Behind the scenes, the Light forces are preparing the most awakened individuals of the surface population for physical contact with positive subsurface and extraterrestrial forces.

These preparations are part of a huge project that I am involved with.

In full alignment with the new (beta) timeline, certain most awakened members of the surface population may, or may not be given an option to leave the surface of the planet and be accepted within the underground Resistance Movement or other positive Agartha factions.

Recent prophetic dream of Teresa Yanaros is a direct result of this awakening sequence and requires a detailed analysis:

The dream was taking place in a hypnagogic state, that thin line between the waking state and sleep that is a portal between physical and higher dimensions:

The dream was induced as a signal for the surface population to start preparing for the contact with the Agartha network, and actually reveals a large part of entry protocols.

If you are reading this, you may, or may not be invited to enter the Resistance or other positive Agartha faction before the Event.

I can give exact description and guidance for the entry protocols into the Resistance. I can not give exact entry protocols for other positive Agartha factions, although they are almost exactly the same in most aspects.

If you are selected for pre-Event entry into the Resistance, the entry protocols are as follows:

1. You will be physically contacted by a Resistance agent, very near to the place where you live. He or she will be wearing plain civilian clothes and will emanate very positive energy. He/she will introduce herself/himself to you and ask you if your are willing to enter the Resistance. It will be explained to you that after entering the Resistance, you will NOT be able to have any physical contact with the surface population.

2. You will be given between 5 and 15 minutes to collect your personal items to bring with you. You will be asked to bring objects of personal emotional value (wedding rings, photos of loved ones,…) because all other objects (clothing, food, gold, cash, ID documents…) can be easily reproduced with replicators. You will be given a small bag and all your items will need to fit in that bag. Size and weight requirements will be very similar to requirements astronauts had for their personal items on a Space Shuttle:

3. The Resistance agent will escort you to the entry point into the Resistance. This will usually be a service door in the cellar or basement inside a commercial building close to your home. There he will guide you to descend a set of stairs that will lead you 30 meters/yards underground to the topmost level of the Resistance. The stairs will look somewhat like this:

Photo of what a resistance tunnel looks like

4. When you reach Resistance level, you will approach a high-tech door that will lead into a structure that will look somewhat like a shower cabin:

A game depiction of the resistance movment underground base

At this point the agent will ask you the last time if you are willing to enter the Resistance. If you refuse, you will be brought back to the surface and will never be contacted again before the Event. If you accept, the agent will leave you alone and you will enter through the high-tech door by yourself. You will be asked to take off all your clothes and leave the bag with your personal belongings in a special tray. Then you will be asked to enter the “shower cabin”, where you will be disinfected from all nanotechnology and from most viruses and bacteria.

5. You will exit from the other side of the “shower cabin” into the Resistance proper, refreshed and disinfected. At this point you will feel much better, with bursts of inner joy and will feel very alive and full of energy.

A new set of clothing will wait for you in the tray with your original clothing being disintegrated, and your personal items will be waiting in the bag, disinfected and free from nanites.

6. You will enter the next room where a medical doctor will perform a medical check. This check will take about 30 minutes and will be totally non-invasive and painless. If you had any serious medical condition prior to your entry into the Resistance, it will be in most cases corrected within additional 10 to 20 minutes with a special quantum correction chamber in a painless procedure. After the medical procedures are completed, you will be given a special drink that will trigger a detox process.

7. You will be given your own room to rest and sleep and go through a detox process, which will sometimes be quite intense and can be moderately unpleasant. This process will usually take 1-3 days and will help you release most physical, energetic and emotional impurities that you have accumulated during your life on the surface. During the process you might experience mild to moderate side effects of the detox process such as headache, tiredness, light nausea, vomiting, strong emotional release, loss of appetite and prolonged sleep.

8. After the detox process is over, you will be able to move freely into some of the outermost areas of the Resistance:

You will be slowly integrated into the Resistance society and will find your place inside the Resistance soul family:

9. After you are accepted into the Resistance, you will not be able to go to the surface, contact the surface population or even use the surface internet / cell phone network, except in extremely rare cases that will be directly related to your mission. You will be only able to make direct contact with surface human population after the Event.

Victory of the Light!


Posted: 9th May 2018



Due to many people having a negative reaction to this post, please see this follow up with more details:

Cobra Update – 14th May 2018 – Entry Protocols Update

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  1. 100% sure i will be contacted.

    I know they know exactily who i am. I talked to your agent you sent to keep tabs on me and you already know whats been happening in my life. Ive forwarned many friends and family regardless if they think im going insane or not. They are fully aware i might vanish.

    I have been fully activated on May 3rd destroying EM weapons thru the etherspace, but when it happened I dropped into a suicidal state on the 8th (found about this on may 15th) for 11 days now with no end in sight. This is why i am certain I will be contacted, ive been attacked by em weapons on the daily after finding out about this. They try to control my body like a puppet but i fight it off every time.

    Ill be ready when it happens. I already do not have many material possessions and have been giving away everything i can to prepare for a clean entrance into the resistance.

    Ready to fight the good fight.

  2. …the answer from me too was obvious and I expected it ,in fact.They say love is blind ,too .But before going somewhere with somebody to disappear from this world it is surely better to know well with whom and why.If somebody can give real assurance about the whole thing and demonstrate it well ,very very well ,but if not it could be dangerous… so….it would be really nice to have some proper answer possibly not based on blind believe and maybe from Cobra.

  3. Can the special quantum correction chamber rectify DNA, that has been damaged in any way, shape or form?

    What is the Resistance society’s view of Wotan and other Indo-Germanic deities?

  4. This message from Cobra has got me very excited, even though I spread my love and light and meditate, I often feel that I have so much more to give this universe. I desperately want to help humanity and wake up those poor souls who are still fast asleep…I want to be of more service to humanity. The children need me…I am fearless.
    Yes, sign me up….I am ready !

    Victory of the light


  5. The resistance for me means a lot , it means to be part of the action and do a sacrifice that needs to be done . I have a choice and it is not easy specially leaving my Kids behind and my sweet love . We are on the verge of a biblical event and they need my help and i will do what needs to be done . I am a light warrior and i will obey to serve the greatest interest . I do not know what will become of me but I want to be part of it and realize what others wanted to see it happen will happen . . I will follow the light and help in achieving this marvelous task.

    Be blessed

  6. Yesterday morning during my daily “contemplation” which I do before starting on this timeline to get a clearer vision of what my heart has to accomplish/address that day, and also because these past few months, it has taken my body longer to “wake up” each morning to leave one “consciousness” for another and resume grounding into this matrix.

    I practice decluttering, detachment and question all thoughts on spiritual information that I came in contact with. I have chosen to limit my “time” on the internet to keep my own sanity and to stay “in tuned” with my own communication line with Nature. I was thinking then “what if in truth I was only a “freak” or a ” fake” calling myself by my Galactic Soul name and dispensing cosmic heart’s messages via a page for others Starseeds to read since 2012″? What was the point and the guidance for of all these messages? The answer came soon from this message in my email box. The Rune that I picked this morning was Gebo “Partnership – Trust – Commitment” confirming that I was already “in action” with the “resistance” in some form, which sounds so very french to a French native – Thank you Cobra!

  7. Me encantaría entregar algo de mi a la Resistencia pero pregunto ¿ es solo para gente joven que tenga ciertos estudios universitarios para que entreguen sus conocimientos adquiridos o para cualquier persona sin importar estas dudas? NAMASTE

  8. Its a hard decision knowing you would leave love ones behind. But, all of us have something in commun we are looking to have a better world. And yes, it would be an honor for the ones that get contacted

  9. Unification, in all aspects… But from the different sides… Intriguing, exciting, of course… This things move all of us…

  10. Sashwat pranam, salaam, namastey , salute dear Cobra , much much love from I am and we are in the sovereign integrity, with the Victory to the light , forever, So be it . So it is . I AM

  11. Thank you Cobra (and ALL) This message and a recent one from Lisa T. Brown have been very helpful for me. Thank you…..Namaste

  12. Me gustaría pertenecer a la resistencia , y poder colaborar en la asencion de la humanidad

  13. HOW CAN WE KNOW THIS IS A REAL POSITIVE THING? And not an easy way to silence us one at the time? Is anybody able to prove it?I also had a dream of going down through a tunnel with a nice guy bringing me there but we know many technologies can enter our minds and our dreams so I think we would need another kind of approach.We cannot consent to disappear without certainty beyond words of where we are going and what will happen.I also really wonder in Teresa’s dream about the box with written on new catholics…not Christians but catholics..WHY?Why put them in a box? What does it simbolize ?Put people in boxes …well it is not necessarily such a nice thing…isn’it? and…catholics???People working for negative forces can also sometimes look very smart and lightful ,appearently,as they are not attacked by the negative forces they work for,they have knowledge of meditation and chakras system and how to use the light, but they use the light in a selfish way,to serve selfish agendas . Not to be selfish does not mean to be masochist anyway.There is a balance needed between service to self and service to the rest .In my dream i was talking with the people down…the” rabbit hole” about the difference between act from different states of self and simply doing our own possible best with our heart, an interesting discussion in which the educational system used in the usa and other countries produced different results and perceptions of ourselves….anyway….. just to say is not that it would not be nice to get out of stress up here,but we need more evidence all this is really for our good and from a positive source…I think now what it is really really needed is to spend each lightworker some time everyday for a good meditation for peace in middle east and for a proper positive use of resources on this planet.Simply freely and with pureness of intent form our hearth.We all need peace so expand the idea to the whole planet and all relations among beings is even better.


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