John Ramirez once worshipped the devil and carried out evil in the name of Satan.

Now a pastor, he knows all about the dark side.

He once sacrificed animals as part of satanic rituals and his friends even called him, “Lucifer’s son.”

In his book, Armed and Dangerous: The Ultimate Battle Plan for Targeting and Defeating the Enemy, Ramirez details why Christians need to pray more effectively.

“I wrote this book because I wanted Christians to know that it’s not only a defense spiritual warfare, but there’s an offense spiritual warfare,” he told CBN News.  “We need to keep the devil, the devil in his place.”

Watch CBN News anchor Charlene Aaron’s interview with Ramirez on Prayer Link

Ramirez said he was most effective in Satanism when believers were prayerless.

“I was able to go in there and capitalize and take a stand and a position in the spirit realm against the Christians that were not praying,” he explained.  “I took that territory away so I owned your neighbor; I owned your neighborhood; I owned your region because you didn’t saturate with prayers. I beat you to it.”

He also shared how when Christians did pray that it stopped his evil plans in their tracks.

“It is those believers, it’s that group of people, those intercessors that gave me such a beatdown in the spiritual,” he said.  “When I came into the neighborhood and they were in the spirit together holding hands. Do I know they were physically holding hands in one area? I don’t know, but in the spirit realm, they were holding hands. And, they were able to chase me out the neighborhood. No mission accomplished. Mission aborted, weakened my assignment and no mission accomplished because they knew something: they had the power in that neighborhood that I didn’t have.”

Ramirez now encourages Christians to broaden their prayers and to be sensitive to pray for the nation, schools and other areas.

He said, “If I know what’s going on in my neighborhood, then I know what to lift up to the altar of God. And I think a lot of times we miss it because we have been called to be intercessors between life and death. We need to intercede for our neighborhood, our region, then our family, our loved ones, our husbands, wives, our workplaces.”

After serving the devil for most of his life, he says that he wouldn’t trade anything for what he’s found in Christ.

“For twenty-five years of my life, I was able to do anything to anybody, anywhere,” said Ramirez.  “I count that all to be foolish to gain Christ. He’s my Uno. He’s the breath that I breathe. He walks with me. I can hear the sound of His voice in my ear.”


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  1. Please read this with utmost discernment (especially the section that says “1st primary implant”):

    Remember, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Instead of hopelessly spreading a 2000-year old belief system why not do something positive for a change? That is what Prepare for Change is for.

  2. Yes, John’s Books, teachings, etc. are excellent. But, now I am praying for him to get out of the mainstream Freemason/New Age churches. He is looking and acting like Kenneth Copeland. Laying Hands and yelling Fire, Fire is from Kenneth Copeland which is possessed by the Devil. People falling to the ground is not from the Holy Spirit. I pray for Brother Ramirez to break free from these NAR/Dominion Theology Doctrine of Demons. The Church is not in a building. Satan are in these churches. Pray John get out and feed the homeless, lay hands on the sick on the streets, etc. Walk out the great commission. Not in the mega churches of Satan and New Age. God bless in Jesus name

  3. The BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST! Believe upon Jesus and take the blood of Jesus shed on the cross to cover your sins! Be FREE!

    • But according to Judaism, where Christianity is based on, nothing in their scriptures say about human blood for atonement of sins. Doesn’t Jesus/Yeshua say “keep [the] commandments”? Either you follow the Master or St. Paul.

  4. Thank you for posting this extremely important article. This seems to be a new age site for lightworkers with good intentions. Interesting that you’d feature this article, because it’s vital for you to know that Satan (the fallen one who was once Lucifer & was kicked out of Heaven for his rebellion) is in charge of ‘light work’ just as he’s in charge of ‘dark work’ … they are two sides under the same pyramid. How do I know this? After 15 years deeply involved in all things ‘new age’ & ‘light work’ (I did it all: astrology, numerology, channeling, ascended masters & walk-ins, ascension plans, tarot, spells, etc.) I finally realized I was DECEIVED by it, and Jesus Christ rescued me from the deception & confusion of the new age movement. The fallen ones appear as ‘angels of light’ – these are not the beings you want to be following or communicating with. They are fallen angels & demons, and they will eventually hurt you & lead you astray.

    It is true that only believers & followers of Jesus Christ are given authority over dark forces. But you cannot just invoke Christ’s name in hopes that it will be some magical tool to defeat the dark. You actually have to confess your sin (separation from the perfection of God – all human beings are separated in this fallen world) and receive Jesus Christ as your Savior, who is the ONLY one God gave us to reconcile us to Heaven. And you must repent of your involvement with the occult (yes, even lightwork is the occult) which is an abomination to the God of the universe (the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob). It is all explained in God’s scriptures of both the Old & New Testaments which are inspired by the Holy Spirit – you have to accept Jesus Christ to receive the Holy Spirit who helps you to understood the Bible.

    Without personal salvation from Jesus Christ of Nazareth, there is NO ascension, period, end of story. Dismiss this information at your own soul’s peril for all eternity! There is no greater LOVE than what Jesus Christ did for you on that cross. I pray someone here reads this and enters into the most loving relationship with Jesus Christ as I did 🙂 He’s waiting for you to accept His offer of salvation – and then He gives you the gift of Holy Spirit to guide you forever. God bless you all, and may you make the RIGHT CHOICE for your soul.

    • thank you, sfc, for informing us as to this site, as well as the truth about “lightwork”. Yes, they have a “Jesus”, but He is just a “light-being” to them, and they could never confess their sins to Him or recognize the real Jesus Christ.

    • SFC I, too, was into ‘new age’ and ‘light work’ for 25 years. It was only through a transformation through Jesus Christ, that He brought me out of the darkness and deception. The thing I noticed about all the ‘new age’ and ‘light work’ information, is that it never comes to a conclusion of ‘truth’. You are always left with more questions about it and no peace in your life. For 25 years, I was seeking and hungry for real truth and never had any peace. My life was constantly going from one crisis to another with no joy. Jesus Christ is the total answer to constant joy and peace in your life. Since confessing my sin to Him, and accepting Him as my Lord, I now have joy everyday in spite of any circumstances, and I have total peace. I used to hate Christians. “Who do they think they are to jam their morality down my throat?'” was my mantra. My problem was not so much with Christians as it was Jesus Christ I was offended by. The reason being, Jesus offended me because I was convicted of my sin. What I know now is being a Christian is NOT about religion, NOT about rules and regulations. IT IS about relationship!!!! A personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As you begin to study the Bible, He will reveal deeper and more detailed truths to you. You will have a hunger to know Him more and more and He will give you greater and greater peace and joy! Real ‘enlightenment’ is having the creator of the universe speak to you through His word and reveal His heart to you. If you desire peace and joy, pray and say, “Jesus I confess to you that I am a sinner in need of a Savior. I need you to come into my heart, Jesus, and be the Lord of my life. Take away all my sin and leave me with your joy and peace and teach me all your ways.” When you are sincere in this prayer you will receive Jesus into your heart and the Holy Spirit will dwell in you to lead and guide you. Find yourself a small church of Bible believers and as scripture says, “taste and see that the Lord is good!” I was in darkness for many years and now have been in His glorious light for over 23 years and I don’t regret one day and I never want to go back into darkness, confusion, unhappiness, and no peace. Try Jesus! You won’t regret it!

    • By all means, keep your beliefs to yourselves. Even though I respect your religion/cult, it does not change anything here. You’re just showing off your Jesus-freakedness.

      You’re supposed to embrace the “new age”, yet you still hold on to a 2000-year old belief system that has been manipulated over centuries. Prepare for Change is a guide to bringing the new age no matter what your beliefs are. It has already done much work on bringing the collective consciouness to a higher state. My final note: Love God, not fear God. Any negativity hinders spiritual progress.

      Until the end of the aeon, blessings to you all.

  5. Yahweh is Mighty. He is above all and will do all His will. All souls are His. It is He who softens and hardens men’s hearts. His purpose is that we Know Him and He will complete it. Satanists are deceived but serve to reveal evil to us so that we may ‘choose good. Yashua reminded Ha’shatan that he was a ‘servant of Yahweh and that He alone would Satan serve, matter of fact. Consider this carefully my friends. This repentant servant of Ha’Shatan was brought to the truth of Yahweh’s authority and chose wisely. There is no contest between Yahweh and Ha’Shatan except in man’s struggle to stay on the path of life. And we have Yashua as the One who opens the Way for us to follow. It is not easy to do and impossible to do in our own strength. Arguments over scripture or the interpretation of it lead astray. The one who gains the victory has to convince no one, at all. Why do you think Yashua kept His mouth shut during the walk to Calvary? There was no point. He was about to ‘Show us what He previously spoke concerning the reign of Yahweh. Arguing is stupid and only serves the con.

  6. Sounds like you think you know alot ‘about’ Christianity. Shame that’s getting in the way of getting to know Jesus himself through being born again. You are missing out on a beautiful relationship with your creator. True Christianity is a relationship, not a religion. I hope one day you will experience the truth about Jesus and get to know him the way born again Christians do. No religion, just Jesus. It’s a spiritual thing. Not material. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

  7. I just came across this site today and the above comment by chance.
    Great testimony of this ex Satanist.
    Mass and crossing oneself are roman catholic rituals almost like good luck charms that make someone feel they are assuring themselves of favour.
    Protestant Christians by free will accept salvation by faith alone, that the price is paid for everyone, the blood of Jesus has been shed once for all time. Hallelujah !
    The New Testament books were included as they are without the apocrypha , because they were written within decades of Jesus’ life, either by first hand knowledge of Jesus or close testimony of witnesses.
    Christians don’t feel disempowered because they are not God, they know that Jesus said that “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth”, and “nothing shall by any means hurt you” That God is our heavenly Father who loves us. That our sins are forgiven. That all creation, animals not having fallen from grace, wait in expectation for the revealing of God’s children.
    Revelation 12:9 says indeed Satan is also known as the Devil.
    9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

  8. Satan is the 4th kingdom. Da 7:23. His seed, Ge 3:15, the angel Apollyon, Re 9:11 is his incarnation the Antichrist. He is the iron of the feet and rises from the bottomless pit with the locusts day 794.

  9. No one and no thing is equal to God! God is self-existent. He doesn’t need us. We need Him. He is not in everyone, but His Holy Spirit dwells in the true believers in Christ. God is Holy and we are not. How can a Holy God dwell in any person when none are righteous. The Bible says no man can see God…His presence to an unrighteous person would destroy them.
    You have reduced God to some kind of magical, mystical being. He is Holy and He is above all.

  10. Hhhmmmmm. For a start, the Devil doesnt exist. Satan and Lucifer yes., The devil NO.
    Secondly, Christianity has been badly compromissed by the Kahzarian mafia. This was completed centuries ago. Just look at what a Black Magick mass is. There are no real differences in the Christian mass, except for the twaddle. This can be easily proved. Next time you see a Christian make the sign of the cross. (The four points of the compass) you can clearly see they all do it upside down. Why? Because thats how it was taught. FOR a reason
    Look how the Council of Nicea (now the vatican) were the main writers of the new testiment. This was done in 320-323 BC. Which is why ,most of the new testiment was wrote centuries later. The whole bible isnt what many believe it is. The real truth is just that, REAL Truth. “God” is us, we are it. Iyt is us. It is All living things, we are one. There is no division. No race gender or species. We are all one. Organised religions are an abomination of the truth. ONE LOVE, WE ARE ONE. Regardless of the vehicle we have manifest in.

    • Sounds like you think you know alot ‘about’ Christianity. Shame that’s getting in the way of getting to know Jesus himself through being born again. You are missing out on a beautiful relationship with your creator. True Christianity is a relationship, not a religion. I hope one day you will experience the truth about Jesus and get to know him the way born again Christians do. No religion, just Jesus. It’s a spiritual thing. Not material. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

    • No it hasn’t – The Dead Sea Scroll’s prove it! Although, the old King James & the Geneva are spot on (except for minor punctuation’s etc) accurate! Most critic’s of the Bible have (either) never read it or they don’t know how the the ‘books’ were canonized!
      Biblical prophesy is 100 percent spot on, this is just one of the reasons we know it’s God Breathed or inspired by the Almighty God!

      note; read Roman’s chapter 1 – one should get the picture!

      • wife & i, do you have any evidence of what you’re typing? This “God-breathing or -inspired” is sure an extraordinary claim. For example, show me a DSS that contradicts the Jewish Bible (Tanakh).

    • chris d, I just want to set the record straight, so that the ignorant won’t be misinformed by your words. the council of nicea, which compiled the bible, never wrote any of it. The new testament is the letters to the churches from Paul, Peter, James, and Jude, and the reporting of the history of Jesus and the church by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These guys all lived in the same generation as Jesus did.
      having said that, I do agree with you that the roman catholic church, and its mass, is of the devil. I don’t equate it in any way with the Church-the true believers in Jesus Christ.

    • Don’t worry about these fundie Christian posters here. They do not want to help raise consciousness for this Earth and rather stay with an imaginary friend. Either they follow the Ascended Master or St. Paul. The earliest NT artifacts are in fact the epistles not the gospels, that is suspect.


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