The thought and concept that you must wait for The Event or some other extraordinary experience to occur, in order to propel you into ascension, can be limiting. Like anything else in life, if you want to make it your reality, you must believe and imagine it is already taking place.

If you are a seeker you are probably used to asking yourself countless questions and likely discovering it very difficult to find answers or explanations as to what is going on. There seems to be so many belief systems and rabbit holes to pursue that you become overwhelmed and even more confused as to what to accept as truth. As if it were a plan of skepticism and disinformation. (Why make it easy for us?)

Sometimes starting with the simplest of ideas is the best first step. You and everything exists as a vibration, including your thoughts, emotions, relationships and day to day experiences. Higher states of consciousness are accessible when you vibrate at a higher frequency. We can experience these states through meditation, expressions of love, doing something we enjoy, being in nature or many other positive things. As well we can experience lower vibrational states through anger, judgement, fear, jealousy, etc. We have the choice to be where we desire, and we are always at that point.

If you want to be an active part of your ascension (“to move upward, to rise from a lower level”), it might require a change in your current state of being/belief. This includes the clear understanding that your third dimensional body will need to get prepared for it as well. Ascension will not be an instantaneous occurrence. You must prepare all aspects of yourself at all levels of your being. Luckily and fortunately we are now in the most amazing part of our human being plan/cycle where we are being supported in this effort as never before.  The time to act is now.

The Shift is already happening. We are experiencing waves of cosmic energy that are affecting us and bumping our frequencies, nudging us to recognize it so that we can embrace the process.

We can’t say it as well as others, so we are including a variety of videos in this post from those who can. They speak regarding what is happening to us now, how we can recognize it, and what we can do to better understand ourselves through the process.  Perhaps one or two of these will speak to you or your current situation. We hope so. Remember, what you want and choose to believe only matters to you. Use your own discernment.

Let’s all work to create The Event!


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  1. Wow this is fantastic! Thank you for sharing my video! It’s nice to be surrounded by like minded people!
    Many blessings to everyone on their journey!


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