Discovering Yourself: A Teaching on Karma & Your Mindstream

Karma is easy, it’s YOUR choice! Find out how you are the master of your own destiny and that every moment is A CHOICE to make a difference!

4 thoughts on “Discovering Yourself: A Teaching on Karma & Your Mindstream”

  1. I hear (from Cobra) that “karma” is another scam by the Chimera.

    How many times has “karma” actually, accurately occurred? IF you break my “begging bowl”, then as “karma” someone breaks your begging bowl, does someone break everyones bowls forever? An infinity of broken bowls ? Riiight. Whatever.

    Cause and effect occur, for sure. Lets realize that creating food for the bowls creates better effects fro everyone then breaking bowls…

    • Cobra said that Karma, just like many other wisdom teachings has been “misused” by the Chimera, in reality Karma is the ancient wisdom message used throughout the ages in different religions in the West as: “As you sow, so shall you reap”. Also called “The Law of Cause and Effect” in the Eastern religions..

  2. Svyatoslav Masur: Time of the main events has come

    • Wow, Interesting link.
      I personally would rather be inside that Merkaba synchronizer, that thing is cool.
      I have already ascended to 4th dimension and some folks to 5th.
      Its your choice when to ascend, not gods imho of course.
      Some humans will never leave the matrix of the 3rd dimension because they dont have the ability to grow consciously and that is unfortunate but we are all individuals on our individual journeys.
      We may have to leave people and 3rd dimensional realities like religion in order to exit the matrix fully.
      Good Luck

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