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  1. Interesting article, for me any way. The things in this video , happened a few times here in e small village in Europe.
    I woke up one night at 03.00hrs one night and I felt the house trembling and there was that same noise. I thought it was an earthquake, because there were explosions coming out of the center of the earth, and it was so loud. I ran outside and thought that everybody would be outside of fear, but only my sister’s boyfriend had heard it and nobody else was outside,
    and I mean, if you heard it, you must have gone outside immediately. It went on for about half an hour and then everything went quite again.
    About one month later it happened again, and the sound I thought was of some kind of trumpets, but then I heard they were bazuin trumpets.
    But first one played one very long tone, then silence, then another started and the same thing happened, same thing happened with the third one and then they brought out the 3 of them in one long tone, together and the earth rambled and the sky was very colorful,I thought with a kind of thunder.

    I am meditating already a long time and have seen all kind of things which would be considered very strange by people, but one gets used to it and is still always flabbergasted by something new.
    But I am curious what this is Does it may be have to do with the Book of . Revelations in the Bible, it speaks of the 7 horses and 7 times they blow the bazuin.
    So may be, when I look at the last time it happened, it was only nr. 3, I hope not, because then we still have 4 more to go.Or do you think it is war in the heavens, like it is on our planet too everywhere.
    No need to get afraid, but I don’t know, why all the secrecy, that is probably easy for me to say, but people who are not aware of anything that goes on, might get frightened.

    I met 4 aliens , a kind of sea creature, a beautiful bronze figure, but I can’t remember the whole conversation, he came from the planet Arta, something like that, he could send out so much energy from his eyes, I asked him if he could teach me, he smiled, said later, and was gone.
    The first one I met, came by UFO, he was a tall man, very tall, and very much like a human. I stood there with a lot of people, I stood totally in the back, this man left his UFO and said, there is still place for only one, and everybody started to talk.
    At the same moment I was moved to the front, heck and stood before me and asked me if I wanted to go with them to their home, and I answered, I could not go, because I still had small children I had to stay with, he smiled put out his hand and a small round UFO
    came down. He invited me to go into the round vehicle, and invited me to make aride with it, I answered him I did not know how and he explained it to me, it was done on thinking, that was my first lesson on the power within yourself. I went up and down with that machine, landed almost safely, on my side I thanked him and I went home.
    If I would not have had children, I would have loved to go.
    Now I am sure he was a Pleiadian.
    And the last one was half a year ago and he was I think a very tall Grey, with the big white head and the big oval shaped black eyes, he had a kind of silver threaded long open worked coat on with a very long upstanding collar, which he held up all the time
    with a kind of hand/claw. I was laying in my bed, he looked for quite some time at me, and I looked at him, I asked him who he was, (he stood at the end of my bed) He talked to me, bu only words with 2 letters like KA, Lo, Vu, I could not get any answer, but then I wanted to get up or at least sit up in my bed, by that time he sat down on my bed at the foot end and he stopped talking, I moved to sit down and he got so scared of me, and said in perfect English : What are you doing? Then he did something above his head and gone he was, I think he cloacked himself.
    But in his kind, he was beautiful and none of them were hostile, but they were all a kind of beautiful, only the last tall one had not the human hands ,they had a mixture between claws and hands, half/half. But those were experiences with good ones.

    Just wanted to share my story with you and I wished more people would share their stories. People are in a way very afraid to talk about these kind of things, they are so afraid to be called crazy or something or having rich fantasies, but to me those things are normal. EVERYTHING YOU THINK EXISTS, DOES EXIST !!!
    May your Higher Self bless you !

    P.S. And pls, if somebody has more news about what is happening with the earth tremors and bazuin trumpets and in the skies, pls tell your story, more people must have heard this, most people not, but I would like to hear the people who heard this and saw this, how they experienced it.

  2. We need to concentrate of creating a world we would love to live in. But what we do is the opposite. We get what we give our attention to so if we continue to give attention to the dystopia, it means we are creating more dystopia. Our minds are very powerful. If they weren’t there wouldn’t be a need for our usurpers to put so much effort into controlling us. So let’s forget about them and concentrate on us and what builds us, what raises us, what makes us bloom.

  3. Watching alone is ok. It’s a weird presentation at first.
    It’s all over the map with esoteric info, from universals to evil to destruction to hope – IF you look at it that way with the ending….

  4. This video only lacks three things:

    1. evidence of cloaked, extraterrestrial craft firing a directed energy weapon into the towers
    2. the mention of hyperdimensional physics in relation to the appearance of our universe
    3. free popcorn

  5. RICH countries FREE OF POWER JEWISH SABBATEAN CABAL (Luciferian Clan) can educate, preserve, and protect earth.

    Poor people are unable to “detect or comprehend the game” because they were never part of it.

    Those “native woman” talking from a plave of Authority is a joke.

    The TRUE PROBLEM is about 250k people from Europe to China, Usa, Middle East that were part of this Cabal and Agenda.

    They DO NOT have supernatural powers nor are They superior in any way. They are actually the opposite. Sick, low energy, fairly stupid, violent and greedy psychopathic people.

    That is the reason why the planet is NOT DOING WELL. The aliens is their next project as WW3, and
    Donald Trump came to disrupt their plans.

    By now must of you here should start discerning
    What is part of THEIR GAME and what is part of true life.

    Maharishi and Guru Dev would have appreciated your help. Keep meditating. Work on keeping your spirit at peace. Work on a daily basis in figuring out the right steps.

    Choose what you read and what you frequent very carefully.

    Do not sink into things that are presented to you blatantly without explanation, description, or foundation.

    911 was presented to you that way. If MSM rolls out
    the Alien invasion… know it is fake.

    Know your enemy and know your friends.
    Know yourself and know who were here to help
    Rather than pollute your mind.


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