There is a video that has been circulating online that depicts a young girl in Syria, perhaps 3, being led down a concrete corridor into a busy room where organ excisions appear to be taking place on other young children. Amid the bustle of surgeons and medical appliances, the young girl walks around in a scared, confused panic before she is lifted, crying, onto an operating table, and is held down as a blood pan is slipped under her.

I have purposely left a link to the video at the end of this article, in the hope that we can have this very difficult conversation before you decide whether to watch it. Please know that the video brought me to tears, and writing this article in itself has been difficult. But I believe it’s an important conversation to have. It is likely that in the coming months and years, we will be confronted with more of this kind of information than ever before.

The Question Of Authenticity

For many, wondering whether a video such as this is authentic or not is the first thing that comes to mind. I would maintain that this question, while valid, is not of concern to this discussion. We are safe to assume that this video is authentic in the sense that it portrays something, the likes of which—without a shred of doubt—is really going on in our world.

Evidence of forced child organ harvesting and similar acts of human atrocity now abound on the internet. For those whose minds are open and who are willing to look at and read the information available at their fingertips, the proof is compelling, even if we go only a small ways down the rabbit hole.

This brings us to the main question here: if we are honest and devoted seekers of the truth, are we duty-bound to bear witness to the most heinous acts of human depravity on the planet? And if so, to what end?

There is no simple answer to this question. But if we can create the broader context here, it might help to provide some structure within which we can ground our individual decisions.

The Broader Context

From a spiritual point of view, we appear in the world as separate individuals, but are actually one organism, one being, this ‘human race’ of ours. The course of human evolution at this point in history is to move away from what separates us and towards seeing ourselves and living together as one.

In order for this to happen, we first need to admit to the wholeness of our collective self, which includes the light and the shadow of human behavior. It is important to seek out knowledge of what is truly going on, so that we can acknowledge it as part of the current state of our collective being.

Unfortunately, our global ‘leaders’ and the powerful forces pulling their strings are doing everything they can to hide these shadow activities from us. Their strategies play into the difficulty we have believing these acts are occurring, our inbred knee-jerk reactions to look the other way or change the subject. It is helpful to examine what actually happens when brave people do bring these atrocities to light  to government-sanctioned organizations like the UN’s Human Rights Council:

Questioner: Dr. Askarf, a Syrian doctor, working in north Syria, reported a staggering number of 18,000 children whose organs have been harvested, mainly in Turkish refugee camps. In Turkish hospitals, when they go for treatment for minor injuries, many of them perished and their organs were totally taken out. What is the Human Rights Council and other investigations doing about this? Why should this come from a doctor who works there, not from the United Nations?

It would be natural to expect the U.N. Representative to show some shock, some emotion, someregard for reports of this kind of abomination. But no. Instead, the usual excuses for the U.N.’s ineffectiveness are rolled out with the matter-of-factness of a ham sandwich:

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  1. As we are advised by Cobra, look within for truth.
    This could easily be a clone to create propaganda and therefore fear. It is often the intent and desire of such fake news for us to be disgusted in our fellow man and to divide us against each other to prevent us getting along.

  2. As we are advised by Cobra, look within for truth and this could easily be a clone to create propaganda and therefore fear.

  3. I have no doubt this kind of depraved thing is going on. What I have no way to vet is the data that Dr. Askarf is reporting – 18,000 kids. I have questions – 1) over what time period were all these organs harvested? If a short time frame, this speaks to a huge operation – just within Turkey – that must have tremendous resources to preserve and transport organs; 2) what are the numbers worldwide over a month – a year? Which brings up my third question: 3) If the numbers are that many, what are all these organs on the black market used for? How can there be that many people needing transplants who also have health care coverage and/or can afford to pay out of pocket who are also willing to go the black market route and/or providers who are willing to do this? A wild speculation is that at least some organs are being sold to or traded for by others off planet. I don’t know if that’s true but nothing would surprise at this point. And I’ve seen and know enough now that I don’t need or want to watch things like this.

  4. Yes, we should all see this, we should see all video’s of the atrocities people commit.
    The human race is a barbaric race, it is all for the money and big companies, selling child and prisoners organs. How far can you go, there are no borders in peoples consciousnesses any more, and what does this big human body of the UN with their world order plans and protect the people,? If the Un wants a New World Order, you can only have one with God Himself as the leader. The trust in people has left me a long time ago,
    Greed will destroy us all and we might perish, and we deserve it too.

  5. Yes we should all see this. In China a boy was kidnapped and had his eyes removed for sale. In China prisoners are excised alive without anesthesia who are destined for execution. The organs are sold all over the world. This has to stop globally. Censorship is unacceptable! This must be exposed!

  6. Syria is in a strategic position both geographically and spiritually. The Sunday global meditation is most important and assists the Alliance Resistance in many ways. It is necessary for the light of the pentagram of Syrian vortexes to be expanded past and onward through the designed Vatican blockage point to link the ancient vortexes and Leylines of Ireland. When this blockage is defeated the Vatican will be in big trouble as it will make their Satanic rituals ineffective. This will restore the powerful ancient connection with Ireland and the whole world.


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