After our Key to freedom meditation, the planetary liberation process accelerates.

Light Forces have requested that as many physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups that meet regularly one a week are created on the surface of the planet to ease our transition into the Event.

Existing Sisterhood of the Rose groups are listed here and you can join them if you feel so guided, or create new ones:

Instructions for Sisterhood of the Rose meetings are available here:

Videos for three meditations for Sisterhood of the Rose group meetings have been created in seven languages.

Videos for Return of the Goddess meditation:

Videos for Goddess Vortex meditation:

Videos for Sexual Healing meditation:

Venus celestial pattern creates a geometric rose

To help spread the Goddess energy around the planet, a special line of tachyon jewellery has been created, called Tachyon Goddess Collection. Many pieces of that jewellery carry Rose of Venus, a sacred geometry symbol of the Sisterhood of the Rose:

In surprising move, the Light Forces have approved the release of first significant intel to the surface population since January 2018. I never expected this to go public.

Qanon post coms taken down

It has been first released by Qanon:

And then by Hal Turner:

This pertains to Operation Keyhole, an operation of the Light Forces in which they have taken passive / active control of spy satellites and some other aspects of the telecommunications network.

I have mentioned passive control of satellites more than a year ago:

This practically means that spy satellites now send images and data that the Light Forces want them to be sent. Light Forces have communicated that “sometimes the telecommunications and sigint equipment will not obey known laws of physics”. This also practically means that one aspect of quarantine Earth control mechanism has been taken down.

Another aspect of Operation Keyhole is an upgrade of the computer virus in the mainframe computer system of JP Morgan that can effectively trigger a global stock market crash and related financial Reset.

For this reason, certain sources have provided additional guidance which you can follow if you feel so guided:

As Benjamin Fulford has stated, we are expecting more changes in September:

I am in discussion with the Light Forces to release even more intel and another situation update is expected in a week or two.

Victory of the Light!



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  1. ok I have a question. I have heard for what seems like eons about this event thing>
    Well what the heck is going on with it? All these new and wonderful things that are suppose to happen really sounds great but it sounds a little to great. So when is really suppose to happen/? Not sure maybe I just need more faith or something?

  2. A situation update too:
    As many of you know, I have posted in the past about shooting still pics of UFO/UAP craft, and how this seemed to be increading. I speculated to myself recently, if there are that many, nay e I should try to just run a vodeo of the sky and see what I caught. To my EXTREME SURPRISE, I found that: On any random, partly cloudy, to clear blue sky, day, I can go outside (I believe you can too btw please try this), at any random time, turn on my camera, set it to maximum zoom (mine is 20X and I suggest that as minimum), lay it on the ground pointing up at the open sky, record for just 5 minutes (more if you wish), then review, frame by frame, the resulting video: I find, at any random time, on any random day, my camera captures average of 1 to 3 Unknown Areal Phenomenon craft PER MINUTE at least. Realiy!!! Try it!!!
    You can see some of my results @tyea99 on Twitter, saucers, cigar / cylinder, sphere / orb shapes, and more types ARE, TRULY UP THERE watching us constantly!!
    You just cannot see them without aid of digital camera technology. I have far more pics of UAP than posted to Twitter because often, they are very faint but, I have documented more than 175 of these UAP craft across 20 some videos done over the last month at random days and times.
    Note: My camera, an old Cannon Powershot purchased 2013, records live video at about 25 frames per second, these craft ordinarily appear in 1 to 4 frames of 1/25th a second each frame, so you must review your video slowly in frame by frame mode, or you never see the UAP, they are very very, Fast Movers. A high speed camera, with greater zoom, will undoubtedly do a better job. Try this technique, you will be surprised.
    I cannot believe that there are that many UAP / UFO overhead here zipping past at thpusands of miles per hour, and that it is only here, these must be everywhere. Try it, if you get results, tell your friends to try it, tell your relatives to try it, make this ho viral, and we will have full disclosure in days because it cannot be denied, once ypu do this yourself, with your own camera, it is all the proof anyone requires.

    Victory to the Light, Truth, and Love
    May the Blessings Be

    • If your camera can accept screw in filter lenses, you can purchase a cheap IR ,infrared filter for your camera. If your camera cannot accept filter lenses then you can try buying an IR filter that will totally overlap your lens and mount it temporarily with something like duct tape. An IR filter will allow your camera to see even more UFO activity during the day.

  3. Darkest of the Dark is going away ,
    the dream of the Dolphin ,
    love and the light , we are in.
    The home coming.
    Thank you and gratitude and love dear Cobra . I AM with the Victory to the light .


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