement, adoption agencies, Hollywood, public schools, and organized religion including the Vatican, and so on.

Arthur: “It has gotten protection and cover from the mainstream media and the 16 government agencies.”

The children are the future. You and I, our bones are starting to creak. We might have some wisdom to offer the world, but pretty soon, we will be the past. The next generation, they are going to inherit this planet. They’re going to shape the future of human civilization. If we are neglecting the safety and wellbeing of the most defenseless among us, the children, what hope does the human race have?

Arthur: “The pedophiles of this world are in for a world of shit. I’m not afraid of anything. But the pedophiles are living in fear because their time is running out. If they think we’re kidding around, they can have a friendly chat with my SEAL team, my Delta Force, my SWAT team, and my Dark Ops. Try us.”

What kind of danger are you in?

Arthur: “I slept under my kitchen table with my semi-automatic for a year.They put a paper out on me. Wasn’t the first time, certainly won’t be the last. I have a lot of friends. The general idea is, a lot of people will get paid a visit if I get sick.”

How many times has this happened?

Arthur: “I stand on two sides of a fence. I have very good connections. I’ve helped out a lot of people in the right places. I’ve taken good care of people without knowing who it was at the time, so I’m owed a lot of favors.

Remember years ago when I tried to come forward with you, when we did an interview?”

Yeah. It was just like what happened earlier in this conversation. The audio was completely unusable from an interference.

Arthur: “Right. I’m feared, but protected. I’m genuine, but fatal. I don’t care. I have to be right when I exit. And I’m well connected. If something happened to me, how many people do you know that would think everything I have ever said was a perfect fact?”

They call it a dead man’s trigger.

Arthur: “Yes. Don’t think that there aren’t people that don’t want me around. Believe me, but I have a few ‘insurance policies.’ Right now, I’m really monitored in a lot of different areas, avenues, elevations, and circumstances.”

I’m sure at this point, I am too.

Arthur: “Oh God, yeah. I told you the day I met you I was under 24/7 surveillance. But, what you might not understand, is that I have you covered.” [long silence]

Well, thank you.

Arthur: “Everything is going to be okay. Relax, but you have to take some steps to make it a comfortable transition for yourself and your loved ones. Survival is always the same requirements for the same outcome. You want to take an unstable time and make it not too bad. The parameters of each situation may be different, but you still need the same things to survive. 

Don’t worry about every weed. Worry about how you’re going to get through them. Worry about your spirit, your soul, your mind, your health, and your longevity. Don’t worry about every blade of grass. See the entire field.”

Source: http://dauntlessdialogue.com/alliance-insider-artificial-intelligence-is-our-biggest-adversary/

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  1. So I am trying to wrap my mind around this. Apparently Trump is the hero here? He is dismantling the deep state and slapping around Congress and going to bring us into a bright new world?
    I don’t know who you people are working for, but iapparently not for humanity. If you listen to anything that comes out of Trumps own mouth, it is inescapable that he is a dark force. I can buy the idea that perhaps we have to see the worst of the worst and the underbelly of our culture has to surface, before we come to our senses and start to get it right. Like giving the red card to everyone in Washington DC and just start over from scratch. This fairy tale/cosmic soap opera is just that.

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